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Chapter 984: Dao Domain of Rain

People watched the gray halo suffusing from Yi Yun with curious amazement. A Dao Domain was produced when a warrior’s comprehension of a Dao reached a certain standard. When their laws were able to form a small world, a tiny s.p.a.ce surrounding their bodies would separate itself from the greater world, forming a Dao Domain.

As for Yi Yun’s gray halo, it apparently did not seem to be forming a world of its own. It was completely different to the common impression that everyone had of Dao Domains.

But very strangely, the gray halo was able to withstand the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force.

“What Dao is that?” Shi Fei was surprised. He could not help but sneer as he said, “It doesn’t matter what Dao it is. It’s only the appetizer. Be prepared to become a cripple!”

Shi Ping and Shi Ping’s aura was increasing in intensity. A domain with misty rain immediately appeared around them.

Dao Domain of Rain! In the Dao Domain of Rain, every drop of rainwater was the condensation of Dao. The water droplets were produced by their bodies before it returned to their bodies. It was a water cycle that repeated itself. The h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force was unending, but it was unable to crack the cycle.

The power of the rainwater was perpetual. People could see that Shi Ping and Shi Fei’s surroundings had seemed to merge into a greater whole, forming a rainy world.

Upon seeing this scene, Old Man Changsheng nodded his head in appreciation. “Felicitous Rain, what do you think of Shi Fei and Shi Ping’s comprehension of Immortal Rain Dao?”

The Dao Domain of Rain was one of the core inheritances of the reclusive Immortal Rain Sect. The rain here was not in the ordinary sense of the word, but Heavenly Dao Immortal Rain. Every drop was like ambrosia condensed from the essence of the world.

The Dao Domain of Rain had the ability to constantly renew itself and its unique trait of being a complete ecosystem made it best at withstanding the devouring force.

Felicitous Rain Lord did not make comment. All of his attention was on Yi Yun, or to be precise, the gray halo around Yi Yun.

What is that gray halo…?

Felicitous Rain Lord’s eyebrows jumped slightly. The gray halo gave him a strange feeling.

And at that moment, Shi Changsheng’s cold voice sounded, “h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir, fourth seal, release.”

The fourth seal!

The h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force could be said to devour mountains and seas when the fourth seal was released! Even the surrounding air was resonating as though it would be torn apart at any time.

“That…that is the fourth stage?”

On Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue’s side, they were still withstanding the devouring force of the released second seal. Yet, Yi Yun was already beginning to experience the fourth seal. The difference was just too great. Furthermore, Chi Zhuiyun was facing an ordinary Dao Tapir, while Yi Yun was facing a h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir!

“Let’s see how long you can last!”

Shi Ping and Shi Fei were not finding easy when the fourth seal was released either!

They were using the Dao Domain of Rain to prop themselves up. As for Yi Yun, how was he to withstand the devouring force with that baffling gray halo?

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The devouring force maniacally crunched the gray halo around Yi Yun. It was as though the gray halo was being shredded.

Yi Yun, who was experiencing this, could see Shi Ping and Shi Fei’s teasing smiles, as well as the cold and belittling gaze from Star Picking Court above him. At that moment, his expression was extremely livid.

Want me to die?

Killing intent flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes. For the past year, he had been gaining insights into the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, which touched upon the Major Dao of Destruction.

Legends said that when the universe experienced its final and biggest annihilation, it would experience the supreme laws of destruction.

And in this universe, there was nothing that could remain everlasting. Be it life, the celestial bodies, the boundless worlds, the be-all and end-all of everything, they would all be destroyed.

If Chaos was the beginning of Dao, then Final Destruction was the end of Dao — On the day of the Final Destruction, even Dao itself would be annihilated.

Even for Yi Yun, he had only managed to comprehend an inkling of such a mystical Great Dao of Supremacy.

With that bit of Major Dao of Destruction, it was extremely demanding on Yi Yun to produce a Major Destruction Dao Domain. Furthermore, it would expend a great deal of his energy and stamina.

The moment the Major Dao of Destruction was released, whatever devouring force he experienced would be like a gentle breeze to Yi Yun. It would not pose any threats.

But most important of all, Yi Yun’s Major Destruction Dao Domain could last only less than thirty seconds!

The a.s.sessment was a test to see how long a warrior was able to endure the devouring force and not the strength of the Dao Domain.

With less than thirty seconds, he would be exhausted upon using it after thirty seconds. And when that happened, Yi Yun would no longer be able to withstand the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force when he lost the protection of the Dao Domain.

At that moment, the devouring force was increasing in intensity, as though a storm had befallen. Yi Yun was experiencing the storm and the gray halo around him appeared ephemeral. It was like a tiny boat in a tumultuous storm.

Although the gray halo was not eye-catching, everyone knew how terrifying the devouring force Yi Yun was experiencing.

It was obvious when comparing his situation with the a.s.sessment with the ordinary Dao Tapir. At that moment, the ordinary Dao Tapir had just had its third seal released. The powerful devouring force was something Tianya Haoyue could no longer withstand. As for Chi Zhuiyun, he had activated his Shura Dao Domain’s Celestial Demon Form. He was going all out!

Although there was a stirring sea of blood in front of Chi Zhuiyun with ghastly wails coming from it, it was gradually being consumed by the devouring force.

Everyone knew that Chi Zhuiyun was famous for his powerful Dao Domain, but even so, he was already at his limit when facing an ordinary Dao Tapir that had three of its seals released.

How horrifying would it be when the fourth seal of the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir was released? It was completely unimaginable!

“Yi Yun still can withstand it!?”

“Amazing. What is that gray halo around him? Doesn’t he cultivate in pure Yang laws? But that does not look anything like a pure Yang Dao Domain.”

People were in a flurry of discussion. And at that moment, the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir’s devouring force at its fourth stage had reached its limit. The terrifying Dao Tapir’s mouth appeared as though it was about to completely swallow Yi Yun.

Yi Yun felt like his lifeblood was about to be drained. He had used Destruction laws to withstand the devouring force, but it was not a Dao Domain after all. There was a limit to its effects, so he knew he was quickly reaching his limit.

“Punk, your Dao Domain is already being pressed against the surface of your body, and yet you haven’t died?”

Not far beside Yi Yun, Shi Fei’s fat body was trembling, as though he was about to be swept away by a storm.

“You are just lingering on with your last breath. I don’t believe that you can last till the moment when the fifth seal is released!”

As Shi Fei spoke, he exchanged glances with Shi Ping. They came closer together as the Dao Domain of Rain around them began to slowly merge.

The two rainy domains had merged together.

As the rain underwent an exchange, the Dao Domain of Rain became more expansive. The vast screen of rain withstood the devouring force that came falling from the sky as it protected Shi Fei and Shi Ping.

However, such a scene caused people from the six-country alliance to curse out.

“The two of them are joining forces?”

“They have no shame. Did they join forces to withstand the devouring force? What sort of ability is that!?”

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