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Chapter 967: Divine Lord Herb Garden

Upon hearing the Oracle Fey Kingdom king’s question, Song Wuchen’s heart fell into turmoil.

With things coming to this point, he was already unsure about what to do. The a.s.sessment that he had prepared was not suitable for about ten thousand people. Did he have to do another test of the Nine Palatial Array?

Disregarding the fact that he was already too embarra.s.sed to use the Nine Palatial Array again, even if he used it, what would happen if the problem reemerged? He might as well slam his head against a surface till he dies.

Who was it that cracked my Nine Palatial Array? Could it really be the warriors that partic.i.p.ated in the a.s.sessment, such as… Yi Yun!?

Tens of thousands of people had their eyes focused on Song Wuchen. Song Wuchen did not heed the thoughts that these lowly warriors had of him, but… Felicitous Rain Lord!

Song Wuchen knew very well that on the floating island, Felicitous Rain Lord could see him. Felicitous Rain Lord was waiting to see what he would do, making him even more anxious as his palms broke out in sweat. Without the support of the Demon Defying Bead, he did not have any arrays that could test ten thousand people at once.

The only option that he had was to send everyone to the desolate plains and group them together in a battle royale. However, that was a simple and crude. Furthermore, it would not be a fair a.s.sessment. It would obviously not please the Felicitous Rain Lord.

At that moment, a rustling sound was heard.

Like misty rain that drifted past, a misty drizzle enveloped the towering tree’s hall. A white-dressed female appeared above the square.

Shui Ningshuang!

The person most trusted by Felicitous Rain Lord after she began following him tens of thousands of years ago.

“Martial Aunt Ningshuang… ”

Song Wuchen hurriedly stood up and saluted her. Song Wuchen felt nervous upon seeing her at that moment. It was obvious that Shui Ningshuang was displeased with the a.s.sessment that he presided over.

“The next a.s.sessment’s topic shall be given by me!” Shui Ningshuang said.

Her words caused Song Wuchen’s heart to sink.

He gaped but eventually, he did not say a word.

Shui Ningshuang was giving the next topic that was going to be a.s.sessed?

Many warriors who were present looked at Shui Ningshuang, and her gaze had unintentionally landed on Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was inconspicuous with about ten thousand warriors present, so although the others did not know that Shui Ningshuang was focusing on Yi Yun, Yi Yun himself knew.

He stroked his chin. He knew that the process of him cracking the array had mostly likely been seen by Shui Ningshuang.

He was not afraid that the secret of the Purple Crystal would be exposed. The Purple Crystal far exceeded the martial realms of this world. No one would be able to detect it.

If they could not detect the Purple Crystal, then everything would come down to Yi Yun himself.

Since he wanted to become a personal disciple, he definitely needed to show the extraordinary worth of himself. There was no reason to continue hiding his strength.

“Since the first round is as such, everyone can be considered to have pa.s.sed. As for the second round… ”

As Shui Ningshuang spoke, she snapped her fingers.


A faint light tore through the void after it shot out from Shui Ningshuang’s fingertip. It accelerated before becoming a big door.


The door landed on the ground and it stood in front of everyone.

The door was hundreds of feet wide, and more than ten stories high. It was ma.s.sive.

People could see the misty rain inside the door. There were mountains that could be barely made out through the rain, with lush gra.s.s and an endless sea of flowers.

A door that led to another world!

“This is the Door of Misty Rain. It’s a Divine Lord herb garden that I am in charge of. Past the Door of Misty Rain is an independent world. My a.s.sessment is for everyone to enter the Door of Misty Rain, and pluck a flower from the ground. Coming out of it again would be considered a pa.s.s!”

Divine Lord herb garden?

Plucking flowers?

The warriors present were all extremely excited when they heard this. It was a Divine Lord herb garden!

The thought of being able to enter a Divine Lord’s herb garden was invigorating. Furthermore, the details of the a.s.sessment were rather fresh!

Plucking flowers inside the Door of Misty Rain sounded extremely simple, but people knew that the a.s.sessment set by Shui Ningshuang was definitely not as simple as it sounded on the surface. There was probably some tricks to the Door of Misty Rain.

However, that only made it more interesting. If anyone could complete it, it would be meaningless as well.

“Haha, plucking flowers. May I ask Fairy Ningshuang if simply plucking a flower is a pa.s.s, are there other means of grading?” Black Tiger asked loudly.

Previously, the shorter the amount of time taken to clear the Nine Palatial Array, the better the results were.

As for plucking flowers, the Door of Misty Rain was just in front of them. The flowerbeds were not very far either. Charging in to pluck a flower before returning was something that could be completed if one had the ability. The amount that it took wouldn’t differ greatly amongst people. It would not ill.u.s.trate the disparity in his result from others.

“Grading?” Fairy Ningshuang smiled. “The flowers closest to the Door of Misty Rain are known as Seven Heart Flowers. The flower takes a thousand years to sprout, a thousand years to grow, and a thousand years to form its bud. After that, it would grow one additional petal every thousand years, for a total period of ten thousand years. If you can return with a Seven Heart Flower, it would be considered to be a perfect grade. However, even if you fail to pluck a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower, that’s fine. Just bringing back a bud would be considered a pa.s.s!”

When Fairy Ningshuang said this, everyone looked at the Door of Misty Rain.

Through the blurry mist of rain, people saw flowers on the bed of gra.s.s as expected. The number of petals varied.

The ones closest to the Door of Misty Rain were only flower buds, and the deeper it was, the more petals the flowers had.

However, it was already considered quite a number for a flower to bloom four or five petals. Six petals were extremely rare and they were usually in the deepest depths of the misty rain. They would not be seen clearly.

As for the seven-petal flowers, they were nowhere to be found.

“Are there seven-petaled flowers?”

Black Tiger craned his neck to take a look. He wanted to find a flower ahead of time so that he could lock onto a target when he entered the Door of Misty Rain and pluck it in one fell swoop!

Even if it was too difficult, preventing him from plucking it, he could bring a five or six petal flower on his way back.

Black Tiger’s question made the elders in the towering tree’s hall frown.

A legendary figure of the World Margin Sect said, “Although the lifespan of the Seven Heart Flower isn’t considered to be long, with it being ten thousand years at most, it is extremely precious. It has gathered the worldly essence, and most Seven Heart Flower would wither before they fully bloomed. The number that can grow to an age of ten thousand years is one in ten thousand. It is a top holy herb, and it has amazing effects for Dao Manifestation realm warriors in their breakthroughs to Dao Palace, as well as Heaven Ascension realm warriors in their breakthroughs to Dao Manifestation.

“Kid, do you think a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower is cabbage that can be found anywhere on the streets? That you can find it without much work!?” The elder grunted, clearly annoyed about a burly man who had little knowledge like Black Tiger.

It was unknown how Black Tiger managed to be at the forefront during the first a.s.sessment.

Upon hearing the elder’s words, everyone’s eyes lit up. Many of the people present were at the Heaven Ascension realm. If a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower was helpful in their manifestation of the Dao, it would be an absolute treasure.

At that moment, Shui Ningshuang said with a smile, “The Seven Heart Flower that you pluck will belong to you, even if it is a ten-thousand-year-old Seven Heart Flower! Of course, it will depend on your own circ.u.mstances if you have one or not.”

Shui Ningshuang’s statement made the warriors present excited.

The Seven Heart Flower that they plucked would be theirs!

The value of the herbs in the Divine Lord herb garden was beyond doubt. Furthermore, the World Margin Sect elder had just mentioned the miraculous effects of the Seven Heart Flower.

Fey like Black Tiger and Bear Two, who came from tribes, were extremely eager. As tribes that were far away from the central cities, they were most lacking in herbal treasures. The Divine Lord herb garden was truly timely.

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