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Chapter 918: Luo Clan Royal Palace

The Luo clan’s royal palace was located at the top of the royal capital. It towered above all, overlooking everything!

Flying was banned in most regions of the royal capital. This meant that people had to walk towards the inner sanctums of the Luo clan royal palace.

If one looked up, they would see a long empyrean staircase winding around the mountain all the way until it disappeared into the clouds. A grand and majestic golden palace loomed at the top.

In between the steps, there were cloud dragon stone carvings. The designs of the stone carvings constantly changed along the way.

There were Heaven Fey, Ancient Fey, sages of the Fey race, as well as Fey G.o.d totems!

Many ministers and young talent had to stop at the bottom of the stairs. They would then respectfully bow towards the stairs before walking up them.

Only people who enjoyed a very high status in the Luo clan or people who had particular special merits and honors had the right to walk further up the stairs that led into the clouds.

At this moment, an extremely luxurious sedan that was the size of a house seemed to flutter over towards the stairs. There were more than ten servants making way for it, as it arrived in front of the steps.

The sedan was being carried by hundred-foot tall strongmen. They had two horns on their heads and their faces were crimson in color. They walked as fast as the wind.

“What a large sedan!”

“Who can be carried in a sedan here while still being able to continue to proceed higher?”

Warriors turned their heads around to take a look.

“Look at the emblem on the sedan. It’s someone from the Oracle Fey Empire!”

“Yes, I recognize that emblem as well.”

“I heard my sect Elders say that a number of important guests have arrived in the royal capital recently. I never expected that people from the Oracle Fey Empire would come as well.”

The Oracle Fey Empire was one of the largest factions of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. It was located in an ancient independent s.p.a.ce, forming a world for itself.

Since it was a sedan of the Oracle Fey Empire, it was also normal for them to be able to be carried up the stairs.

However, the Oracle Fey Empire seldom made contact with the external world. What were they doing here today?

The strongmen carried the sedan as they moved up and soon, they disappeared into the clouds.

Warriors watched with astonishment, but very quickly, a gigantic black fish flew past them in the sky!

This gigantic black fish flew over their heads and it landed on a square at the foot of the mountain. It was the size of a hill.

“Sea Devouring Fish?”

“It’s not a real Sea Devouring Fish, but one of its descendants with an extremely rich bloodline. However, it’s extremely rare in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. That is someone from the World Margin Sect.

“What special occasion is it? Why are there so many amba.s.sadors from large factions gathering here today?”

“Oh? I’ve finally recognized one of those factions. That’s the White Fox clan’s nebulous cloud!”

The warriors looked over. The White Fox clan was one they were rather familiar with.

The guests of various large factions pa.s.sed them or flew over them. It was very overwhelming for the lowly warriors.

However, although the esteemed guests had the qualification to fly above the royal palace, they still needed to walk when they reached the long flight of stairs.

Amongst these people that made a grandiose entrance, a man standing on a golden condor appeared in the sky.

“That is&h.e.l.lip; Eh, what’s that?”

It was an ordinary golden condor, one of the most common birds in several sects.

Yet, how was this commonly-seen bird flying above the royal capital? Furthermore, it was flying alongside extremely well-known Ancient Fey descendants that everyone knew in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven?

“There’s someone on it!”

“Who is that? It looks like someone from the younger generation.”

Typically, a person who could fly above the royal palace was someone who enjoyed an extremely high status. Most of the time, those people were not young, so it was very rare to see someone young doing so.

As though he had noticed the commotion below, Yi Yun, who was flying on the golden condor, glanced down as he quickly flew across the sky.

This was a special privilege that Yi Yun enjoyed after the Luo Divine Hall trials. People of honor were allowed to fly above the royal palace.

Of course, he still had to walk once he reached the stairs, but it was an extremely high honor already. The amba.s.sadors of those large factions were given the same treatment.

Flying above the royal palace was an unprecedented experience. However, the mount that Yi Yun had was limited to a single golden condor, so he had casually used it.

However, this nondescript golden condor stood out amid the progeny of Ancient Fey. As such, the warriors beneath were all craning their necks to look at him.

Before Yi Yun arrived, he was informed by Luo Huo’er that the people who came were important figures of various large factions. It was unknown why these people were gathering here today.


Yi Yun’s golden condor landed in front of the stairs.

After Yi Yun’s golden condor landed, he got off and began walking up towards the Luo royal palace.

The royal palace was majestic, as though it was built on clouds. Looking down from the top, there was a panoramic view of mountains and rivers that extended far out.

Although the flight of stairs was long, it was not much effort for warriors to traverse it.

“Who is that person?”

On one side of the royal palace, there was a tiny garden. In it, there were artificial hills and ponds. A few pavilions were constructed around a pond — temporary resting spots for those meeting Emperor Luo.

There were already many people gathered near the pond.

Yi Yun immediately noticed Luo Huo’er amongst the crowd. She was like a brilliant flame burning in the crowd. It was difficult not to notice her.

“Little Yun, you sure are slow.” Luo Huo’er said with a grin. She was sitting in the seat of honor in one of the pavilions. Beside her was Jian Zhu and Xuan Junyue.

The moment that Luo Huo’er spoke, many people immediately looked at Yi Yun.

“He’s Yi Yun?”

Even some of the Luo clan disciples present did not know Yi Yun. Many people had gone to the White Fox clan for the trials, so they obviously did not get to witness Yi Yun’s prowess.

They had only heard that Yi Yun had surpa.s.sed Princess White Fox at the Fey Refining Rock array. As for Princess White Fox, she was no better or worse than Luo Huo’er!

This made many people, including Xuan Junyue, very uncomfortable. They even had their doubts.

They had not partic.i.p.ated in the Luo Divine Hall trials, but at the White Fox clan trials, Luo Huo’er’s outstanding performance was something that they experienced in person. It was a complete blow to their entire beings. It struck them as though they would never be able to chase up to her.

The lad in front of them had what it took to match Luo Huo’er?

Didn’t this mean that this human of a commoner background who didn’t seem to be mighty, would also give them the feeling that they would never be able to chase up to him?

This was something that they found unacceptable no matter how it was phrased.

“Uh&h.e.l.lip; It was a bit slow. I don’t have any good mounts. I came here on a golden condor. The bird flew rather slowly.”

When Yi Yun said this, the geniuses around Luo Huo’er felt even more speechless. Was this lad truly an existence that they were too inferior to bear comparison to?

“I’ll get Mother to send you a mount tomorrow. This matter can be discussed in the future. Little Yun, let’s go. Let’s have a seat at the White Fox clan’s pavilion and have a chat!”

Luo Huo’er had a penchant for chaos. She was eagerly waiting for Yi Yun to come so she could take Yi Yun to the White Fox clan to smack Bai Yueqing’s face. What a joy would that be?

There were several pavilions connected by stone bridges in the area. Using them, Luo Huo’er dragged Yi Yun towards the White Fox clan’s pavilion.

At this moment, Prince Crimson Firmament was also at the White Fox clan’s pavilion. Bai Yueqing and Princess White Fox were certainly not absent.

They could see Luo Huo’er bringing Yi Yun from afar. Princess White Fox did not react to them, but Bai Yueqing’s expression turned extremely ugly.

Especially when he saw that exquisite smirk on Luo Huo’er’s face. There was obviously a teasing look to it, and Bai Yueqing knew that this princess of the Luo clan was not someone to be trifled with.

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