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Chapter 949: Dao of Destruction

When Chi Zhuiyun collapsed to the ground with his spear in hand, there was silence around the plains despite there being millions of people present!

The spear was still standing, in a proud but bleak manner on the desolate plains, like it was guarding its owner.

Yi Yun was holding the pure Yang broken sword in his hand. His body was covered in blood. Even though all of his energy had been depleted and he was severely injured, he was still suffusing with killing intent!

Chi Zhuiyun had collapsed!

The stunning battle was breathtaking!

This was an epic battle that had shocked the Luo clan, the White Fox clan and the entire alliance!

Yi Yun’s final move, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence that defeated Chi Zhuiyun, made everyone tremble when they recalled it.

Chi Zhuiyun’s Celestial Demon Form was powerful. Even a warrior at the Dao Manifestation perfection realm would probably be killed by the attack.

However, Chi Zhuiyun had been defeated in his battle with Yi Yun!

Yi Yun was younger than Chi Zhuiyun, and his cultivation level was lower as well.

It was too terrifying!

“How could… this happen?”

In her seat of honor, Demon Girl looked at Chi Zhuiyun as her charming body quivered.

She had always secretly admired Chi Zhuiyun, but due to the difference in their respective statuses, she had never revealed it.

In her heart, Chi Zhuiyun was invincible.

But today, the legend had been broken!

Chi Zhuiyun’s challenge of the Luo clan had ended in him being defeated by Yi Yun, who had leapfrogged him!

This was something unacceptable to Demon Girl.

Chi Zhuiyun had not only been defeated, he had been defeated by a Luo clan genius who was younger than him!

As for Yu Tianfeng, he was feeling distraught.

As the amba.s.sador to the Oracle Fey Empire, he was doing as he pleased in the Luo clan because of Felicitous Rain Lord. Even Emperor Luo treated him with respect.

In addition, Chi Zhuiyun, who had gained the approval of Felicitous Rain Lord, was also one of the reasons why Yu Tianfeng was so bold. After all, it was very likely that Chi Zhuiyun would become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple.

But now… Chi Zhuiyun had been defeated!

He suddenly felt like his backbone had been ripped out, and his entire being was flabbergasted.

With a slight probe, he realized that Chi Zhuiyun’s lifeforce was constantly being depleted. The strange move that Yi Yun used was still consuming Chi Zhuiyun’s lifeforce at this very moment.

This tightened his heart. It was inevitable that having the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence continue to consume the unconscious Chi Zhuiyun’s lifeforce, the results would be irreparable losses.

“Zhuiyun!” Yu Tianfeng had a rude awakening as his body flashed, arriving beside Chi Zhuiyun. He placed a palm on Chi Zhuiyun’s back.

As an amba.s.sador of the Oracle Fey Empire, Yu Tianfeng did not have outstanding talent. He had become an amba.s.sador because of his family background and his n.o.bility. Only when he infused energy into Chi Zhuiyun’s body did he realize the terror of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence’s Dao patterns.

A force that had already left its owner, Yi Yun, should have been like rootless duckweed. It should have been easy to remove it, but when Yu Tianfeng infused his energy into Chi Zuiyun’s body, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence had ended up consuming and destroying his energy. It left him momentarily fl.u.s.tered.

Thankfully, Yu Tianfeng wasn’t young, so although his talent was mediocre, he still had a high cultivation level.

After a long while, Yu Tianfeng had finally managed to vanquish the destructive force in Chi Zhuiyun’s body, causing the Dao patterns of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence to slowly disappear.

“This… ” The surrounding warriors had all noticed this scene.

As a warrior of the older generation, Yu Tianfeng had to go through such laborious efforts to remove the remaining energies of a junior’s attack?

Regardless of how weak Yu Tianfeng was, he had age on his side. This implied how powerful Yi Yun’s 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence’s Dao of Destruction was!

What was destruction?

The Dao of Destruction were divided into the Minor Dao of Destruction and the Major Dao of Destruction.

The Minor Dao of Destruction was the destruction of all living creatures, including the destruction of mankind, or even that of minor worlds!

The Minor Dao of Destruction was already extremely obscure and difficult. Without a great opportunity, it was impossible to gain insights into it.

It was ranked as one of the Great Dao in the cosmos alongside Yin-Yang and s.p.a.ce-time, above the five elements!

As for the Major Dao of Destruction, it was close to the power of G.o.d.

The Universe was created out of Chaos, but after countless years, it would ultimately end in destruction!

The Major Dao of Destruction was how elevated worlds like the 12 Empyrean Heavens would be destroyed, or even the entire universe!

How long would that take? It was impossible to predict.

It should be said that ever since the birth of martial arts, no one had been able to experience the destruction of an elevated world on the level of the 12 Empyrean Heavens. There was no way to even begin probing the Major Dao of Destruction.

The Major Dao of Destruction was ranked alongside the laws of Chaos that created the universe, being almost impossible to find.

There was a peerless mighty figure in the 12 Empyrean Heavens that attempted to gain insights into this Dao, but the destruction of the universe was too distant, so he eventually failed to make any progress.

People believed that the Dao of Destruction contained in Yi Yun’s 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was just a Minor Dao of Destruction, but it had to be one of the top grades in the Minor Dao of Destruction.

At this moment, Yu Tianfeng had already carried Chi Zhuiyun and had flown back to the seats of honor.

Chi Zhuiyun was severely injured!

Chi Zhuiyun said that he could not control the power of his final move, which might end up in it being fatal, but so was Yi Yun’s!

The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence was something that Yi Yun could not control very well as well. After being struck by it, Chi Zhuiyun would definitely lose a great deal of his lifeblood!

At the moment that Yu Tianfeng landed, he saw Luo Huo’er give him a sardonic look.

This made Yu Tianfeng’s face sink. He had heard of the princess’s character. Previously, he had said nasty words in front of her, and now, he had been ruthlessly smacked in the face, so how could he stay here any longer?

“Let us go!” Yu Tianfeng said through clenched teeth.

He flew up with Chi Zhuiyun, while Demon Girl and Luo Sha followed closely behind.

At this moment, there were quite a number of people from the Oracle Fey Empire that were in the midst of the millions of people present. At this moment, they felt ashamed to stay any longer, as they quietly retreated from the crowd.

At moment that the people from the Oracle Fey Empire left, the disciples of the World Margin Sect and Eternal Eventide Sea felt bitter. They looked at Yi Yun with apprehension.

Tianya Haoyue had already awoken. He looked at Yi Yun with a complex look. He had previously deemed his beating down by Yi Yun with a brick as the greatest humiliation in his life, but now, he did not find it too unacceptable. After all, Yi Yun was on a completely different level to him.

As for the arrogant G.o.ddess Xi Ye, she sighed lightly in her heart and she did not say a word. Recalling her aloofness, she felt ashamed. It was truly the case of there being heavens beyond heavens and people beyond people. She closed her eyes lightly as her ears echoed with the tsunami-like cheers from the members of the Luo clan in the southern desolate mountain plains.

“Yi Yun!”

“Yi Yun!”

“Yi Yun!”

The cheers echoed at an intensity more than ten times higher than when Yi Yun had previously defeated Tianya Haoyue. It was as though the entire desolate plains was trembling with the cheers.

“Little Yun, nicely done!” Luo Huo’er’s cheerful voice transmission entered Yi Yun’s ears.

Without a doubt, Yi Yun would become a legend from this day onwards.

In the history of the Luo clan, Yi Yun would undoubtedly leave behind a heavy stroke in its history books!

As long as he did not fall, Yi Yun’s future accomplishments were unthinkable!

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