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Chapter 926: Brewing of the Storm

“Jian Zhu! Are you alright!?” Prince Pingnan said as he stood beside Jian Zhu.

Amongst the younger generation of the Luo clan, Prince Pingnan was the oldest, with his cultivation realm having reached the Dao Manifestation perfection realm. He was able to see the entire process of the battle clearly. Luo Sha’s use of the ax pole and his energy control exceeded his imagination. It was unknown how he had cultivated such a top body tempering technique.

And compared to Luo Sha, Chi Zhuiyun was obviously much more unfathomable.

Prince Pingnan could tell his cultivation level and it was half-step Dao Manifestation.

Half-step Dao Manifestation was the transitional process when the laws on the Heaven Ascension Dao Tree began to condense together, but the Dao fruit had yet to take form.

The tiny difference in cultivation level was typically nothing for elites like Jian Zhu, but when the opponent was also an elite, it was completely different.

Prince Pingnan suspected that without him, even if all of them joined forces, they were still no match for Chi Zhuiyun.

“Let’s go!”

Prince Pingnan stood up and since their stance was lacking in formidability, it was meaningless to continue remaining behind.

Jian Zhu was not willing to be outdone, but he nodded his head.

Before leaving, Prince Pingnan turned to look at Chi Zhuiyun and said, “Today, we may be inferior, but our Luo clan and the White Fox clan is filled with young talent. Gaining victory against us is nothing.”

“Heh!” Chi Zhuiyun scoffed as he drank the cup of wine in his hand. “On my trip here to the Luo clan, I will be visiting every young elite of the Luo clan and the White Fox clan! However, I believe very few people are worth getting my hands dirty.”

Chi Zhuiyun’s words were filled with confidence from beginning to end, but he truly had the power backing his boastful words.

Be it Luo Sha or the girl, who were both beside Chi Zhuiyun, their strength was extraordinary. Jian Zhu was not even able to match any one of them, so if he could not defeat the two, there was no reason for Chi Zhuiyun to do anything.

Prince Pingnan’s expression sank. “You are planning on trampling on the Luo clan and the White Fox clan so as to attract Felicitous Rain Lord’s attention in order to become his disciple?”

Since Chi Zhuiyun came from the Oracle Fey Empire and he was planning on challenging all the geniuses of the Luo clan and the White Fox clan, his goals were self-evident.

“It won’t only be the Luo clan and the White Fox clan, but the entire alliance. I know that when all of you learned of Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple-recruiting intention, you had the extravagant wish of becoming his disciple, but I will tell you that none of you are qualified. Furthermore, I do not need to use such a method to attract Felicitous Rain Lord’s attention. He has already summoned and met me.”

Oh? Felicitous Rain Lord’s summoning?

Prince Pingnan heart sank. At this moment, the malt-colored skin girl beside Chi Zhuiyun said proudly, “Our young master has already put the elites of several factions in the alliance in their place during our Oracle Fey Empire trials. Later on, our young master received Felicitous Rain Lord’s summoning and after seeing our young master’s Dao Domain, he nodded his head to express his recognition!”

Among all the young elites in the entire Oracle Fey Empire, only Chi Zhuiyun had received Felicitous Rain Lord’s recognition by displaying his Great Dao Dao Domain. Any ordinary Dao Domain was obviously insufficient in obtaining Felicitous Rain Lord’s recognition, so this meant that Chi Zhuiyun’s Dao Domain was far from ordinary.

Prince Pingnan’s expression turned ugly. This person wanted to trample on all the geniuses of the alliance in order to become Felicitous Rain Lord’s disciple!

With that, the battle was no longer limited to their group and Chi Zhuiyun but it had extended to the entire Luo clan.

This battle could not be lost!


When Prince Pingnan, Jian Zhu, and company appeared at the entrance of Luo Water Restaurant, there were several people gathered there. All of them knew about the battle that had taken place on the seventh level of Luo Water Restaurant.

“It’s a prince!”

Few people recognized Prince Pingnan, but they recognized the princely robe.

“They are both elites of our Luo clan and the White Fox clan. Who was so dumb to fight them!?”

The crowd discussed in a feverish pitch, but the misunderstanding sounded harsh on Jian Zhu’s ears.

The members of the Luo clan obviously believed that their elites were powerful, but the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven was large. There was no limit in the universe.

They could only hope that Princess Purple Spirit was able to match Chi Zhuiyun&h.e.l.lip;


News of this battle that happened at Luo Water Restaurant was quickly spread by people on Luo Water Street. It was unknown who managed to discover the ident.i.ty of the opponents, but it was made know that the opponents were from the Oracle Fey Empire’s younger generation.

If this were ordinary times, it was still a good topic of discussion, but it would not have garnered so much attention.

But now, with a Divine Lord taking in a disciple, a battle amongst elites in the Luo clan royal capital was too eye-catching, especially when it was a battle between the Luo clan and the Oracle Fey Empire.

This news proliferated at an astonishing rate.

As the battle process was unseen by the people on Luo Water Street, the information that spread was mostly exaggerated. It resulted in several versions, with the outcome of the battle uncertain.

However, with the pa.s.sage of time, news after news splashed the streets!

Indeed, there was someone from the Oracle Fey Empire who was challenging the geniuses of the Luo clan and the White Fox clan one after another.

First, it was Luo Mo, who was easily defeated by a genius from the Oracle Fey Empire.

Next, it was the Shadow Twins. Nongyue was defeated by a girl from the Oracle Fey Empire, while Nongying fought in an intense battle for a hundred moves before the battle ended in a draw.

Although it was a draw, the opponent had challenged Nongyue before Nongying, with less than thirty minutes in between the battles. As a result, it was obvious who was superior.

People also began to know the names of the challengers from the Oracle Fey Empire. They were Luo Sha, Demon Girl, and Chi Zhuiyun!

The most mysterious Chi Zhuiyun never fought, but people heard rumors that Chi Zhuiyun was the only person in the entire alliance who was recognized by Felicitous Rain Lord.

The trip the Oracle Fey Empire took to the Luo clan was only for Chi Zhuiyun to prove his strength!

Xuan Junyue was the fourth person from the Luo clan and White Fox clan to be challenged. He was one of Empress Xuan’s men, and also the strongest amongst Empress Xuan’s family clan’s younger generation. Before Yi Yun appeared, Xuan Junyue was the backbone of Empress Xuan’s fight against Empress Luo.

During the Luo Divine Hall trials, Xuan Junyue had gone to the White Fox clan and obtained stellar results.

This time, there was finally a piece of good news. After battling Luo Sha for a long time, Xuan Junyue finally managed to defeat him with a slight edge in a tough battle.

However, this only piece of good news was not something worth being happy about. This was because Xuan Junyue was older than Luo Sha, and secondly, Chi Zhuiyun had yet to fight!

How powerful was this person who had been recognized by Felicitous Rain Lord?

No one knew for sure.

The White Fox clan and the Luo clan still had Luo Huo’er and Princess White Fox, as well as Yi Yun, who had entered reclusion for eighteen years straight.

This was the final bedrock the White Fox clan and the Luo clan could rely on. Without a doubt, Chi Zhuiyun would have to fight, and the battle would be the center of attention!

Immediately, the entire Luo clan royal capital was immersed in a calm before the storm. The challenges the Oracle Fey Empire had undertaken was brewing. People were waiting for the arrival of the final battle.

And on this day, news finally came out that Chi Zhuiyun was going to fight.

What caught people by surprise was that he did not challenge Princess White Fox or Luo Huo’er.

But&h.e.l.lip;a genius who had been long famous in the White Fox clan — Chu Yunjian!

Chu Yunjian had long stepped into the Dao Manifestation realm, having condensed s.p.a.ce-time Dao fruits!

As for Chi Zhuiyun, he was only in the half-step Dao Manifestation realm.

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