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Chapter 952: Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon

Shui Ningshuang’s words tightened the hearts of all the Luo clan clansmen present. Could it be that… Yi Yun would not be able to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple?

If that was the case, Yi Yun’s growth would likely be affected. To the Luo clan, it would be a great loss.

Yi Yun did not speak as he waited for Shui Ningshuang to continue.

Shui Ningshuang sat down and she looked serene. She asked calmly, “Yi Yun, I mentioned quite a bit a while ago, but I did not ask if you intend to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple?”

Yi Yun nodded. To a warrior with an extremely long lifespan, there was a wide range of realms to cross. A warrior could take many mighty figures as masters, and it was not considered to be a betrayal of the previous master.

Indeed, Yi Yun had obtained the Azure Yang Lord’s heritage in the past, but that was only a tiny portion of what the Azure Yang Lord had learned in his entire life. The most important cultivation technique inheritance was not left behind by Azure Yang Lord.

What Yi Yun learned was the creation by the Azure Yang Lord’s confidant, the ancient Great Empress’s ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’. To the present Yi Yun, the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ was already inadequate. He needed a stronger cultivation technique so it could match the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

Obtaining the inheritance and obtaining the face-to-face advice from a Divine Lord was completely different. Regardless of how high one’s perception was, just cultivating from a inheritance manual still needed one’s repeated experimentation and confirmation. Compared to having a master to guide them, they would end up taking more detours and waste more time. There was no need to mention the resources and status that one would gain after becoming a disciple of a Divine Lord. It would be the best protection for Yi Yun, as Yi Yun would not need to feel apprehensive when he faced the Fey Phantasm Sect.

“My master values one’s grade in the Dao greatly. To become my master’s disciple, it is necessary to condense a Dao Domain at the Heaven Ascension realm. If you do not have a Dao Domain, it is impossible.”

“Condense a Dao Domain… ” Yi Yun faltered slightly. “A pa.s.s is given as long as a Dao Domain is condensed?”

“If it’s just an ordinary Dao Domain, it would be meaningless! The reason why Chi Zhuiyun was able to be approved by master was because his Dao Domain was extraordinary. Chi Zhuiyun’s Dao Domain had managed to defeat an in-name disciple of my master, thus he was recognized by him.”

“In-name disciple?” Yi Yun asked in surprise. Felicitous Rain Lord also had in-name disciples?

“That’s right. Master has several in-name disciples. Although my master has never established a faction, he has several followers. Many things could not be done by him alone, so there is a need to delegate the job to others.”

Shui Ningshuang’s explanation enlightened Yi Yun. The in-name disciples were probably similar to servants. Although they were called servants, they were most likely very talented. It was easier said than done to become a Divine Lord’s servant.

“What my master wants to take in is a personal disciple. It is something that an in-name disciple cannot compare to in every aspect. Therefore, the requirements are naturally high. Although you have defeated Chi Zhuiyun, you must have something that can move my master to gain his approval. Master values perception, bloodline and nomological Dao Domain.”

“Either your perception is amazing, allowing you to infer from incomplete Supremacy-grade cultivation techniques, or your Dao Domain reaches the same standard as Chi Zhuiyun’s, or finally, you possess a pure Ancient Fey bloodline that reaches the standard like that lady over there! If you can meet any two of the three criteria, it would not be a problem to become Master’s disciple. If you manage only one, it would be likely that you would gain my master’s approval, but it is not a sure thing.”

As Shui Ningshuang spoke, she looked at Luo Huo’er. The lady that she referred to was Luo Huo’er. She could sense an extremely rare purity in her bloodline, but Luo Huo’er was a rare genius in the Luo clan. In comparison, Yi Yun’s bloodline was far from hers!

As for perception, attempting to infer from an incomplete Supremacy-grade cultivation technique, even if it was a tiny amount, would be extremely demanding!

Finally, the Dao Domain was very difficult as well! Chi Zhuiyun’s attainment in his Dao Domain was heaven-defying to begin with. Now, Yi Yun did not even have a Dao Domain, so how could he compete with Chi Zhuiyun?

And worst of all, he needed to accomplish two of the three criteria to ensure a pa.s.s. Accomplishing only one could still result in failure!

Such criteria made many of the Luo clan clansmen feel a coldness in their hearts. Yi Yun’s bloodline was lacking, and he did not have a Dao Domain. As for perception, it didn’t sound like something a.s.suring. The chances of becoming Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple were extremely minute.

Finally… was all that effort for naught?

The people found it difficult to accept such an outcome. Felicitous Rain Lord’s requirements were too high!

Even a Divine Lord was so harsh on his selection of disciples!

Shui Ningshuang apparently read the minds of the people as she slowly said, “Master naturally has his reasons for coming up with such a criteria. My master intends to hand his mantle over to the personal disciple he takes in this time. My master possesses the remnant page of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven’s ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’. I believe that it is no longer a secret… ”

When Shui Ningshuang said this, everyone looked at each other and they drew a cold gasp of air.

The remnant page of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’!

When the primordial Universe was first born from out of the Chaos, the twelve Empyrean Heavens slowly evolved. There were mighty primordial figures, who gained insight on the natural laws, slowly establishing martial arts heritages.

The ultimate martial art heritages were regarded by warriors in the twelve Empyrean Heavens as Divine Canons, which were supreme techniques that approached the Heavenly Dao.

Maybe, it was somewhat destined that every Empyrean Heaven produced a Divine Canon that approached the Heavenly Dao at its birth. These twelve Divine Canons were seemingly the natural condensation of the world’s Great Dao, just like the Divine Lord Royal Seals, which were naturally formed by every Empyrean Heaven. They had the power of creation!

As for the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’, it was the Divine Canon that belonged to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven!

The twelve Divine Canons were cultivation techniques, something that Yi Yun was lacking the most at present. Obviously, Yi Yun wanted to learn it!

Yi Yun knew that the Azure Yang Lord had previously seen remnant pages of the ‘Yang G.o.d Manual’ and the ‘Nine Nether Sacred Manual’. But unfortunately, none of the remnant pages had landed in Yi Yun’s hands, and he had never seen them before. If not, with the ‘Yang G.o.d Manual’ in his hand, his cultivation speed would have skyrocketed, so how would he always be lacking in energy, causing him to be apprehensive about using the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence?

“It’s the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’. To think that Felicitous Rain Lord plans on teaching the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’, it’s unknown how many geniuses will go mad for it… ”

Even the Third Imperial Uncle sighed. Who didn’t want to learn the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’? A cultivation technique of that level was too distant for a faction like the Luo clan. If the Luo clan ever possessed the remnant pages of the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’, it would probably be annihilated as a result of it!

The Third Imperial Uncle looked at Yi Yun and sighed. He felt sorry for Yi Yun.

It was normal for Felicitous Rain Lord to have such high criteria if he planned on taking in a disciple that would be imparted with the ‘Ten Thousand Fey Divine Canon’!

However, such a big opportunity was terrible for Yi Yun. In Yi Yun’s present situation, it was very unlikely that he would become a disciple of Felicitous Rain Lord.

Shui Ningshuang looked at Yi Yun, seemingly feeling sorry for him. If a Divine Lord were to take in a disciple under normal circ.u.mstances, Yi Yun would be barely qualified, but now, he was still somewhat lacking.

“My master will stay in the Oracle Fey Empire for about a year. My master’s taking in of a disciple will be decided during this period of time. If you think it’s possible, come to the Oracle Fey Empire.”

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