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Chapter 944: Too disparaging

A half-broken sword? And it was even rusty?

Everyone was dumbfounded when they saw the sword. Warriors typically used superior-grade weapons, which were made of all sorts of divine metals and were refined by masters. Even if such a weapon were to break and lose a great deal of its spirituality, it would never rust, even if it were buried underground for thousands of years.

The material that was used in the rusted sword was probably not something that was impressive, but could it still be called a sword?

Tianya Haoyue had heightened his wariness when he heard Yi Yun say those words, but he had never expected Yi Yun to take out a broken sword.

“You plan on using that piece of trash to break through my armor?” Tianya Haoyue asked in amus.e.m.e.nt.

“You’ll know once you give it a try.” Just as Yi Yun’s voice faded, the broken sword in his hand was slashed at Tianya Haoyue!

Tianya Haoyue’s pupils constricted as he retreated in a hurry. Although he had mocked Yi Yun, Yi Yun’s strength was redoubtable. He definitely could not take Yi Yun lightly.


The moonblade in Tianya Haoyue’s hand released a cold beam of light.

“Lunar Occultation!”

As the top disciple of the World Margin Sect, Tianya Haoyue was extremely wealthy! The armor that he wore was a supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor, and the moonblade in his hand was a top-grade weapon.

The moment Lunar Occultation was produced, the moonblade suddenly turned ethereal, as though a crescent had descended into the mortal realm.

The moonblade slowly slashed down as Tianya Haoyue’s actions were much slower than Yi Yun’s.

With the cleaving of the moonblade, a night sky appeared behind TianYa Haoyue with a bright moon hanging in the sky!

During the process of the moonblade’s cleaving, the moon was gradually devoured by darkness, leaving behind only a glimmer of light.

At the same time, the light in the s.p.a.ce around Yi Yun had been engulfed.

Yi Yun had finally felt a sense of danger, because not only did Lunar Occultation devour light, it also devoured life.

Once Yi Yun was completely engulfed by the darkness, he would be annihilated in it as well.

“That is a spatial attack.” In the seats of honor, Princess White Fox said softly as she frowned slightly. “That move is very powerful! Using that moonblade to conjure the strike makes the effects even more astonishing.”

Princess White Fox detested Tianya Haoyue greatly, but she had to admit that Tianya Haoyue had all sorts of techniques. It was unknown how Yi Yun would respond to that attack.

Yi Yun turned a blind eye to the rapidly compressing s.p.a.ce. His eyes only had Tianya Haoyue in them.

At this moment, there was only a tiny rift left in front of Yi Yun, with Tianya Haoyue appearing a great distance away from him!

Yi Yun proceeded forward with the rusty sword in his hand as nomological fragments condensed themselves out of the void, attaching themselves to the broken sword.

The sword truth, pressing forward with an indomitable will!


The sword thrust forward with no return. Shatter!


In the darkness, a radiant sun rose up and within the sun was Yi Yun’s figure that was slashing at Tianya Haoyue with a sword in his hand!

Tianya Haoyue’s pupils constricted. Lunar Occultation had been shattered!

He raised his moonblade to block, hoping that the treasured saber would be able to block Yi Yun's attack!


The moonblade met the pure Yang broken sword as terrifying energy blasted outwards, causing the moonblade to shatter and explode.


Tianya Haoyue was alarmed as he never expected Yi Yun’s attack to be so powerful. However, Tianya Haoyue still had a supreme-grade armor, the Dragon’s Roar Purple Armor that could not be broken at the Dao Manifestation realm. It was his greatest crutch!

“Nine Neonate!”

In the flames that surrounded Yi Yun, the Golden Crow screeched, and it was accompanied by the Neonate’s cry as the nine hydra heads charged out of the inferno.

At the same time, even more, nomological fragments condensed on the broken sword.

Yi Yun was one with the sword as he slashed down at the gigantic shield in front of Tianya Haoyue.


The sword’s edge was like a blistering sun!

Terrifying power surged towards the gigantic shield of light.

The scene of his shield of light being engulfed by the flames was mirrored in Tianya Haoyue's eyes.

An explosion was clearly heard at that very moment by the millions of warriors on the southern desolate mountain plains.

The shield of light had shattered!

With sharp sounds like that of gla.s.s shattering, the entire shield of light was reduced to countless fragments.

The sword beam had broken through the shield as it surged down like a flood!

Tianya Haoyue’s expression changed drastically. With the shield of light shattering, he could only use his armor to defend, but it was not a full-bodied defense.

And at this moment.


With another crisp cracking sound, Tianya Haoyue’s body jerked backwards as he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He watched helplessly as his supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor was ripped from top to bottom!


Tianya Haoyue’s body was thrown back heavily as he slammed into a large boulder, producing a cloud of dust.

After a few moments, Tianya Haoyue charged out of the rubble. His chest was stained with blood, blood that dripped down the cracks of the armor. He looked in disbelief at the crack in his armor.

His Dragon’s Roar Purple Armor had been slashed through by Yi Yun!

Not only had his shield shattered, even his armor itself had been cracked by a single strike from Yi Yun!

It was a supreme-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor!

It was said to be indestructible at the Dao Manifestation, but now, it had been ripped apart by a Heaven Ascension realm warrior!

“You&h.e.l.lip; you&h.e.l.lip; ”

Tianya Haoyue felt the pinch because the armor was extremely valuable! Although in the grand scheme of things, its grade wasn’t the highest, it was specifically meant for Dao Manifestation realm warriors so as they could fully utilize its power. This was an extremely rare effect, but now, it had been cracked!

An armor that had cracked would have its grade drop from supreme-grade to superior-grade, even if the best master were to repair it.

A superior-grade Dao Manifestation realm armor would no longer be valuable.

“Sorry about that. You were hyping the powers of the armor, so I was afraid that my offensive strength was lacking, so I used a bit more strength. I never expected it cracked just like that.” As Yi Yun held the pure Yang broken sword, he shrugged and said innocently.

And when this was said, Tianya Haoyue nearly had his intestines twisted from his fury.

“Little Yun, well done!” On her seat of honor, Luo Huo’er shouted loudly!

She had a strong dislike for Tianya Haoyue for a while now, so what Yi Yun had done was so vindicative!

However, where did Yi Yun get that sword from?

At this moment, many people shifted their gazes towards Yi Yun’s sword. Yi Yun had torn through Tianya Haoyue’s armor, so other than Yi Yun having amazing strength, that sword was definitely no ordinary item!

The slash of the sword had shattered Tianya Haoyue’s top-grade moonblade and it had torn through Tianya Haoyue’s Dragon’s Roar Purple Armor. The sword was definitely not simple!

People found it unbelievable that the rusty, worn-out broken sword was some peerless divine sword.

Yi Yun held the broken sword and he walked towards Tianya Haoyue. “Your strength doesn’t seem to be that great after all. All you depend on is that Catoptric Deflection and that armor. Without those two things, do you have anything else? Or, are you going to throw in the towel now?”

Yi Yun’s words were combative. Typically, when two warriors sparred, they would speak humbly to each other after victory was determined. Seldom did warriors show such disregard for pleasantries.

However, Tianya Haoyue had mocked Nongying back when he defeated her!. Now, Yi Yun was returning Tianya Haoyue’s words nearly intact back at him.

This was probably the most depressing thing. Tianya Haoyue’s face was livid as he yearned to skin Yi Yun alive!

“You said I rely on my armor, but didn’t you rely on that broken sword!? What sort of skill is that!?” Tianya Haoyue retorted. He could tell that Yi Yun’s sword far exceeded his armor in value.

“Oh?” Yi Yun nodded. “You’re right. I shouldn’t use this broken sword anymore. Your armor has been cracked, and it would reflect my win as being ungracious.”

With that said, Yi Yun flipped his hand, causing the pure Yang broken sword to disappear. What replaced it was a cuboid Heaven Upheaval Seal!

The simple Heaven Upheaval Seal did not have any l.u.s.ter to it. Yi Yun weighed it in his hand a few times as he felt the heaviness of the Heaven Upheaval Seal and he said with a laugh, “This shall be it then!”

Upon seeing this scene, Tianya Haoyue immediately felt a dark cloud descend upon him, nearly planting his face to the ground.

In order to refute Yi Yun, he had spoken without thinking. He never expected that his words had ended up digging a hole for himself to jump into!

He was now seriously injured and his armor had cracked. Catoptric Deflection was also useless against Yi Yun, so how could he deal with Yi Yun!?

Although it was disgraceful to be defeated by an ancient sword, he would become the laughing stock of the alliance if he were to be smashed by the brick!

“Wait&h.e.l.lip; Wait, wait!” I admit&h.e.l.lip; ” Tianya Haoyue shouted as he wanted to throw in the towel. However, how could Yi Yun give him the chance? Instantly, he rushed in front of Tianya Haoyue!

With Heaven Upheaval Seal in his hand, the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence Dao patterns were embedded in them. The Heaven Upheaval Seal was glowing with dazzling golden light!

Catoptric Deflection was completely useless against the laws of the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence. It was immediately penetrated, allowing the brick to smash right down on Tianya Haoyue’s head!

As for Tianya Haoyue, not only was his armor cracked and him being heavily injured, even his moonblade had been shattered.

f.u.c.k your motherf.u.c.king grandfather!

This was the final thought of Tianya Haoyue. The next moment, all he saw was darkness as he felt his head jerk violently, immediately making him dizzy. After that, he had no idea what happened.

Tianya Haoyue had been smacked down by Yi Yun’s brick.

Upon seeing this scene, the audience fell silent.

They could forget about Yi Yun smacking Ye Yi, but now, even Tianya Haoyue&h.e.l.lip;

He was the top disciple of the World Margin Sect, possessing treasures from head to toe. The Elders of the World Margin Sect had high hopes for him and there was a declaration that he would become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple. With all sorts of halos augmented around him, making him seem so awesome, yet, in front of everyone, he was smacked down by Yi Yun’s brick.

How could he even continue living after this?

Yi Yun was way too good at disparaging others. The final brick strike was definitely done on purpose. It was best to not mess with this punk&h.e.l.lip;

Many Luo clan geniuses had such a feeling after seeing Yi Yun’s battle.

Some of them had already made up their minds to avoid him if they were to see him. If not, their outcome would be just like Tianya Haoyue.

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