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Chapter 939: Catoptric Deflection

Nongying wore a white short-sleeved robe with golden bells attached to her snow-white wrists and ankles. She was an exquisite beauty, with large eyes and an unsmiling face, she immediately attracted the attention of everyone when she appeared.

“White Fox clan, Nongying.” Nongying said calmly.

Tianya Haoyue gave a faint smile and said, “I'd have been somewhat interested in meeting Princess White Fox in battle, but for you&h.e.l.lip; ”

Tianya Haoyue shook his head, clearly feeling great disdain for Nongying.

He flapped his feathered fan and said, “Make your move, I’ll give you a three-move handicap.”

Tianya Haoyue shook his fan, with no intention to reveal his weapon.

Nongying’s face turned slightly warm as she tiptoed on her toes slightly, taking a step forward with a curious kind of footwork.


A clear ringing sound of bells instantly resounded in everyone’s ears. It was pleasing to the ears, but it caused people to fall into a trance when they heard it. At the same time, Nongying’s footwork was not ordinary. It looked like an elegant dance, but taking another look would put one end up in stupefaction.

Nongying darted towards Tianya Haoyue. Despite her speed not appearing to be fast, she left behind a series of shadows in the eyes of millions of warriors. The clear ringing of the bells succeeded one after another.

Tianya Haoyue chuckled, but he did not enter a defensive pose, allowing Nongying to come at him.

“I said that I’ll give you a three-move handicap. During these three moves, I’ll not move a single step.” Tianya Haoyue’s words echoed throughout the southern desolate mountain plains, causing Nongying to frown.

As for the White Fox disciples, they were upset because of his statement.

Nongying was one of the two Shadow Twins. Furthermore, she was even stronger than Nongyue. Even if she was no match for Tianya Haoyue, it was an act of arrogance to not even make a single move!

Yi Yun had defeated Ye Yi in a devastating manner, but that was with Yi Yun using a real attack on Ye Yi.

Although Yi Yun had used a brick, the brick was flickering with nomological runes that looked profound in nature. It was clearly not an ordinary move.

As for Tianya Haoyue, he was crazier than Yi Yun!

“If that’s the case, try taking this.” Nongying said coldly.

Ding Ding Ding!

The bells rang in close succession as Nongying’s figure transformed into countless shadows in the midst of the ringing. Warriors who had low cultivation levels were already feeling dizzy. Just listening to the ringing seemed to induce blood vomiting.

The motions that the shadows did were varied, but they attacked Tianya Haoyue simultaneously!

All possible angles for dodging had been sealed off.

Some people could not even stand firmly in the face of the ringing, so how was one to withstand the overwhelming attack?

Many warriors were secretly horrified. Although the White Fox clan’s Shadow Twins were rather famous, they paled in comparison at this event. But when Nongying made her move, the warriors came to a realization that these geniuses that seemingly paled in comparison were the cream of the crop that stood out from billions of warriors!

Nongying had went all out on her first move!

However, Tianya Haoyue remained composed. He stood in his original spot with a smile, apparently having no intention of dodging.

Seeing the attacks about to land, Tianya Haoyue mentally conjured something immediately as a transparent wall appeared around him. This ‘wall’ was resonating with ripples, slightly reflecting the sunlight like the surface of water.

Nongying’s countless shadows were reflected on this watery wall.


As the ringing suddenly reached a single crescendo, all of the shadows vanished.

Nongying was sent flying backwards, stumbling when she landed on the ground.

Her face was pale as blood flowed out of her ears.

What just happened?

Nongyue, who had been clenching her fist and hoping that Nongying would teach Tianya Haoyue a brutal lesson, was astounded.

The White Fox disciples were puzzled as well.

Nongying was the one attacking a motionless Tianya Haoyue, but why was Nongying the one injured?

“Nongying’s ears are bleeding. She had received attacks from the ringing of bells. It’s Nongying’s own attack!”

“Why did that happen?” A White Fox disciple asked in a fascinated manner.

“Catoptric Deflection! That is the top martial technique of our World Margin Sect. Only Senior Brother Haoyue was able to master it among the younger generation of disciples! Catoptric Deflection can sense all nomological changes in the opponent’s martial arts, replicating it perfectly. This is what it means to pay somebody back with her own coin.” A World Margin Sect disciple smugly said.

For the World Margin Sect to possess such a top martial technique, as World Margin Sect disciples, they too gained pride from it, so it was natural for them to take the opportunity to promote it.

“Quickly make your next move. You still have two more to go.” Tianya Haoyue said.

Nongying raised her hand and she used her slender fingers to wipe the blood from her ears before suddenly charging forward.

This time, her actions were much slower than before, but the ringing was more intensive and ringing at a greater frequency. Visible warping of s.p.a.ce could be seen around her.

And within the warped s.p.a.ce, countless threads appeared alongside the ringing of the bells.

Nongying was centered amid the threads, filling almost the entire s.p.a.ce.

Suddenly, all the threads gathered as one!

The threads tore through the void and swept towards Tianya Haoyue!

The spectating warriors felt a tingling pain in their eyes, for every thin thread contained extremely lethal and horrifying power.

“This is a nomological move Sis learned while in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven.” Nongyue said. She knew what was on Nongying’s mind. Even if she were to be defeated, she wanted to make Tianya Haoyue do the act of blocking!

“Not bad, but it’s useless against me.” Tianya Haoyue sneered as light from Catoptric Deflection bloomed.

Bam! Nongying flew backwards like a kite with a broken thread, before collapsing to the ground.

Her white arms and calves were covered in streaks of blood as she spat out a mouthful of blood. She looked like she was in a miserable state.

Tianya Haoyue shook his head and waved his fan, saying, “You are too weak.”

“Sis!” Nongyue’s face turned pale as she angrily looked at Tianya Haoyue, “You were too harsh on her!”

Other than Nongyue, many of the warriors could tell that Nongying’s attacking strength was inferior to Tianya Haoyue. He did not simply reflect the move, he had enhanced the replication of Nongying’s move before returning it to her.

In the series of battles, everyone else only did what was necessary, but Tianya Haoyue showed no mercy, seriously injuring Nongying.

Tianya Haoyue shook his head as he ignored Nongyue completely. Instead, he looked at the pale Nongying, “You still have one more move, which is also the last move. Do not disappoint me any further.”

He still wanted to carry on fighting?

Nongying was already severely injured. Under such circ.u.mstances, the outcome was already decided. With him saying this, was he intentionally trying to humiliate her?

The White Fox disciples were enraged. In the seats of honor, Princess White Fox’s eyes turned cold.

Just as she was about to say a word, Nongying had already stood up.

“You can throw in the towel if you wish.” Tianya Haoyue said.

Nongying looked calm as she said, “This is the final move. Take it.”

In the arena, she represented the White Fox clan, so how could she throw in the towel?

Princess White Fox looked at Nongying, and from Nongying’s eyes, she could see determination.

She did not say another word for this was a battle belonging to Nongying.

In a series of bell chimes, Nongying’s head was lowered slightly, but when she raised her head and opened her eyes, her eyes had turned scarlet, as though she was a real fox!

At the same time, her aura suffused an air of extreme danger.


A terrifying power erupted from Nongying’s pet.i.te body as her figure instantly disappeared from where she was standing. A deep crater suddenly appeared where she stood as cracks like spiderwebs emanated across the ground.

A rare change appeared in Tianya Haoyue’s expression, as a coldness flashed in his eyes.

At the same moment, the feathered fan in his hand emitted a dazzling brilliance. Catoptric Deflection activate once again, conjuring a gigantic mirror surface that stood in front of him.


A loud explosion boomed like a mountain that was crumbling!

And from within the explosion burst of light, a figure flew out.

Princess White Fox rushed from the seats of honor and when she landed gently on the ground, she held a blood-covered Nongying, whose eyes were closed tightly, in one hand. As for her other hand, she flicked her long sleeves, dissipating the remaining forces.

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