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Chapter 974: As Powerful as Lightning

In Yi Yun’s eyes, the black rock beneath his feet and the area he was standing on were extraordinary.

He had previously detected that the small world inside the Door of Misty Rain was divided into several regions. Every region had a large array underpinning it. And the Seven Heart Flowers were growing in one of those regions.

As for the tiny plot of land beneath his feet, it was where the core of the Seven Heart Flower’s array was! And deep underground, there was a terrifying source of energy.

Yi Yun had confirmed that the reason why this area appeared remote and had thin Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was due to the ma.s.sive energy that was hidden deep underground.

The Heaven Earth Yuan Qi had been condensed into a spirit root, and the nine underground spirit roots were gathered at that point!

Felicitous Rain Lord had used an array to seal the spirit roots and the seal was naturally very robust. But in fact, there was always a tiny bit of energy that would escape. As there were ma.s.sive amounts of energy within the Door of Misty Rain, even a tiny leak was no trifling matter. Under such circ.u.mstances, an enchanted artifact had been specially placed at the gathering point of the spirit roots, so as to seal the diffusing underground energy.

This enchanted artifact was the large, black rock. In fact, it was not a black rock, but a huge seal.

And beneath the large seal was a herb!

The herb was extraordinary. It had vast amounts of energy that caused the surrounding s.p.a.ce to distort. It created a small, independent isolated s.p.a.ce.

Yi Yun’s stop here lasted for nearly an hour but he did not seem to have any intention of leaving.

“What’s the punk trying to do? Is he deliberately trying to act mysterious?”

Another fifteen minutes pa.s.sed, but Yi Yun remained at the same spot. The fat and thin Immortal Rain Sect disciples were already running out of patience.

“Senior Brother, is it possible that the punk has run out of luck? The six-petal Seven Heart Flower he found from before was just a result of good luck?” Scrawny transmitted his voice to Fatty.

Fatty was still grinning, giving him a kind and amiable look. He shook his head and said, “It can’t be a coincidence that the first thing he found in such a remote area was a six-petal Seven Heart Flower. He must have some unique method. As for now…”

A brilliant flash glimmered in Fatty’s eyes as he looked at Yi Yun and said, “I know you are waiting for an opportunity to attack the both of us. However, I advise you to hold that thought. If not, your outcome can only be described as tragic.”

“In addition, I’m advising you to withdraw from Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple recruitment. This is not something you can encroach on. Be careful about losing your life after being embroiled in it.”

Fatty’s second sentence was said with a Yuan Qi voice transmission and it was filled with subtext.

Yi Yun’s eyebrows p.r.i.c.ked up. The fatty sounded like he had quite a backing.

However, Yi Yun ignored the fatty’s background. He couldn’t even be bothered because he did things as he pleased. He was not one to abide by the wishes of others.

“Are you saying I’m waiting for an opportunity to attack the both of you? It seems like you think too highly of yourself. Don’t you want to try digging for herbs? Then keep waiting.”

Yi Yun’s voice sounded indolent. But just as he finished his sentence, the Yuan Qi in his body suddenly surged. It was like a lazy lion had suddenly stirred!


The two Immortal Rain Sect disciples immediately turned vigilant. They nearly attacked Yi Yun.

But at that moment, all of Yi Yun’s energy sank. Open!


The black rock beneath Yi Yun’s feet was forcefully moved away by him!

With the black seal released, energy surged out. The tiny sealed s.p.a.ce beneath the black seal had also been cracked open by Yi Yun!

A resplendent light that resembled a divine rainbow shone out, dazzling everyone’s eyes.

Amid the divine light, a flower about half the height of a human bloomed. It had a large, beaming corolla with seven petals surrounding it. It looked gorgeous.

A ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower!

Everyone was astounded. It was truly a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower!

Yi Yun had nonchalantly found a six-petal Seven Heart Flower previously, and now, he had managed to find a perfect seven-petal ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower!

It was likely that this was the only ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower that resided in the Door of Misty Rain. Yet, it had been found by Yi Yun. How did he do it?

The bold declaration that Yi Yun made about picking a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower had been seen as an overestimation of himself, but he had really accomplished what he had set out to do!

A divine flower brought with it an irrepressible allure as it attracted the eyes of everyone.

It included the two disciples of the Immortal Rain Sect.

Their eyes lit up and in them, there was only greed.

“Great! Great! It’s really a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower. Haha, you did well!”

Fatty said to Yi Yun. Once he got the ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower in his possession, the Dao fruit he condensed would be enhanced. He would be able to gain more resources from the Immortal Rain Sect!

Yi Yun looked at Fatty as he revealed a cold smile.

Fatty walked towards Yi Yun as his body began to rumble. “I previously told you that certain things are not meant for you to encroach on. It seems that it didn’t get into your mind. Do you think that becoming Felicitous Rain Lord’s in-name disciple will allow you to skyrocket? How naive!”

“Didn’t you realize? There is only one rule in the herb-picking in the Door of Misty Rain. It is only about bringing the herb out of the Door of Misty Rain, but there is no restriction on the methods.”

“Then, using force to s.n.a.t.c.h is also permissible!”

Even after Fatty said this, the smile on his face remained. But now, his smile gave people chills.

As Fatty walked towards Yi Yun, Scrawny pulled out a sword from his interspatial ring.

The sword was soft like a poisonous snake’s tongue. It was completely blue in color, as though it was immersed in poison. And Scrawny seemed to gave people a sickly feeling, like he was a poisonous snake himself.

Fatty with his tremendous Yuan Qi was accompanied by Scrawny, who had a strange aura and vicious techniques!

The two of them came from a seclusive sect and their cultivation levels were higher than Yi Yun’s. Their offensive power was obvious!

“Yi Yun, be careful!”

Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi turned anxious. Even though they knew that Yi Yun’s strength was extraordinary, it was impossible for him to withstand the combined attacks of the duo!

Any one of the two could be even stronger than Chi Zhuiyun. And back when Yi Yun defeated Chi Zhuiyun, he had only barely won!

At that moment, Fatty moved!

Although he was fat, his attack was like a tribulation coming down from the heavens. The momentum he had was boundless!

Rain of Annihilation!

At the instant Fatty attacked, dark clouds rolled and shrouded the heaven and earth with endless pouring rain. It was as though a lake had burst in the nine heavens, sending endless water to rain down in torrents!

In the rain water, every drop of rain was imprinted with nomological runes and each drop was tremendously powerful!

Elder Shi’s expression changed. This was a supreme technique of the Immortal Rain Sect and its power was not something a Luo clan cultivation technique could compare with! Fatty’s strength was extremely formidable. It was not apparent from before, but the moment he made his move, it caused the world to take on another color!

“A seclusive clan’s mystic technique is indeed powerful.” Unlike Elder Shi, Song Wuchen’s eyes were filled with excitement. The strike would leave Yi Yun severely injured even if he did not die!

And when Fatty used the Rain of Annihilation, Scrawny attacked as well. He slashed out with his sword, causing a blue sword beam to tear through the void. Like a wyrm that rolled in the rain, it charged at Yi Yun!

The combined strength of the duo had a ma.s.sive stance that seemed indomitable!

Yi Yun’s heart tightened when he saw such a terrifying attack. It was not to be underestimated. The fat and thin duo had extraordinary strength. The combined power of their strikes was probably enough to kill any Dao Manifestation realm genius.

Even Yi Yun found it extremely taxing to withstand the combined forces of the duo.

As Yi Yun saw how the blue sword beams and the endless Rain of Annihilation were enveloping him, all of his Yuan Qi surged out. However, the Yuan Qi was not directed at the two Immortal Rain Sect disciples but towards the ground!

Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi gave a rumbling roar deep underground. That strike of his had stirred the spirit roots in the ground!

Previously, Yi Yun had moved the black seal which loosened the array formation that was suppressing the spirit roots. Now, with a concentrated strike from Yi Yun, together with the Purple Crystal being a conduit, it finally stirred the sleeping nine spirit roots underground!


The ground shook violently as the land and mountains shook. At the instant the Rain of Annihilation was about to land, the nine spirit root energy underground blasted out like a volcano’s eruption!

Although the energy was only a tiny percentage of the overall energy the spirit roots possessed, it was as terrifying as a judgment from heaven!

Such an oppression burst through the Door of Misty Rain and into Brocade Spring Court. The legendary figures from various factions in the towering tree’s hall had drastic changes in expression. It was impossible for a junior to have such domineering power!

“Back! Retreat backward!”

All the a.s.sessees that were gathered in front of the Door of Misty Rain exclaimed as they retreated backward. Ignoring the attack itself, just the terrifying pressure was something that prevented them from standing in front of the Door of Misty Rain!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Nine twirling dragons ascended into the heavens as they met the Rain of Annihilation and the blue sword beams!

On one side, it was the combined attack of two junior disciples, while on the other side, it was a worldly power that had gathered in the Door of Misty Rain for thousands, if not tens of thousands of years. How could the two sides be compared?


A deafening explosion sounded as if multiple thunderclaps roared in the sky. The blue sword beams shattered immediately, while the Rain of Annihilation was swept clean. The gloomy clouds in the sky were blown away, leaving nothing behind!


The two Immortal Rain Sect disciples stared with widened eyes as they found it unbelievable!

What was Yi Yun’s attack? How could it be so powerful!? Ignoring the fact that he was only a Heaven Ascension realm junior, even sect Elders would not be able to produce an attack that possessed that much power!

Their a.s.sured combined attack was like withered leaves and dead twigs in front of the nine dragons. They were obliterated!

The explosion from the impact happened too quickly. The two were unable to react in time as their bodies were swept away by the tail of one of the dragons!


Fatty’s body was like a burst blood bag. A large mouthful of blood spewed out of his mouth like a fountain. As for Scrawny, his body was sent flying like a tiny chick. Numerous bones in his body fractured and his body was covered in injuries. His body was mangled and could not be any worse!



With two loud thuds, the two crashed heavily to the ground. Blood splattered on the ground, dyeing the scattered rocks red.

Scrawny heaved in pain while Fatty endured the pain of his bones stabbing into his flesh. He could no longer maintain the smile on his face and instead looked dazedly at the aftershocks of the energy explosion in the sky. His face was filled with an incredulous look.

No, it’s impossible. It was impossible for Yi Yun to produce such an attack. What the h.e.l.l just happened!?

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