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Chapter 938: Skyfire Lunar Occultation

G.o.ddess of the River Luo was the totem ancestor of the Luo clan. She had a feminine image when compared to a female human but where her legs should be was a snake’s tail.

With broadsword in hand, G.o.ddess Luo’s body charged into the sky, but her tail remained in the Eternal Eventide Star. And at that moment, her broadsword came slashing straight at Xi Ye!

The strike had an indomitable momentum, and within the sword beam, Luo Huo’er had transformed into a stream of light that merged with the sword beam!

At that moment, Xi Ye could discern two swords in Luo Huo’er’s hands.

One of them was a soft sword that resembled a red ribbon which Luo Huo’er had used earlier.

As for the other sword that made its first appearance, it was a broadsword about as wide as a palm. It was dark red in color, and there were complicated runes engraved on the blade.

A soft sword and a heavy sword were weapons that did not seem compatible when used together, but they were perfectly used in unison by Luo Huo’er. Two sword beams slashed out at the same time!

“Skyfire Lunar Occultation!

At the moment the two swords landed, it was as though the heaven and earth had turned into a sea of fire.

Xi Ye clenched her teeth as the gigantic eye in the sky poured down black Chaos. She cracked her whip that snapped straight at Luo Huo’er’s attack.

The dark galaxy spiraled while it collided with the surging Skyfire.


An intense explosion resulted in an inferno, turning into a radiant sun in the sky. The slash from the two swords, combined with the might of the G.o.ddess Luo, caused the darkness surrounding Xi Ye to dissipate from the fire!

Luo Huo’er’s sword moved forward unopposed, stabbing in between Xi Ye’s eyebrows!


Xi Ye trembled as the metallic accessory on her forehead shattered!

Endless fire-elemental energy nearly tore through Xi Ye’s soul, sending her retreating. Her face was pale, and on her fair-skinned forehead, a scar had been left behind by Luo Huo’er.

The scar was the size of a plum, resembling a black flame. It was a burn mark from Luo Huo’er’s sword tip.

Such a scar could easily be treated using precious elixirs, but it was a greatly humiliating to have a scar appear on Xi Ye’s face.

Xi Ye held one hand to her forehead as remnant fire-elemental energy surged within her.

The flames that were cultivated by Luo Huo’er were undying in nature. It seemed to consume Xi Ye’s energy to replenish itself, allowing it to continue for prolonged periods of time.

Xi Ye’s meridians were injured, preventing her from dissolving the wanton energies.

In mid-air, the gigantic eye had already dissipated, while the G.o.ddess of the River Luo was gradually fading away as well.

Luo Huo’er stood in mid-air with the soft sword in one hand, and a broadsword in another as her clothes fluttered.

The millions of spectators fell silent momentarily upon seeing the outcome.

Luo Huo’er had been sealed within the Eternal Eventide Star, a technique suspected to be an ancient mystic technique. It was an odd attack and nomologically profound. After all, it was able to project a distant galaxy.

However, such a sealing technique had been slashed apart by a single move from Luo Huo’er.

After slashing apart the Eternal Eventide Star, Luo Huo’er had used ‘Skyfire Lunar Occultation’ to defeat Xi Ye in one strike!

The battle did not give people the opportunity to even breathe from beginning to end.

Was this really a battle between Heaven Ascension realm warriors?

Seeing the arena that was nearly reduced to lava from the flames, the spectators were distraught. Be it the profound laws or the terrifying energy fluctuations from the attacks, they had surpa.s.sed the limits of Heaven Ascension realm warriors. It even surpa.s.sed most Dao Manifestation realm warriors.

“Her Highness has won!”

The Luo clan’s warriors were extremely excited. With Princess Purple Spirit exhibiting her prowess, revealing the G.o.ddess of the Luo River, they felt a collective sense of pride!

As for the people from the Eternal Eventide Sea, they had ugly expressions. Their Eternal Eventide Sea was here to fight Chi Zhuiyun and they did not think much of Chi Zhuiyun’s wipeout of the Luo clan.

But just moments ago, Yi Yun had first instantly defeated Ye Yi with a brick, followed by Princess Purple Spirit defeating G.o.ddess Xi Ye in a grand manner.

As for what Xi Ye previously said, it was still fresh on their minds, but in a blink of an eye&h.e.l.lip;their Eternal Eventide Sea had suffered an abject defeat. Not only was Xi Ye disgraced, they felt disgraced as ordinary clansmen as well.

As Xi Ye listened to the jubilant cheers from the Luo clan’s warriors, her face turned pale.

She stared angrily at Luo Huo’er before her figure flashed. She returned to her seat of honor after transforming into a plume of black smoke.

“I want to see how many times she can remain undefeated.” Xi Ye said coldly.

As Yi Yun looked at Xi Ye, he felt rather speechless. She had lost so badly to the point of being unable to redeem herself, yet she insisted on watching the battles to wait for the moment of Luo Huo’er’s defeat&h.e.l.lip; Even if Luo Huo’er were to be defeated, the person who defeated her would not be Xi Ye.

And at this moment, another wave of cheers was heard from the millions of warriors.

Oracle Fey Empire’s Demon Girl had accepted the challenge from Tian Yaping of the World Margin Sect and she had clinched victory!

Tian Yaping looked disheartened. He was planning on flexing his skills at the event but was eliminated right from the beginning. Just Demon Girl alone had rendered him helpless in defeat, much less Chi Zhuiyun. He did not even find his footing when he set foot in the arena before he was defeated.

In the seats of honor, Yu Tianfeng said with a laugh, “Demon Girl is not lacking in strength. If anyone were to belittle her, they will suffer heavy losses and remember their terrible mistake.”

It was hard to tell what was on Tianya Haoyue’s mind as the corners of his mouth twitched, “Isn’t it perfect that she doesn’t lack strength? This would indicate that Chi Zhuiyun’s strength is something worth looking forward to.”

While speaking, he made his move. Like a swimming dragon, he descended upon the desolate plain.

He shook a feathered fan and looked extremely refined. He resembled a scholar that dabbled in poetry more than a warrior.

“Senior Brother Haoyue! Senior Brother Haoyue!”

The World Margin Sect disciples shouted loudly. Their euphoria was uniform, sending cheers that resounded in waves throughout the southern desolate mountain plains.

As the top disciple of the World Margin Sect, Tianya Haoyue represented power amongst the sect’s disciples. The World Margin Sect advocated the importance of strength. Whoever could overpower the rest to become the strongest took the top spot.

Tianya Ping’s defeat had caused a dark cloud to hang over the World Margin Sect disciples but it was swept clean by Tianya Haoyue’s appearance. They were filled with limitless antic.i.p.ation that Tianya Haoyue would redeem the World Margin Sect.

“Who shall partic.i.p.ate in the battle?” Tianya Haoyue asked.

Near the arena, Nongying took a deep breath. She knew she had nearly no chance at winning the battle, but since she had been chosen, she could not retreat from the fight. Even though her opponent was very powerful, she was bent on treating the battle seriously, so as to not sully the White Fox clan’s reputation.

Now, Ye Yi, Tianya Ping and Demon Girl had each fought a battle. The remaining were top geniuses from the various factions. Without any other opponent, she could only battle Tianya Haoyue.

Even though she knew that her hopes were slim.


A soft figure landed across Tianya Haoyue.

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