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Chapter 980: Goading

When a warrior in the towering tree’s hall asked this question, Shi Changsheng answered him before the Oracle Imperial Patriarch, “For a real Dao Tapir, that is the case. Once the Dao is devoured, it will be gone. For warrior whose Dao is devoured, it is no different to killing him.”

“However, the Dao Tapir in front of you was domestically raised. It has been domesticated for tens of thousands of years, so its wildness has gradually disappeared. Furthermore, the alternate s.p.a.ce in its body has been sealed, so there is no threat from it!”

When Shi Changsheng said this, everyone heaved a sigh of relief. If not, the a.s.sessment would be too dangerous.

However, at that moment, they could see Shi Changsheng take out another spirit beast bag. He opened it and a darkness with a pale red aura spewed out of it.

The aura began to transform into a dark red shadow mid-air. The shadow made threatening gestures mid-air, like it had a strong desire to attack everything that surrounded it. It even slowly spread towards the Dao Tapir that Felicitous Rain Lord had previously released, like it wanted to devour Felicitous Rain Lord’s Dao Tapir.

“That is… ”

Everyone’s hearts leaped. Against the dark red shadow, they could feel a chill.

Felicitous Rain Lord frowned slightly as he grunted lightly. The sound that he issued landed on the Dao Tapir, and like rolling thunder and lightning, the Dao Tapir was forced to retreat.

Hum Hum Hum…

The Dao Tapir’s body trembled violently. It shrunk back at an extremely fast speed, like it was extremely apprehensive towards Felicitous Rain Lord. However, in a few more seconds, it began to emanate a stifling bloodl.u.s.t aura!

“Felicitous Rain, what do you think of my Dao Tapir?” Shi Changsheng asked with a laugh.

“It’s not yours. It’s the Immortal Rain Sect’s law-enforcing court’s Dao Tapir.”

Felicitous Rain Lord could tell the Dao Tapir’s origins at a glance.

In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, Dao Tapirs were extremely rare. Not every powerful sect reared Dao Tapirs. But for the Immortal Rain Sect, they had raised Dao Tapirs for generations. Felicitous Rain Lord was also influenced by the Immortal Rain Sect to have his own Dao Tapir.

As an ancient reclusive sect, the Immortal Rain Sect had heritage that had been pa.s.sed down for hundreds of millions of years. Its foundation was terrifying and in terms of wealth, Felicitous Rain Lord alone definitely could not compare to the entire Immortal Rain Sect. Therefore, the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir that Old Man Changsheng produced was even stronger!

At that moment, the Dao Tapir had formed a thin spectral shadow mid-air. Its jagged shadow looked like the teeth of a razor. It made it looked as sinister as a wraith that came from the depths of h.e.l.l.

“This is the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir that comes from the deep depths of the Sinkhole. Its ferocity has been completely maintained and the alternate world in its body is not sealed. It’s completely different to a domesticated Dao Tapir. Dao Domains that it devours would really vanish and the person would be crippled as well!”

“In the Immortal Rain Sect, there are many ways to condense one’s Dao Domain. One can use the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir to force oneself while one’s life is on the line. It’s not bad as a means for a breakthrough. In addition, to the law-enforcement court, the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir is an excellent device for torture.”

Old Man Changsheng leisurely introduced the Dao Tapir. And what he described secretly horrified everyone. Wouldn’t the person receiving the punishment be crippled through the use of a h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir that could really devour one’s Dao Domain?

Furthermore, what was the meaning behind him taking out such a Dao Tapir? Did the old man want to replace Felicitous Rain Lord’s Dao Tapir and change the standards of the a.s.sessment?

Beside Old Man Changsheng, the Oracle Imperial Patriarch frowned slightly. He was not at ease when it was an a.s.sessment with such grave danger involved.

“Under equal standards, the difficulty and danger of using a h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir is greatly enhanced. Shifei and Shiping are from the Immortal Rain Sect, so they have an advantage over you. I believe that in all fairness, Shifei and Shiping can experience the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir’s devourment. As for the others, they can use the ordinary Dao Tapir. What do you think about that?” Old Man Changsheng said with a teasing tone.

Everyone understood what he meant. Although it was said to make the a.s.sessment fairer, wasn’t it just to show off the Immortal Rain Sect’s foundations and its disciples’ talent?

On one side, it was a dangerous and feral h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir, and on the other side, it was an ordinary Dao Tapir. Before the compet.i.tion even began, the rest would have lost with their handicap!

“Felicitous Rain, what do you think of my request? It wouldn’t be considered bullying the few disciples that you fancy, right?” Shi Changsheng said to Felicitous Rain Lord with a smile.

Although Felicitous Rain Lord was the examiner that decided everything, the way that Shi Changsheng said it was something that no one could refuse.

In fact, Felicitous Rain Lord did not plan on rejecting the proposal. He did not think much about the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir that Shi Changsheng had taken out. He said with an extremely calm voice, “Anything.”

“Since Felicitous Rain doesn’t have any problems with it, let us begin!”

Felicitous Rain Lord did not care too much about the tiny rules, but to Chi Zhuiyun and Tianya Haoyue, they felt humiliated. Before they even competed, they were already given a handicap!

Beside Chi Zhuiyun, Shiping and Shifei had proud expressions. “Why? You aren’t happy about that?” Fatty looked disdainfully at Chi Zhuiyun, Tianya Haoyue, and Yi Yun. His tone was clearly derisive as he said, “If you aren’t happy about it, you can also choose the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir! No one is stopping you. The only thing is that you might not have the guts to do so!”

He did not hide his words. In the silent Brocade Spring Court, it was easily heard by everyone.

Everyone heard him. Let Chi Zhuiyun, Tianya Haoyue, and Yi Yun choose the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir?

The h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir was the Immortal Rain Sect’s!

As a torture Fey beast of the law-enforcement court, it was equivalent to being crippled if one’s Dao Domain was devoured. Who would dare to attempt it?

Furthermore, the Dao Tapir was something that was reared by the Immortal Rain Sect. People from the Oracle Fey Kingdom had never attempted it before, so they naturally did not have much confidence!

“Chi Zhuiyun, what are you choosing?” Scrawny asked in an aggressive manner.

Seeing Scrawny’s look of contempt and provocation, Chi Zhuiyun was enraged. He knew that it was clearly meant to goad him on.

From a young age, Chi Zhuiyun had outstanding talent and he was more courageous than others. When did he ever admit defeat before a fight? Even before his defeat against Yi Yun, he had engaged in a glorious battle!

But today, Chi Zhuiyun knew that if he chose the h.e.l.ltoothed Dao Tapir, it was very likely for him to suffer a great loss. What would seem like a fearless act was just foolhardiness.

Those from the Immortal Rain Sect would also mock him for easily falling for the trick with his simple mind. If he really paid the bitter price and be mocked for being arrogant and overweening, it would eventually be him incurring ridicule on himself.

As the saying goes, ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. Chi Zhuiyun said with a heavy tone, “My choice doesn’t need you to tell me!”

As Chi Zhuiyun said that, he stood in front of the Felicitous Rain Lord’s Dao Tapir.

Useing his actions to make his choice was a form of displayed weakness, but the Oracle Fey Kingdom king and the Imperial Patriarch heaved a sigh of relief as their faces gave signs of relief.

People who could amount to something could not be foolhardy. Tolerating at times was also necessary.

“Haha!” Seeing Chi Zhuiyun taking such a soft stance, Fatty and Scrawny found it boring. They looked at Tianya Haoyue and Yi Yun, and with a teasing look, one of them said, “What about the two of you? Are you going to be a good-for-nothing like Chi Zhuiyun?”

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