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Chapter 921: Summoning

When the doors to the Luo clan’s royal palace was fully opened, a Fey Demon with a large head walked out and swept his gaze over the crowd in the pavilions.

“His Majesty summons you.” His voice was deep and dull, like it was thunder ringing in their ears.

The crowd stood up rapidly.

It was rather rare for Emperor Luo, who supposedly held the highest power in the Luo clan, to summon others.

“Let’s go.” Prince Crimson Firmament stood up. With the goal of being the next emperor of the Luo clan, he was first to walk in front. Bai Yueqing, Princess White Fox, and other prominent figures walked alongside him.

“Little Yun, let’s go as well.” Luo Huo’er sneered and she took Yi Yun to walk right in front.

She was a princess, so there was certainly no one who would stop her. As for Yi Yun, who was walking beside her, he was in the first row like the other regal progeny.

Even Chu Yunjian was behind him.

Yi Yun’s figure was rather striking in that group of people.

“Yi Yun is really composed.” Luo Mo said with a wry smile.

Prince Crimson Firmament had verbally humiliated Yi Yun, but Yi Yun had no intention of entering any contention with him, nor was he afraid.

Prince Crimson Firmament enjoyed a high standing, so much so that numerous people treated him with reverence and fear, yet Yi Yun did not care at all.

The hall of the royal palace was extremely grand. When the group of people walked in, they felt like they were standing in a boundless square.

The walls were thick and tall. There were towering pillars that reached high up into a cloudy mist. The thickness of the pillars was probably the combined arm span of seven or eight people. The roof was very wide, with exquisite murals of G.o.ds and demons painted on the dome.

The moment that Yi Yun entered, he sensed a terrifying aura spreading from the top of the pillars. Looking up, he saw a person sitting on each pillar.

These people were shrouded by the mist, preventing others from seeing their faces.

Yi Yun looked up and he sensed someone glancing down from the top.

He immediately felt like he was being stared by a real primordial Ancient Fey.

Just a simple gaze from that person overlooking them made the disciples silent.

There was a tall and large misty platform in front of them, with a gorgeous regal seat that could fit dozens of people. In the middle of that seat sat an extremely large figure dressed in dragon robes.

“Greetings Father Emperor, my respects to all esteemed amba.s.sadors.”

Prince Crimson Firmament took the lead to bow. As juniors, they were ineligible to sit on the misty pillars, so they could only sit on golden lotus seats on the two sides of the hall.

There were probably thousands of golden lotus seats, so if the hall was filled with elites from everywhere, it was unknown how spectacular the scene would be.

“The last time that there were amba.s.sadors from other factions here was when I was one.” Luo Huo’er transmitted her voice to Yi Yun.

The corner of Yi Yun’s lips moved. Luo Huo’er was evidently rather proud about this.

However, this also indicated how outstanding Luo Huo’er’s talent was. If not, there would not be amba.s.sadors coming to partic.i.p.ate in the celebrations. She would not have become Prince Crimson Firmament’s compet.i.tor as well, considering her personality.

Having the top talent in the warrior’s world indicated that one would obtain greater achievements, and strength was very important.

Everyone sat down, with many sitting in a very formal and restrained manner. Even Luo Huo’er only looked ahead.

The figure on the regal seat spoke. His voice was extremely commanding, with a hint of lethargy in it.

“The young disciples have arrived. Duke Wuxiao, please repeat what you had just mentioned.” Emperor Luo slowly said.

His voice was not loud, but it gave people the feeling that they had to listen.

“Alright.” A male hoa.r.s.e voice came from one of the pillars.

Yi Yun looked over, and Duke Wuxiao was sitting opposite him. He was a red-clothed man who was hidden in the mist, and behind his back was a pair of gigantic wings.

“I’ll not beat about the bush. All of you present, the disciples of the White Fox and Luo clan have been undergoing training trials for the past eighteen years. Those who are qualified to come here are those who have pa.s.sed the trials. As for young elites of the other factions, they are also rushing to the Luo clan’s royal capital now. However, the disciples of my Cloud Trail Empire will not be coming.”

“They were not much different to you all, but&h.e.l.lip; they all died during our trials!” When Duke Wuxiao said this, his tone turned heavy.

The disciples in the hall were alarmed. The dead Cloud Trail Empire disciples were geniuses who partic.i.p.ated in the trials just like they did. How did they all die?

“It was the Fey Phantasm Sect!” Duke Wuxiao’s tone had a lingering hatred. “They attacked our spirit cruiser on the disciples’ return trip. All the talented disciples were taken away by the Fey Phantasm Sect. Their outcome was extremely terrible!”

Fey Phantasm Sect!

Yi Yun thought for a moment. Wasn’t that the sect that nearly destroyed the Luo clan?

Back then, it had entered a huge war with the Luo clan, causing the Luo clan to experience a shortage of geniuses. Furthermore, Yi Yun knew that the Fey Phantasm Sect from before had gone to war with several other factions.

Yi Yun did not know the purpose of the Fey Phantasm Sect waging war. Was it just for the plundering of resources?

He could not help but ask Luo Huo’er through a voice transmission, “Why is the Fey Phantasm Sect offending so many factions at the same time? Even if it’s powerful, there’s no need for it to frequently wage war. Isn’t it afraid that it will weaken its strength?”

After Yi Yun asked this question, he saw what was a rare tinge of hatred appear on Luo Huo’er’s face.

“The Fey Phantasm Sect is only eager to wage war. The more war there is, the stronger it becomes.”

“The Fey Phantasm Sect specializes in the refinement of puppets and Fey corpses for sale. In the 12 Empyrean Heavens, there are various species. Some species do not have strong physiques, such as humans. Their physical bodies are weak. Some mighty human figures might have their bodies destroyed in battle. They could then find a powerful body of a member of the Fey race to possess. And this would be when they would patronize the Fey Phantasm Sect.”

“Through such methods, the Fey Phantasm Sect acc.u.mulates a great deal of resources and wealth through the other Empyrean Heavens. They have already become a cancer of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven and they are extremely infamous.

Sale of puppets and corpses?

Yi Yun was surprised. This business was truly vicious. No wonder they had plundered the geniuses of the Cloud Trail Empire, probably using them to make Fey corpses!

The Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven’s Fey race was well known for its strong physiques. There was probably a lot of buyers from other Empyrean Heavens that were interested in this. It was truly a windfall.

And in order to gain these Fey race bodies, a war had to be waged so as to plunder the population.

Yi Yun said, “By doing this, isn’t the Fey Phantasm Sect being the enemy of everyone? If this goes on, wouldn’t the large factions of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven annihilate the Fey Phantasm Sect sooner or later?”

Luo Huo’er shook her head slightly. “It’s not that easy. The Fey Phantasm Sect is powerful to begin with. Furthermore, their headquarters is in the Sinkhole. The Sinkhole is boundless, and the s.p.a.ce in it is complex and filled with disorder. It’s very difficult to annihilate them!”

Duke Wuxiao from the Cloud Trail Empire felt the pinch in his heart when he said this, “Those geniuses were nurtured at great cost by the Cloud Trail Empire. They were the disciples that stood out from millions of disciples. However, they ended up being refined into Fey corpses alive, while we also lost an extremely valuable spirit cruiser.”

Duke Wuxiao was filled with boundless hatred!

At this moment, Emperor Luo sighed and said, “The Fey Phantasm Sect’s Grand Elder, Ji Wuhen, has already obtained a Divine Lord Royal Seal, becoming a Divine Lord.”


The elites present were horrified.

The amba.s.sadors of the other factions like Duke Wuxiao clearly knew about this, but when they heard Emperor Luo say it again, they could only shake their heads.

Divine Lord!

Yi Yun was alarmed.

He recalled the Azure Yang Lord, who was once a Divine Lord.

Divine Lords represented strength and status in the 12 Empyrean Heavens.

Even after he was severely injured, he was still able to traverse the Universe, and managed to create the ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ with the Great Empress.

Even a treasure like the G.o.d Advent Tower was just one of his many treasures.

The Fey Phantasm Sect actually had one Divine Lord?

“Ji Wuhen has great ambitions. Having become a Divine Lord and him in control of the Fey Phantasm Sect, he has unified many of the smaller factions in the Sinkhole. There is almost nothing that can stop the Fey Phantasm Sect from its expansion.” Emperor Luo said.

Upon hearing this, the young disciples, who were excited from being summoned, felt like they were struck by lightning!

There was no certainty when they would be plundered by the Fey Phantasm Sect and transformed into Fey corpses for the possession of others!

Yi Yun frowned slightly and he was considered rather calm.

Although the Fey Phantasm Sect was terrifying, there was likely counter measures against the crisis to be announced by having all these factions gathered here and younger disciples being summoned.

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