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Chapter 95: Star-filled Sky

“Oh?” Yi Yun was curious with what Lin Xintong wanted to verify. But since she did not explain herself, he knew he would not have received an answer. He could feel that Lin Xintong was a pure and n.o.ble girl. One could feel that in the middle of Lin Xintong’s clear eyes was innocence.

Yi Yun obediently stretched out his hand.

Seeing Yi Yun’s hand, Lin Xintong hesitantly took a step forward, closing the gap. She said, “Raise up your palm.”

Yi Yun followed and upon seeing Yi Yun’s palm, Lin Xintong’s cheeks turned slightly red as she hesitated for a moment before stretching her hand to meet Yi Yun’s palm.

Under the pine tree, they stood three feet apart from each other with their palms locked. Under the bright moon, the two figure’s shadows were merging together. Such a picturesque scene seemed to have frozen for eternity.

“So cold!” This was Yi Yun’s first thought. Although when he sparred with Lin Xintong, and had made contact with her body, due to the presence of energy, Yi Yun could never feel the touch of Lin Xintong.

But today, he could feel it in the raw. It was cold and soft to the touch, like the touching of a pool of clear water.

Why is it so cold?

Both their palms were about the same size and they were a perfect fit.

Lin Xintong closed her eyes as her eyelashes trembled slightly, as if she was hoping to feel something with her eyes closed.

As she remained quiet, Yi Yun also stayed silent.

“This feeling&h.e.l.lip;” Lin Xintong closed her eyes and searched for any changes to her meridians. She had a strange feeling that the child in front of her was like an endless star-filled night sky.

As for her, it was as if she was swimming within this night sky, and deeply experiencing the vast expanse of the night sky.

It was a miraculous feeling. Although she knew it was an illusion, it felt very real.

As such, Lin Xintong could not help but opening her eyes midway.

Under the faint starlight, an immature but surprisingly handsome face appeared in front of her. Those eyes were black and bright, like the world’s purest black gemstone.

And facing this black gemstone, Lin Xintong could clearly see her own reflection.


This scene, for some unknown reason left a deep impression on Lin Xintong. She subconsciously took a few steps back, as if she had been frightened by something.


Although in that split moment, Lin Xintong had experienced an illusion, the feeling that she had been searching for, the thing that had activated her meridian channels did not appear.

It was like running after a shadow with no trace to be found.

Lin Xintong was disappointed.

But what was that star-filled like illusion from just now?

Lin Xintong hesitated for a while before locking palms with Yi Yun again. Once again, there was nothing. She did not feel anything in her meridians nor did she experience the illusion of the star-filled sky.

She looked up and saw that the moon hung in the sky as if nothing had changed.

Lin Xintong sighed, had she failed in her search? But when she pondered about it, she realised that there was nothing to be disappointed about. In fact, this was normal. How could she have subconsciously believed that a child like Yi Yun was able to join up her terminated meridians?

That would be impossible&h.e.l.lip;

“I’ll look for you tomorrow night at this time and in this spot.” With those words, Lin Xintong floated away and was gone with the wind.

Yi Yun was still filled with questions. He did not know why Lin Xintong had approached him for a fight. But he was not worried because it was beneficial for him, and it was something he yearned for.

After Lin Xintong left, Yi Yun was not in a hurry to leave. Although it was already late at night, he had just eaten one fierce beast relic, and his body was still overflowing with energy, so how could he waste this precious opportunity to train? He could train only when his body had energy, it was impossible to train without energy.

After sparring, Yi Yun had some insight he needed to ponder over. First of all, it was the phantom image formed from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and the other was the Minute Subtlety movement technique!

The path of martial arts needed talent, but it needed hard work even more. A talented person who did not have the will to practise would still fall behind.

Yi Yun’s talent may not be good, but with the Purple Crystal making up for it, he was not worried.

But nothing could make up for hard work, he had to rely on himself.

Punch after punch was sent into the vacant air!

“Peng Peng Peng!”

A big black ironstone was shattered by Yi Yun, sending its stone chips flying!

But it was a pity that the tiger phantom image formed from the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi did not appear. As for the Minute Subtlety movement technique, he needed a person to further his understanding.

Hence, Yi Yun could not make any progress on those two techniques.

On the contrary, Yi Yun entered a trance like state.

In an unseen world, Yi Yun began to appreciate the wonders of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’. It was a mysterious feeling but when Yi Yun tried grasping it, he could not&h.e.l.lip;

“Master, he managed to form a phantom image from Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, and realized the Minute Subtlety movement technique.” In the woods, Lin Xintong was silently staring at Yi Yun’s practicing figure while speaking to old man Su beside her.

“Yes&h.e.l.lip;I saw it. This kid’s perceptivity sure is not bad. He didn’t only comprehend these two things&h.e.l.lip; We shall wait and see what else he has in store for us. Tomorrow is the Kingdom’s selection’s semi-finals and I still want to see his performance!”

The Kingdom’s selection’s preliminaries had injured many, but the Jin Long Wei did not plan to give the injured much time to rest.

In Zhang Tan’s words, the moment a battle begins, it would be like a storm. Would the enemy give you time to rest?

Yi Yun practiced all night till the break of dawn before returning to his residence. He was exhausted.

The moment Yi Yun’s head hit the bed he fell into deep sleep. In his dream, the Purple Crystal was slowly absorbing the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around him, slowly recovering Yi Yun’s strength.

In his deep sleep, Yi Yun was still cultivating in his dreams.

In a blur, he felt like he was by a cliff and above the cliff were a flying dragon and a fierce tiger who fighting it out!

It was a bustling scene where the earth trembled and the mountains swayed!

This dragon was like the Jin dragon on the Jin Long Wei’s flag, and that tiger was the Fierce Divine Tiger Yi Yun saw during the preliminaries.

This dragon-tiger battle made the heavens rend asunder and the earth cracked.

In legends, peerless experts would learn a peerless skill from watching divine beasts fighting.

At this moment, Yi Yun was gaining further insight from this strange dream. He grew a deeper understanding for ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.

But when he woke up, all his understanding was a blur, recalling it was like chasing shadows.

Yi Yun tried his best to recall but could not remember a thing.

Such a pity.

Yi Yun sighed with emotion. In ancient China, Confucius would dream of the Duke of Zhou frequently. The Duke of Zhou would tell him the ways of the world; and when Confucius woke up, he would gain some understanding. Sometimes, dreams was a great inspiration for people.

Looking out of the window, it was already late in the morning.

Yi Yun had slept for about three hours, but because it was in deep sleep, and with the Purple Crystal replenishing his energy, three hours of sleep was enough to push Yi Yun’s mental state to its peak.

“Time to partic.i.p.ate in the semi-finals.” Yi Yun leaped up. He had already decided that he wanted to obtain the Mortal Blood’s first place standing in the selection, and become an elite member of the Jin Long Wei!


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