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Chapter 988: Azure Wood Great World

At that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord floated down from Star Picking Court and came beside Yi Yun.

Felicitous Rain Lord gave Yi Yun, whose Yuan Qi was depleted, a glance before saying, “Let’s go.”

Thousands of water droplets appeared out of nowhere as they enveloped Yi Yun and Felicitous Rain Lord’s figures. Following that, Yi Yun felt the world in front of him turn into a blur.

Hundreds of thousands of warriors witnessed the scene of Yi Yun being taken away by Felicitous Rain Lord.

“Yi Yun has left.”

“He shall become a dragon from now onwards.”

For a period of time, those warriors stared at the spot where Yi Yun had disappeared from.

Although they had failed to stand on the stage of an era, they had witnessed Yi Yun’s ascension.

Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were feeling all sorts of emotions.

The result made them feel relieved and gratified.

At that moment, Fairy Ningshuang stood up as well.

She glanced at Song Wuchen and said lightly, “There’s no need for you to return. Go to Heaven’s Door Cliff and reflect for three years.”

Song Wuchen felt his body quiver. He looked gloomy as he lowered his head bitterly.

He had been punished by Fairy Ningshuang not because he had targeted Yi Yun. Felicitous Rain Lord had always tacitly consented to compet.i.tion between disciples. The crux of the issue was that he had screwed up terribly during the first a.s.sessment. Regardless of the reason for the screw-up, the outcome was a result of him not being capable enough. That was the reason he was punished for.

As for his number one spot as an in-name disciple, it was likely no longer his. He no longer even dared to compete with Yi Yun. The main issue was that other in-name disciples could possibly surpa.s.s him as well.

“Chi Zhuiyun.” Fairy Ningshuang came in front of Chi Zhuiyun as a shadow appeared from beneath her feet before it enveloped a region where she and Chi Zhuiyun were standing.

Chi Zhuiyun gave a polite gesture as he felt the ground beneath him disappear. Following that, he was devoured by the shadow.

A few seconds later, Yi Yun’s eyes lit up as his feet landed on solid rock.

In front of him was a long stretch of misty mountains that had peaks that pierced through the clouds.

“This is the floating island I live in.” Felicitous Rain Lord’s figure appeared behind him.

Yi Yun had previously heard that Felicitous Rain Lord lived on an independent floating island. It was tens of millions of miles away from where the Oracle Fey Kingdom was.

His ability to travel such a large distance in a blink of an eye through such miraculous power and without a spirit cruiser indicated how unimaginable the level of a Divine Lord was.

Felicitous Rain Lord looked at Yi Yun and said, “There’s no need for you to be overly restrained. I’m not particular when it comes to etiquette. Let’s wait for a person.”

Yi Yun was surprised but at that moment, a tumultuous voice came from afar. “Felicitous Rain!”

The instant the voice reached them, a figure landed in front of Yi Yun and Felicitous Rain Lord.

Old Man Changsheng!

When Yi Yun saw Old Man Changsheng, he immediately recalled the threatening voice transmission he had previously received.

However, Yi Yun was still delighted seeing him.

Shi Fei and Shi Ping had both been severely injured. The h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir had also been injured, while Old Man Changsheng’s face was livid and so gloomy that it could probably rain from it.

Felicitous Rain Lord said, “You can now talk about the matter you came to discuss with me. You wouldn’t have especially come just for the partic.i.p.ation of two disciples in my disciple recruitment.”

Upon hearing Felicitous Rain Lord mention Shi Fei and Shi Ping, Old Man Changsheng’s expression turned even uglier. He obviously did not come this far for the duo, but it still p.i.s.sed him off that the mission had failed.

Yi Yun was surprised while he was listening to the side. From the looks of it, the a.s.sessment was a minor matter. The reason why Shi Changsheng came was to represent the Immortal Rain Sect in a discussion over something important with Felicitous Rain Lord.

“It’s information regarding the Sinkhole,” said Old Man Changsheng.


Yi Yun’s heart stirred when he heard that. He had long known about the Sinkhole.

The Azure Yang Lord had previously mistakenly entered the Tian Yuan world through the Sinkhole. The Fey Phantasm Sect was also in the Sinkhole. In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, the Sinkhole was a dangerous and mysterious location.

An odd glint flashed in Felicitous Rain Lord’s eyes.

“The location of the Azure Wood Great World has been found. However, there is an intense spatial turbulence around it, but in the coming years, the spatial turbulence should weaken for a period of time. Felicitous Rain, you are proficient in s.p.a.ce-time Dao, so it wouldn’t be a problem for you to enter it during its weak phase,” said Old Man Changsheng.

“In its weak phase, even people with average proficiency in s.p.a.ce-time can enter,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

He pondered for a moment before he looked at Old Man Changsheng and said, “This piece of news is still pretty good. However, other than the Immortal Rain Sect, there should be already be several large sects and Fey empires that are aware of this, right?” He glanced at Shi Changsheng and lightly said, “Even if you did not especially come to inform me, this piece of news would quickly reach me too.”

“Felicitous Rain, you are the first to know ever since we received the information. Furthermore, we will obtain even more information regarding the Azure Wood Great World which we can share with you. It will be a cooperation, where we would borrow your spatial-temporal laws as well as use the Immortal Rain Sect’s information and faction network to garner mutual benefits,” said Old Man Changsheng.

It was obvious that the Immortal Rain Sect was making a trade with Felicitous Rain Lord by informing him.

Felicitous Rain Lord could not deny it as he looked into the distance and said, “You can leave.”

Old Man Changsheng hesitated for a moment before saying, “Felicitous Rain, there are certain relations that cannot be completely severed.”

He knew Felicitous Rain Lord’s character. Even without any promises, he would usually do a fair trade of giving and taking.

Before leaving, Old Man Changsheng gave Yi Yun a glance. His gaze had a forbidding look.

That junior!

If not for that junior, he would not have shamed the Immortal Rain Sect in front of so many backwater warriors.

After returning, he wouldn’t know how long he would be mocked by the other old fogies.

As for Yi Yun, he remained composed. What’s the point of staring at me when you lack the ability to make a move?

“Senior Changsheng, there’s no need to keep looking at this junior. It’s best you hurry and treat the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples. More can be redeemed the earlier it is.” Yi Yun said with a smile. Shi Changsheng’s expression sank as he was infuriated by Yi Yun. With a forceful flick of his sleeve, he flew off.

To engage in a war of words with a junior…was below his status. However he had already suffered a setback and having just been derided by a junior, Shi Changsheng found it impossible to stomach an insult like that.

After Shi Changsheng left, Felicitous Rain Lord gave Yi Yun a smiling glance. “You really aren’t afraid of Shi Changsheng at all. That att.i.tude of yours is quite a show, and it would be easy for you to suffer when you travel the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, however…it is to my liking.”

The decision Felicitous Rain Lord made of taking Yi Yun in as a personal disciple stemmed not only from Yi Yun’s talent but also because he appreciated Yi Yun’s att.i.tude. “Have you heard of the Azure Wood Great World?”

“This junior has never heard of it.” Yi Yun shook his head.

“It’s normal. This name has disappeared for more than a hundred million years,” said Felicitous Rain Lord. “Time is like a flowing river. Everything and anything can be washed away by that river. The Azure Wood Great World was once much more powerful than the Immortal Rain Sect. It was one of the most powerful worlds in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. It once produced a figure that shook the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. Unfortunately, its brilliance didn’t last long.”

Once produced a figure that shook the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven?

What sort of existence could it be for Felicitous Rain Lord to evaluate it as ‘shaking the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven’? Yet, such a world eventually waned?

“In a few years, I’ll likely have to leave and enter the Azure Wood Great World. The amount of time needed is unknown, but in these few years, I’ll stay behind on this floating island and impart you martial studies,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

Only a few years time?

Yi Yun’s expression turned serious. A few years was too short to warriors.

However, gaining a few years of guidance from a Divine Lord was a huge opportunity countless warriors could not even dream of.

“When the time comes, I’ll impart you cultivation techniques that go from the Dao Manifestation realm all the way to the Dao Palace realm, including the treasured canons I have stashed away and provide you sufficient resources to support your cultivation,” said Felicitous Rain Lord.

Felicitous Rain Lord felt somewhat apologetic. Back then, he had set a standard for Yi Yun, while Yi Yun had pa.s.sed his a.s.sessment. Yi Yun had undergone all sorts of dangers, to the point of risking his life, to finally become his disciple. Unfortunately, he had to enter the Azure Wood Great World in a few years time.

If not for that matter, he could focus on Yi Yun and guide him for a century.

However, Yi Yun felt that as a master, Felicitous Rain Lord was already considered very responsible. He knew that many mighty figures would spare very little time on guiding the disciples they took in. They would frequently enter seclusion by themselves, making it difficult for those disciples to meet their masters even once. Just as the saying goes — you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

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