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Chapter 972: Reaping the spoils without lifting a finger

What… just happened?

As the crowd watched Yi Yun walk further, with no intention to pick the six-petal Seven Heart Flower, they were left flabbergasted.

To roll a rock away in such a remote area and find a six-petal Seven Heart Flower by chance was already unbelievable, but Yi Yun kicked the rock back and walked away. It rendered the crowd speechless.

Did it mean that… Yi Yun had no interest in the six-petal Seven Heart Flower?

Although Yi Yun had previously declared his intentions of picking a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower, the facts were laid out when the a.s.sessment began. It was difficult to take even a single step in the Divine Lord herb garden. The spectators already found Yi Yun’s discovery of a six-petal Seven Heart Flower amazing, but he still planned on looking for a seven-petal Seven Heart Flower.

The others spent all day searching, but the flowers that they were overjoyed to find were inferior to what Yi Yun had just discarded. The contrast was disheartening.

At that moment, Yi Yun had continued searching for the next Seven Heart Flower.

Yi Yun also found it somewhat regretful to abandon a six-petal Seven Heart Flower. Previously, he had only sensed that there was a great deal of pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi gathered at that spot, but he was unable to tell the quality of the Seven Heart Flower. He could only disperse the mist and take a look. But unfortunately, it was not the seven-petal Seven Heart Flower that Yi Yun wanted to find.

It wasn’t true that Yi Yun thought lowly of the six-petal Seven Heart Flower. A herb of that quality was one that Yi Yun would love to have more of. It was best if he could pick a basketful of it and return fully loaded.

However, Yi Yun had asked Shui Ningshuang previously and she had said that Yi Yun was only allowed to take one of each herbal strain.

Yi Yun wanted a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower, so he could only abandon a six-petal Seven Heart Flower.

And when Yi Yun left the area, Tianya Haoyue, who was still quite a distance away from Yi Yun, suddenly turned his gaze over and tried his best to wade towards Yi Yun’s area.

His motive could not be any clearer. He wanted the six-petal Seven Heart Flower that Yi Yun had just discarded.

He wanted what Yi Yun didn’t!

At that moment, dignity was apparently not as pragmatic as an immediate benefit. Getting a six-petal Seven Heart Flower was most important.

Not only would obtaining a six-petal Seven Heart Flower make his results for the a.s.sessment better, it would also aid his condensation of a Dao fruit greatly.

The spectators saw how Tianya Haoyue was like a fish stranded in a mud pool and moving forward bit by bit with great effort.

“That Tianya Haoyue is so shameless!”

“What a good for nothing to pick up something that someone abandoned. Is that even considered an achievement?”

Outside the Door of Misty Rain, there were sounds of protests. The protests came from the Oracle Fey Kingdom and the Luo clan.

The Luo clan clansmen obviously did not wish for the fruit of Yi Yun’s labor to be stolen by others. Even if Yi Yun doesn’t want it, it’s the same. Why should it be given to you?

As for the people from the Oracle Fey Kingdom, they were frustrated that the quasi six-petal Seven Heart Flower that Chi Zhuiyun found through his own efforts would be worse than the one that Tianya Haoyue picked through his shamelessness.

However, despite all the protests, Shui Ningshuang, who was standing in the towering tree’s hall, did not say anything. Clearly, she was tacitly allowing the outcome to be counted as results of the a.s.sessments.

In fact, Shui Ningshuang had been watching Yi Yun with interest. She was looking forward to Yi Yun giving her even more pleasant surprises.

Others may not know, but as the supervisor of the Door of Misty Rain, Shui Ningshuang obviously knew that the area that Yi Yun was walking in had an array set up specially by Felicitous Rain Lord. In this area, the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was directed down into the ground as nine spirit roots. They were like nine dragons surrounding a pearl, with the herbs in the middle being given the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that they needed to grow.

And it was because of this reason that made the region appear thin in Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. It had been extracted by the spirit roots.

It was clearly not a coincidence that Yi Yun would come here. He had definitely discovered something.

It was truly interesting.

Since Shui Ningshuang did not stop Tianya Haoyue, it was pointless to grumble any further. They watched helplessly as Tianya Haoyue ‘squirmed’ in great difficulty towards the remote area. And just as he was about to successfully pick the six-petal Seven Heart Flower, a thin youth suddenly appeared from Tianya Haoyue’s side at a much faster speed. It was one of the mysterious youths of the fat and thin duo.

The person walked straight to where the six-petal Seven Heart Flower was and flipped the rock.


Everyone was incensed. The duo had been loitering in front of the Door of Misty Rain’s entrance, so no one had paid any attention to them. But now, the thin youth had suddenly appeared to pick the six-petal Seven Heart Flower.

They did not spend any effort while others were searching, so they had conserved a lot of their stamina. Now, they suddenly jumped out to to get something for the cheap. Such a despicable act was more disgusting than Tianya Haoyue’s actions.

“There was really no effort wasted to search for it!” The thin youth muttered to himself as he plucked the Seven Heart Flower.

“Got it. It’s really a good herb!” The thin youth said as he looked at Yi Yun. The corners of his mouth curled upwards as a mocking look suffused in his eyes. Could you be any dumber to give a six-petal Seven Heart Flower that you painstakingly found away?

“Thanks!” The thin youth said, causing Yi Yun to turn back and look at the thin youth.

“So, he is taking me for a ride.” Yi Yun stroked his chin. He had looked in the wrong spot and happened to find a six-petal Seven Heart Flower. Since he could not take it away, he could only helplessly leave it in its original spot. But now, not only had someone taken the fruits of his labor, he had been taken as a fool. This displeased Yi Yun.

And at that moment, the fat youth also slowly walked over.

He smiled and with his b.u.t.t chins, he looked rather kind.

The fat and thin duo began to tail Yi Yun at an appropriate distance. Now, wherever Yi Yun went, they would follow.

It was apparent that after tasting certain benefits, they were clearly just waiting for Yi Yun to find herbs for them to reap the spoils without lifting a finger.

“f.u.c.k, what shameless people!”

Outside the Door of Misty Rain, there were loud protests. It was not even limited to the Luo clan, even people from the other factions in the alliance could not stand seeing this.

“To think that such a precious flower fell into the hands of those two wretches. Feeding it to the dogs would be better!” An agitated Luo clan disciples cursed.

He wished that he could charge inside the Door of Misty Rain and beat the duo brutally.

The duo turned a deaf ear to the invectives and protests outside the Door of Misty Rain.

The fat youth looked at Yi Yun with a beaming smile. Yi Yun had stopped for quite a while.

“Why did you stop? My brother already has a six-petal Seven Heart Flower, but I don’t. Why don’t you give me the next one that you find?” The fat youth said with a grin.

The tone that he used only tempted others into giving him two hard slaps.

Yi Yun pinched the tip of his nose and said with a smile, “Sure.”

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