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Chapter 942: Limit of a Move


Tianya Haoyue frowned. As the top disciple of the World Margin Sect, he obviously wanted to challenge the strongest person of the Luo clan, Princess Purple Spirit — Luo Huo’er.

As for Yi Yun, he had only defeated two subst.i.tutes. Be it Ye Yi or Demon Girl, they were only recruited to fill the numbers.

Yi Yun was strong, but Tianya Haoyue felt that Yi Yun was not qualified to fight him.

Furthermore, Yi Yun had been overbearing. He did not talk about challenging him, but he used the words ‘have some fun with you’. Who did he think he was?

“You just finished a round and have expended quite a bit of energy, yet you want to challenge me immediately after that? You truly overestimate yourself!”

“It’s fine, it’s sufficient to deal with you.” Yi Yun said nonchalantly. His words made Luo Huo’er sn.i.g.g.e.r.

She understood Yi Yun and she knew that Yi Yun could not stand Tianya Haoyue’s vaunting of himself. Since Tianya Haoyue was so good at it, Yi Yun did not back off and he humiliated him on the matter, instigating his anger.

Yi Yun had deliberately said those words, but it was Luo Huo’er’s cup of tea.

Other than Luo Huo’er, when Princess White Fox heard this, she gave Yi Yun a surprised look. Looking at Tianya Haoyue’s grim face, the corners of her mouth could not help but curl upwards.

When Tianya Haoyue heard Yi Yun’s words and Luo Huo’er’s sn.i.g.g.e.r, his eyes turned stern.

Yi Yun was courting death!

Tianya Haoyue was extremely arrogant. Previously, he did not think that Nongying was qualified to battle him. Hence, he had severely injured her.

Now, Yi Yun had humiliated him, so there was no way that he would hold back in battle!

“Since you overestimate your strength, I’ll fulfill your desire.”

As Tianya Haoyue’s voice faded, he flew upwards, and arrived on the arena in the desolate plains.

Yi Yun versus Tianya Haoyue!

The Luo clan disciples were exhilarated. Tianya Haoyue was too arrogant, so they were looking forward to Yi Yun smacking Tianya Haoyue heavily in the face.

“Yi Yun! Yi Yun!”

Even the White Fox disciple were shouting as well.

“Yi Yun, beat him up badly!”

“Yi Yun, come on!”

The World Margin Sect disciples were also shouting, but their voices were incomparable to the disciples from the Luo clan and White Fox clan.

Tianya Haoyue’s face turned grim as he revealed a sneer. “Victory is not something determined by one’s mouth.”

His words were deriding the Luo clan and White Fox disciples, as well as Yi Yun.

Yi Yun said scoffingly, “Since you know such a principle, why do you still have so much to say?”

Tianya Haoyue’s eyes narrowed as he threw his feathered fan forward. Behind him, an endless sea cliff appeared. The sky seemed to darken, as the dark blue sea crashed into the rocks. Mist billowed above the ocean as a bright moon hung in the sky. Its projection was reflected above the surface of the sea in a sparkling manner.

Catoptric Deflection!

Tianya Haoyue used Catoptric Deflection once again. Back then, he had used this move to crush Nongying.

And now, the Catoptric Deflection that he was using was much more powerful and extraordinary than the one he used against Nongying. There were even phenomena conjured, creating an independent s.p.a.ce, enveloping Yi Yun and Tianya Haoyue within it.

“Use whatever moves you have,” said Tianya Haoyue. “But remember to leave some energy for defense, or you might not be able to withstand the reflection of your own move.”

“It’s that move again!”

“That move is really troublesome. It reflects all attacks and all laws!”

The audience had already seen the strange martial technique. In their opinions, Catoptric Deflection was an extremely difficult move to deal with.

“If it reflects moves and laws&h.e.l.lip; can’t he just not attack and go for a battle of attrition!?” Amongst the Luo clan disciples, someone suddenly asked.

“Don’t attack? Then wouldn’t that put Yi Yun in a pa.s.sive state as he endures attacks?”

In a battle between two parties, one of them was in an una.s.sailable position while the other party could only take a beating. If that was the case, there was no need to continue this battle!

At this moment, Tianya Haoyue had put his fan away and he had taken out a curved moonblade from his interspatial ring. The Catoptric Deflection’s s.p.a.ce was shrinking as Tianya Haoyue encroached towards Yi Yun.

“Your every attack will be useless against me. You are definitely losing!”

As he spoke, Tianya Haoyue slashed down with his blade!

His strike split into thousands of blade beams, like the moon had descended. Instantly, Yi Yun was in a dangerous situation!

“Peng Peng Peng!”

As the blade beams surged at him, Yi Yun suddenly charged to the right and retreated. However, s.p.a.ce in Catoptric Deflection was limited. Instantly, Yi Yun retreated to the boundary of Catoptric Deflection. Since the s.p.a.ce had already been isolated, there were faint ripples suffusing through the spatial barrier. Attempting to crack it was easier said than done.

Yi Yun did not panic at all. Instead, he smiled and said, “Reflect every attack and law? You really don’t feel the embarra.s.sment from boasting. Can you reflect a Divine Lord or Supremacy’s attack?”

Catoptric Deflection sounded invincible, but it was obvious that Catoptric Deflection could not reflect every attack. It definitely had its limitations.

“Divine Lord? Hahaha!” Tianya Haoyue guffawed. “That question of yours is incurring ridicule on yourself. Are you a Divine Lord? You aren’t even a disciple of a Divine Lord! If you want to attempt at attacking my Catoptric Deflection, go ahead!”

Extreme Slaughter — Remote Heavens Severing!

Tianya Haoyue brandished the moonblade in his hand as wanton blade beams surged forward. At that moment, it was truly like moon essence had transformed into blade beams, as they rained down like mercury, with no gaps in between!

Inside the confined s.p.a.ce of Catoptric Deflection, it was impossible to withstand the blade beams if one did not strike!

When the spectators saw Yi Yun, who had been forced into a corner, they held their breaths!

“Then, try to receive this.”

Yi Yun’s eyes flashed and with a thought, hundreds of flying sabers burst out from around him as they shot towards Tianya Haoyue!

Wherever the sabers pa.s.sed, there was the resonance of energy and a deafening sound!

“What the h.e.l.l is Yi Yun doing!?”

In the seats of honor, Prince Crimson Firmament and Bai Yueqing frowned. Didn’t Yi Yun see the battle from before?

By not figuring out how to crack Catoptric Deflection’s seal, Yi Yun would definitely be seriously injured by the reflection of such a powerful attack!

Tianya Haoyue sneered. “What foolhardiness and stupidity.”

He brandished his moonblade as the mirror that seemed to fade in and out of existence appeared in front of him to receive the hundreds of flying sabers.

“Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!”

Yi Yun’s flying sabers stabbed at the mirror in an indomitable fashion!

Luo Huo’er stared unblinkingly at the mirror. She was already prepared to immediately help Yi Yun that if Tianya Haoyue’s reflection was too powerful.

Tianya Haoyue was a sinister person and he was ruthless even to Nongying. He would definitely deal a fatal strike at Yi Yun who had offended him.


An sound that resembled a explosive clap of thunder resounded as raging forces ripped the surrounding s.p.a.ce, producing several rifts in a thousand foot radius.

The Luo clan disciples felt their hearts tighten.

s.p.a.ce was torn apart, preventing them from seeing the situation above the arena.

However, they were stunned when they discerned the situation after everything calmed down!

Yi Yun had finished his clash with Tianya Haoyue. Yi Yun stood mid-air with his sword in hand, while flying sabers surrounded him in a dance. As for Tianya Haoyue, his Catoptric Deflection was still in front of him, but his chest had been sliced apart by the saber blades. What looked like a gorgeous outfit was instantly no different to a beggar’s.

However, there was a piece of clothing that emitted a metallic l.u.s.ter beneath his tattered clothes. It was because of this enchanted piece of clothing that Tianya Haoyue wasn't reduced to a b.l.o.o.d.y state.

Tianya Haoyue’s expression had already changed drastically!

What happened? How could it happen?

The spectating warriors were completely unsure of what had happened.

But in the seats of honor, Luo Huo’er and company were able to see it clearly.

Catoptric Deflection was penetrated by Yi Yun’s flying sabers and it failed to put up any resistance!

What was going on?

Yi Yun turned his head, he looked at Tianya Haoyue, and said with a faint smile, “That Catoptric Deflection of yours doesn’t seem to work?”

Tianya Haoyue’s expression turned uglier when Yi Yun said this. What did that punk do?

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