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Chapter 93: This feeling again?

Seeing Yi Yun quickly adjusting his mental state and his eyes focused, Lin Xintong gave a satisfied nod. And then, she attacked again! Her speed was as fast as lightning!

This time, Yi Yun saw it. He saw the stone by Lin Xintong’s feet break as she stretched out her white as snow palm to his stomach. He could even tell that this stance was the ‘Fierce Tiger Shatters Jade’ of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.

But even then he could not avoid it. Yi Yun had no way of avoiding it, nor even the time to block the attack. He could only subconsciously arch his body to dampen the attack by tightening his muscles to resist the blow!

By tightening his abdominal muscles, his resistance to the attack was much stronger. Despite that, Yi Yun still flew backwards and crashed into some rocks. A surge of blood erupted from his throat as he spit out a mouthful of blood.

“Fast, too fast!” Yi Yun wiped the blood from his lips. A serious Lin Xintong was totally different from the casual Lin Xintong from days ago. And she was still suppressing herself at the fourth stage of Mortal Blood.

As a fourth stage against his fifth stage Mortal Blood, how could the gap be that great?

Lin Xintong seemed to hear Yi Yun’s thoughts and explained, “To cla.s.sify the five stages of Mortal Blood, it is just based on phenomenon, and not a real stage. For example the Thunderous stage just means a person’s bones can emit thunder-like sounds, but&h.e.l.lip;two different warriors who can both create thunderous sounds from their bones, are their strengths the same?”

Lin Xintong response had cleared Yi Yun’s doubts. Yes, everyone who is at the fifth stage of Mortal Blood was different. Even by suppressing her strength to the fourth stage of Mortal Blood, his fourth stage was a totally different concept.

“I understand, take your shot.” Yi Yun knew his strength was inferior to Lin Xintong’s but regardless, an expert had to know how to receive hits before they could deliver hits.

If he did not get beaten up, how was he going to acc.u.mulate battle experience?

But even if he was being abused, Yi Yun did not want to suffer a crushing defeat; he needed to at least regain some of his pride!


Yi Yun had already been sent flying by Lin Xintong numerous times. This time he was sent flying into the woods, breaking several tree branches.

Lin Xintong and Yi Yun both had their own motives. Lin Xintong was looking for the reason her meridians had been activated, while Yi Yun wanted to become strong.

“I can’t dodge it, I still can’t dodge it. Her speed is too fast for me and I can barely keep up with her movement. All I see is a blurry afterimage, and in the moment my body wants to react, I would already be hit!”

Lin Xintong’s strikes were well placed, although it caused Yi Yun’s body to ache, the force she sent in only affected his muscles and bones.

Such an attack would not only not cause harm to Yi Yun, but would temper Yi Yun’s body, making his body even purer.

This was what Lin Xintong wanted for she did not want to owe him a favor. She was sparring with Yi Yun for her own Yin Meridians.

In order to understand the situation she had experienced, she had to beat up Yi Yun; but this made her feel bad. Hence, she decided to help Yi Yun grow stronger and by honing Yi Yun’s combat experience, as a form of compensation.


Yi Yun half-squatted on the ground as he held out both arms on a rock, breathing in deeply. From his stance, he looked like the Toad skill practiced by Ouyang Feng.

Yi Yun was in this stance because he couldn’t help it.

The benefits of half-squatting was the ability to exert strength quickly and without bending his leg, he was able to charge forward. Also by making his body shorter, he reduced the surface area that could be hit. He then had less spots to parry when Lin Xintong attacked.

“I can barely see her moves but I can’t avoid them. My body’s speed is slow and is unable to keep up with her. How should I overcome this?”

To overcome his slow body movements seemed like an impossible task.

Suddenly, Yi Yun had a sudden flash of brilliance!

Right! Previously when I avoided her moves, I had moved my entire body, so I was naturally slower!

When Lin Xintong sent a palm strike, Yi Yun was thinking of jumping to the side to totally avoid it, but he could not do it.

There was a process for a person’s body to accelerate from rest to motion.

If he took a step backwards, he did not need to move his entire body to avoid it. As long as he changed his body’s position, with the smallest of moves, he could avoid the palm?

As such Yi Yun’s center of gravity would not change; the only change would be his stance, which would make his avoidance naturally faster!

Upon understanding this, Yi Yun felt exceptionally clear in his mind and as if his body was filled with energy.

Seeing Lin Xintong’s ankle making a gentle move, Yi Yun knew Lin Xintong was about to strike!

Lin Xintong would always make a small movement before striking. In fact she could have totally avoided doing so, but she did it to alert Yi Yun.

Yi Yun felt his mind having an unprecedented clarity. His vision was locked on to Lin Xintong’s every move, even the night breeze gave him signals about Lin Xintong.

Yi Yun was well aware of Lin Xintong’s heartbeat rate and respiratory rate.

“Come!” Yi Yun shouted in his heart and at this time, Lin Xintong made her move!

Her speed was fast as usual and in a blink of an eye, she was in front of Yi Yun after traversing a distance of thirty meters.

But at that moment, Yi Yun felt that time had suddenly slowed down.

This feeling was the same feeling he had months ago when Zhao Tiezhu barged into his house and grabbed him. Yi Yun had the ability to see through Zhao Tiezhu’s movements and had the opportunity to kill him in a split moment.

Now, Yi Yun had the same kind of illusion.

Lin Xintong’s motions turned slow. In the past, he could only see the blur afterimage of Lin Xintong’s movements, but now he could see every move of Lin Xintong in detail. He could also tell that Lin Xintong’s arm was not straight but bent. Her palm was scrunched up as if she was catching insects as it came to his right chest.

“Dodge!” Yi Yun gritted his teeth and by sending strength to his legs, he bent his hips sharply, twisting his spine in a awkward position. It was as if his body was about to lose its balance!

Yi Yun’s right chest, which was where Lin Xintong was aiming, quickly moved backwards, while Yi Yun’s left arm moved forward with his hands forming a fist.

By tilting his body to the point of having almost lost his balance, Yi Yun managed to avoid Lin Xintong’s strike!


The recoil from the punch tore off the shirt on Yi Yun’s chest! His chest burned with pain!

Even after avoiding Lin Xintong’s attack, it was still so painful!?

This little girl sure didn’t pull her punches!

Yi Yun vented in his heart. He clearly understood the words Lin Xintong had said before they began their battle, “In the previous battle, I was not serious.”

It was impolite not to reciprocate; Yi Yun had been taking hits all night, and had finally managed to avoid Lin Xintong’s attack, how could he afford to give up the chance of a counterattack?

Just before his body lost its balance, he had sent out a left punch, attacking Lin Xintong’s belly!

At this moment, Yi Yun’s body was very close to Lin Xintong body, so close that he could smell the fragrance from Lin Xintong. This blow’s angle was extremely tricky as it stuck close to Lin Xintong’s body!


Yi Yun’s body emitted a sound. This was his tendons tightening up. Yi Yun had managed to master Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist to the point where every fist of his instinctively included the strength of his tendons!

Hit, he was almost about to hit her!

Yi Yun’s heart was crying out loud but at this time, as compared to Yi Yun who was highly concentrated, Lin Xintong had entered a temporary inattentive state.

At the moment her palm brushed past Yi Yun’s chest, Lin Xintong felt a tiny surge of coolness. This coolness had entered her meridian channels, as if a drop of water had dripped into a dried up well. Although it disappeared instantaneously, this feeling was enough to make Lin Xintong lose her concentration.

It’s this feeling again!?


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