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Chapter 961: Demon Defying Bead

Without testing actual combat, what other advantages did Yi Yun have?

Bloodline? Perception?

Yi Yun’s bloodline was just too weak. It was a known fact. Although Yi Yun had absorbed an Ancient Fey bone, he was still incomparable to other elites of the Fey race.

In terms of perception, it was apparent that Yi Yun didn’t have a great advantage.

The rules that Song Wuchen set made several members of the Luo clan unhappy. Elder Shi and Elder Duanmu were also discontented with the rules. It was too disadvantageous for Yi Yun.

Yi Yun looked calm and he remained silent. Chi Zhuiyun glanced at Yi Yun. Yi Yun was an opponent worthy of his respect, so although he wanted to beat Yi Yun, he did not want to beat him in such a manner.

“Then, how does Young master Wuchen plan on beginning the test? The number of examinees in Brocade Spring Court seem to be far too many.” The king of the Oracle Fey Kingdom said.

There was no lower threshold for the a.s.sessment, so there were too many riff-raff that came to Brocade Spring Court. It would be extremely troublesome to test each and every one of them.

Song Wuchen gave a nonchalant smile, as though he had everything under his control.

“It’s simple. The first round will eliminate more than 99%! If there are people who wish to fish in troubled waters, then they are just too naive.”

As Song Wuchen spoke, his body began to hover mid-air. With a swipe of his interspatial ring, a black and white bead flew out of it.

The bead began to rapidly expand in size mid-air. It resembled the eye of an Ancient Fey.

“This is a Demon Defying Bead, a piece of treasure bestowed unto me by my master. The Demon Defying Bead is a supreme-grade array bead, allowing it to contain an array formation. Furthermore, the array formation’s powers are extensive. All of you will enter the Demon Defying Bead’s array formation, with the array formation that was created by me personally. Those who can eventually walk out of the Demon Defying Bead will pa.s.s, or they will be eliminated!”

Song Wuchen’s voice echoed throughout the area. The Nine Palatial Array in the Demon Defying Bead was an array formation attainment that he was proud of as it was mostly created by himself.

As examiner, Song Wuchen obviously would show off his Nine Palatial Array.

“The first test is to crack the array?”

The people could tell what Song Wuchen meant.

“Crack the array?” Song Wuchen had a smile on his lips. Many warriors had their domains of expertise. Some of them would be in the Desolate Heaven technique, while others in the refinement of items, but for Song Wuchen, it was his array formation.

He was an array formation master, and with his cultivation level being at the late stages of the Dao Manifestation realm, how could it possibly be so easy to crack an array formation that he set?

“It’s not cracking the array. It would be pretty impressive just to exit it. The less time it takes, the better the result.”

As Song Wuchen spoke, the Demon Defying Bead began to slowly descend, encompa.s.sing everyone within it.

“An array formation that can eliminate 99% of people. Young master Wuchen’s means are indeed impressive.” The Oracle Fey Kingdom king said with a laugh.

He naturally had to compliment Song Wuchen, who was one of the top disciples of Felicitous Rain Lord as well as one of the examiners.

“Your Majesty, I said above 99%. There are about nine thousand people partic.i.p.ating in the a.s.sessment, so eliminating 99% would still leave behind eighty to ninety people. That’s way too many. I believe leaving about a dozen or so after the first round would be sufficient.” Song Wuchen said nonchalantly.

Everyone was secretly horrified when they heard this. To reduce nearly ten thousand people to about a dozen was quite a ruthless elimination rate.

“To leave about ten people behind, 60% difficulty should be enough.” Song Wuchen said as he waved his hand once again, causing the array bead to envelop the examinees completely.

If 60% difficulty could eliminate so many people, wouldn’t that mean that few could clear its 100% difficulty?

Song Wuchen’s words made quite a number of people give him a sidelong glance.

Song Wuchen was very pleased with this effect. He knew that by being an examiner, it was also an opportunity for him to showcase himself in front of Felicitous Rain Lord.

In the test, the standard that he set was a manifestation of his strength!

Song Wuchen liked the feeling of being in complete control of an array that determined the fates of almost ten thousand people.

With a Divine Lord-level treasure, the Demon Defying Bead, in his hand, he could achieve perfect control over any one of the thousands of people.

Of course, that included Yi Yun.

Song Wuchen’s perception interfaced with the Demon Defying Bead and his focus landed on Yi Yun. A teasing smile suffused across his lips.

“Yi Yun, since you are so highly valued by Martial Aunt Ningshuang, you obviously can’t have such a simple difficulty. I’ll add something in for you.”

Song Wuchen knew very well that Shui Ningshuang’s voice transmission, which requested him to put more focus on Yi Yun before the a.s.sessment began, meant that Felicitous Rain Lord had already decided to take Yi Yun in as an in-name disciple already.

Since there was no way of stopping Yi Yun from becoming an in-name disciple, it was meaningless regardless of the methods he employed to a.s.ses Yi Yun.

Although it was an unchangeable fact, Song Wuchen wanted to haze Yi Yun.

Song Wuchen’s choice of adding something for Yi Yun’s a.s.sessment could not escape the eyes of Fairy Ningshuang, but it did not matter as Fairy Ningshuang had informed him to ‘focus’ on Yi Yun. If Yi Yun’s results were terrible during the a.s.sessment, Song Wuchen could explain it away as him thinking that Yi Yun was extremely gifted and that Yi Yun could go above and beyond the requirements of the a.s.sessment, but who knew that Yi Yun could not stand up to the examination.

In that case, even if Yi Yun became an in-name disciple, he would not be able to threaten Song Wuchen’s position as the top in-name disciple.

“Yi Yun, since you are the focus of attention, enjoy the additional augmentation of the Demon Defying Bead. As for Chi Zhuiyun, you are slightly weaker, so I’ll give you 100% difficulty, so that you’ll have a fun time.” Song Wuchen muttered to himself as he produced a few incantation seals without leaving a trace.

He looked forward to Yi Yun’s ending in dismay, to the point of him not being able to exit the array bead.

Many members of the audience did not know that there was a difference in the difficulties in the Demon Defying Bead’s array formation. Song Wuchen was eager to know what Yi Yun’s Luo clan worshipers would think when they saw their idol have such terrible results.

At this moment, in the pavilion in the middle of a lake on a floating island.

Shui Ningshuang and Felicitous Rain Lord were still playing their Go game. When she placed a piece, her wrist trembled slightly. “Song Wuchen is a bit too much. Although I informed him to focus on Yi Yun, isn’t this difficulty a bit too high?”

Felicitous Rain Lord smiled and said, “It’s alright. It’s good to have a bit more difficulty. Let’s see if that child, Yi Yun, can give me a pleasant surprise.”

“Oh? Do you think that even at such a difficulty, Yi Yun will still be able to exit it?”

“According to Yi Yun’s cultivation level, it will be very difficult for him to do so, but… If everything is done according to conventional thinking, then there is no meaning for him to be specially nurtured… ” Felicitous Rain Lord said casually before placing another piece down.

Shui Ningshuang’s eyebrows p.r.i.c.ked up slightly. This was Felicitous Rain Lord, who had extremely high standards!

Even at such a difficulty, which most mighty figures would find it demanding for a junior, Felicitous Rain Lord treated it as a standard for the a.s.sessment.

Even the three criteria set for Yi Yun previously to become a personal disciple was Felicitous Rain Lord’s original intentions. It was a rigid criteria that had no room for contest!

Since she couldn’t do anything about it, all she could do was wish Yi Yun the best of luck.

As Felicitous Rain Lord and Shui Ningshuang were conversing, Yi Yun had arrived at an alternate spatial-temporal dimension.

Without a doubt, this was the interior world of the Demon Defying Bead. When it came to treasures at the Divine Lord level, their internal s.p.a.ces could be expanded into worlds of themselves. Back then, the G.o.d Advent Tower had similar effects as well.

As Yi Yun had such a thought, the s.p.a.ce around him began to cave in towards him. Soon, it formed a long corridor, and at the end of the corridor, there was a large bronze door!

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