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Chapter 977: Ward of Rain


Felicitous Rain Lord was going to personally preside over the final a.s.sessment!?

Upon hearing the news, everyone was astonished.

As a relatively young Divine Lord, it was hard to determine the limits to Felicitous Rain Lord’s strength. To the people present, Felicitous Rain Lord was a mighty figure who could really influence the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, but he was an existence that they were unworthy to look up to.

Now, they had learned that Felicitous Rain Lord was personally presiding over the final a.s.sessment, to the point of them being able to see him in person.

The entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven had trillions of living creatures, but a million years might not necessarily be enough to produce a Divine Lord. Everyone was excited when they heard the news!

Immediately, everyone in Brocade Spring Court engaged in a flurry of discussion and they were extremely excited.

“That will be all for today. In three days time, on the same spot, Yi Yun… I look forward to your performance.”

As Shui Ningshuang spoke, she stood up and glanced at Yi Yun.

Immediately, Yi Yun was once again the focus of attention. The glory gained from being valued highly by a Divine Lord was an extremely enviable matter.

Yi Yun bowed towards Shui Ningshuang. With a flick of her sleeves, Shui Ningshuang disappeared like mist clearing itself. Vanishing along with her was the Door of Misty Rain.

After Shui Ningshuang left, tens of thousands of people left Brocade Spring Court. With their departure, the news of a Divine Lord personally a.s.sessing prospective disciples spread throughout the Oracle Fey Kingdom like a whirlwind. Immediately after that, the news was spread to the other six countries in the alliance through various means of communication.

Everyone guessed that the reason why Felicitous Rain Lord would personally preside over the a.s.sessment was a result of Yi Yun’s extremely outstanding performance that caught his eye.

Such treatment pushed Yi Yun and the Luo clan’s status to brand new heights. In a few days, there were all sorts of visitors that came to visit Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi’s temporary residence.

Because of this, the Luo clan clansmen were extremely delighted.

However, there were also people who were jealous. Song Wuchen could deeply sense that his spot as the number one in-name disciple was facing an unprecedented challenge. Once Yi Yun became an in-name disciple, his good days would probably come to an end.

Other than Song Wuchen, the ones who similarly were upset was the fat and thin duo from the Immortal Rain Sect.

After the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples were heavily injured by Yi Yun, it was arranged for them to live in one of the Oracle Fey Kingdom’s temporary imperial palaces. And on that day, the entire palace was covered in thick vapor, which meant that there was very low visibility.

It was a Ward of Rain!

The fat and thin Immortal Rain Sect disciples were shrouded by the Ward of Rain. Their bodies were covered in the condensation of countless water essence.

Rain could nourish the lands and resuscitate thousands of creatures. It could make the world brim with life. It possessed the power of life and it also had excellent effects when it came to healing.

Many people could see the Ward of Rain that shrouded the temporary palace from their own residences.

Song Wuchen cultivated in the laws of water, so he naturally could tell the skill involved in it. He knew that it was an extremely powerful Water Domain.

“The two Immortal Rain Sect disciples are recuperating in the Ward of Rain? However, the Ward of Rain is way too terrifying. Despite such a distance, I can sense my body’s energy being influenced by the ward’s suppression. This is definitely not something that someone of the younger generation can produce… ”

As Song Wuchen muttered to himself, he saw that the Ward of Rain lasted for the rest of the day before it gradually weakened.

During this period, the temporary palace exuded a terrifying pressure. It was suffocating and prevented anyone from approaching it.

The mist was completely dispersed only late into the night. In the palace, there was a white-haired elder who had his back facing the fat and thin Immortal Rain Sect disciples. He was dressed in an azure-colored robe and his white eyebrows reached his shoulders, giving him a lofty and reclusive appearance.

“The two of you were sent to be under Felicitous Rain so as to play the role of being liaisons. But the both of you actually got beaten into such a pathetic state by a junior from a small faction? The both of you really can’t bear any major responsibilities!” The white-haired elder said coldly.

The two Immortal Rain Sect disciples were kneeling on a futon. They were previously injured and were barely breathing, but now, they had mostly recovered from their injuries. They just looked slightly pale.

Without a doubt, the Ward of Rain was a product of the white-haired elder. He had personally treated the duo’s injuries. Heavy injuries that should have taken months to treat were healed in half a day.

“Grandmaster Uncle, Junior Brother’s and my strength far exceeds that punk’s. We were only careless, causing us to fall for the punk’s trickery and ended up in such a miserable state. If it’s a compet.i.tion of strength or Dao Domain, we would completely trash Yi Yun!”

“You still have hopes of competing in Dao Domains? Have you forgotten that when you exited the Door of Misty Rain, you came out without a single herb? According to the rules, the two of you have been eliminated during the second round.”

“About that… ” The duo’s stared at him with widened eyes as they were unsure about an appropriate response. They had been arrogant before. When they entered the Door of Misty Rain, they did not pick a single low-grade herb. And the only six-petal Seven Heart Flower that they picked had been s.n.a.t.c.hed back by Yi Yun. In the end, they left empty-handed. According to the rules, they had failed the a.s.sessment.

“Then, what are we to do… ?”

“What else can you do? When it comes to recruiting of a disciple, the final outcome still depends on Felicitous Rain. The both of you had entered the Door of Misty Rain previously, so it means you have met the mark. As for the a.s.sessment on the last day, just partic.i.p.ate in it as per normal. I will be there as well!”

“Felicitous Rain’s status is extraordinary so it’s impossible for him to quibble on a trivial matter about the both of you not getting any herbs. It would sully his status.” The elder said lightly. When the two of them heard that the elder would accompany them, they immediately felt relieved.

“Grandmaster Uncle, don’t worry. Yi Yun might have defeated the two of us in the Door of Misty Rain, but it was not because of his own strength. Regardless of the content of the final a.s.sessment, the both of us will definitely wipe the floor!” The two promised with great certainty.

The elder nodded and turned his head with thoughts on his mind. His old but radiant eyes looked far into the distance.

His gaze penetrated the wall and through the deep stretches of s.p.a.ce before it landed on a pavilion in the middle of a lake on a floating island.

In the pavilion, Felicitous Rain Lord was dressed in a white robe as he was pondering over a game of Go.

He was holding a black-and-white piece but he did not respond to the gaze that came from afar, despite detecting it. He only continued with his act of placing a piece.

“Felicitous Rain oh Felicitous Rain, you are still the same… ” The white-haired elder said. It was like he was speaking to Felicitous Rain Lord, but it also seemed like he was muttering to himself. “That trivial matter that happened three hundred thousand years ago has let you bare a grudge to this day. You never understood that compared to a sect or the path to the martial peak, that matter is nothing!”

“You have your pride, but this time, the thing that I brought is something that you can’t refuse. You will never be able to escape the ma.s.sive ship that is the Immortal Rain Sect on your ride to the peak. If you want to pursue the supreme peak of martial arts, how far can you go if you do not cooperate with anyone… ?”

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