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Chapter 932: Five Factions



Luo Huo’er’s words were infused with Yuan Qi, so although she spoke softly, it was extremely penetrating.



Ye Yi’s swordlike eyebrows p.r.i.c.ked up. “Interesting. You are right. There is no need for a reason for inferior warriors to be killed. Their only fault is their lack of strength. Then, I want to see whether you are stronger than me!”



As Ye Yi spoke, his eyes glimmered with fighting spirit.



Ye Yi was a martial fanatic who was militant in nature. He could not contain himself when facing an opponent like Luo Huo’er.



Instantly, the surrounding crowd turned excited.



They never expected how climatic the battleground of Chi Zhuiyun’s challenge could become. Before he even appeared, there were already clashes between top geniuses.



But at this moment, Luo Huo’er only gave a lazy glance at Ye Yi and said, “You aren’t qualified. If anyone wants to challenge me, get that whatever G.o.ddess from your Eternal Eventide Sea!”






Ye Yi’s pupils constricted.



At this moment, a golden carriage suddenly rumbled through the sky. There were four dragon horses pulling the carriage with golden light shimmering from it! On the carriage, there was an orange emblem of a mountain.



Everyone looked up and someone said, “It’s the World Margin Sect’s carriage. Sitting in it is probably the number one disciple of the World Margin Sect, Tianya Haoyue.”



After the World Margin Sect, there was a resplendent green light that illuminated the firmament. A spirit vessel made of jade came floating over.



This was a spirit vessel of the White Fox clan. It was very likely that Princess White Fox was inside the jade spirit vessel.



Immediately following that, there was a black-bodied ancient chariot pulled by nine spirit birds that resembled black phoenixes.



“It’s our G.o.ddess, Xi Ye, of our Eternal Eventide clan.” A member of the Eternal Eventide clan said in the crowd.



The two young Eternal Eventide clan disciples that had their tongues burnt by Luo Huo’er also mumbled the words ‘G.o.ddess Xi Ye’. They looked excited and at the same time looked at Luo Huo’er, as though she would be taught a lesson in time to come.



Luo Huo’er ignored the small fries of the Eternal Eventide clan. She stroked her delicate chin and looked at the black chariot of G.o.ddess Xi Ye. She muttered to herself, “Three men and three women. That will be interesting.”



With Chi Zhuiyun’s challenge posed, a total of five factions were gathered here — the Luo clan, the White Fox clan, the World Margin Sect, the Eternal Eventide Sea, and the originator, the Oracle Fey Empire.



There happened to be three men and three women — Yi Yun, Chi Zhuiyun, Tianya Haoyue, Luo Huo’er, Princess White Fox, G.o.ddess Xi Ye.



Now, the five factions were gathered, but the people who truly wielded power like Emperor Luo, Empress Luo, Empress Xuan, and company did not appear.



After all, it was Chi Zhuiyun, a junior who had posed the challenge. In order to maintain their stature, these important figures did not appear in person.



Although they did not appear in person, it did not mean that they were paying no attention to the matter. In fact, the outcome of the battle was enough to make Emperor Luo nervous!



After all, not only did this matter pertain to the Luo clan’s dignity, it also had to do with Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple recruitment!



At this moment in time, there was an array set up in the Luo clan royal palace. It projected everything that was happening in the southern desolate mountain plains. Emperor Luo was sitting on his throne while watching it with a heavy expression.



Beside Emperor Luo were various ministers and members of the royal family, who were also starting intently at the projection.



Regardless of the outcome, there was no guarantee that the victor would become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple, but the loser definitely lost all hopes of becoming his disciple!



Why would Felicitous Rain Lord accept a loser as his disciple?



At this moment in time, a red figure flashed in the crowd. With spear in hand, Chi Zhuiyun appeared above the desolate plains.



Chi Zhuiyun’s eyes were bloodshot, and the spear he held behind him was nine feet nine. It shimmered with a cold glint of light.



Although he looked ordinary, Chi Zhuiyun had attracted everyone’s gaze as he walked towards an empty s.p.a.ce.



“He is Chi Zhuiyun, a person recognized by Felicitous Rain Lord.”



“As long as he is defeated, the halo that belongs to him would be augmented on us. We would turn famous from a single battle!”



The geniuses gathered on the desolate plains murmured in a discussion.



Although there was great allure in defeating Chi Zhuiyun, everyone knew that it was very difficult to defeat him.



In fact, most people did not expect themselves to defeat Chi Zhuiyun. As long as they demonstrated their strength at this event and stood in the limelight, they would gain the attention of the alliance even if they failed to gain the attention of Felicitous Rain Lord.



After Chi Zhuiyun appeared, he stood in mid air without a word.



At this moment, a middle-aged man appeared beside him.



The middle-aged man was wearing a black robe and he looked highly-spirited. He was the Oracle Fey Empire amba.s.sador deployed to the Luo clan — Yu Tianfeng.



Yi Yun obviously remembered him. Back when they were summoned by Emperor Luo, Yu Tianfeng was sitting at a seat of honor just second to Emperor Luo.



“Everyone!” Yu Tianfeng spoke. “Zhuiyun’s issuance of a challenge was only for him to meet the young elites of the alliance, but we never expected for it to cause such a stir. With so many of you gathered here, we have really troubled everyone.” Yu Tianfeng said with a chuckle, as though he sounded apologetic. However, even a blind man could tell that he was complacent with the sensational result.



“What does he mean meeting the young elites of the alliance. It’s obvious he wants to trample on us to go higher.” Someone grumbled in private. Yu Tianfeng sure was thick-skinned.



Yu Tianfeng ignored what was on the people’s minds. He continued, “With so many people here today at the southern desolate mountain plains, there are true dragons and phoenixes amongst you, but there are also shams. It is impossible to allow any random person to challenge Zhuiyun. Neither does he have the time and effort to do so. The person challenged will not only be limited to Zhuiyun. Other than my Oracle Fey Empire, all the factions are free to spar with each other, but there are two points!”



“Every person is only given one chance at failure. Upon failure, they are not to fight again! And secondly&h.e.l.lip; every faction is limited to having one person challenge Zhuiyun, not one more.”



Yu Tianfeng’s voice boomed throughout the southern desolate mountain plains, and when everyone heard this, they frowned.



Who did Yu Tianfeng think he was!?



What did he mean random person or shams? Although he had not explicitly referred to anyone, it was rather harsh on the ears on those who knew that they lacked the strength.



He was only an amba.s.sador of the Oracle Fey Empire. If not for Felicitous Rain Lord owing a debt to Oracle Fey Empire’s Imperial Patriarch, Yu Tianfeng would have been nothing!



With respects to challenging Chi Zhuiyun, for the southern desolate mountain plains to have these many elites gathered here, they were clearly here because of Chi Zhuiyun’s challenge, but they were not here to challenge Chi Zhuiyun.



Now, with what Yu Tianfeng said, it was as though everyone was lining up to challenge Chi Zhuiyun. Who did Chi Zhuiyun think he was!? Ignoring the fact that Chi Zhuiyun was still not established as the number one person amongst the alliance’s younger generation, even if he were the number one person, was it possible that prideful people like Tianya Haoyue and G.o.ddess Xi Ye to line up to challenge him? They would not want to degrade their stature.



“What we do here is none of your business!”



“Do you think this is a martial arts tournament? Are you the organizer? Why are you announcing the rules here!?”



There were chaotic shouts in the crowd. Clearly, they did not give a d.a.m.n about what Yu Tianfeng had said.


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