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Chapter 916: End, Departure

The Luo Divine Hall trials continued, but no one saw Yi Yun partic.i.p.ating anymore.

After the Fey Refining Rock array evaluation, Yi Yun had become the idol of a good deal of the Luo clan disciples. When Elder Duanmu informed them that Yi Yun would enter reclusive cultivation and that he would no longer partic.i.p.ate in the trials, the disciples were rather upset, but they felt envious at the same time.

To enter such a long reclusion proved that Yi Yun had reaped great benefits from the seven years of meditation and the Fey Refining Rock array. When he completely digested the benefits, his strength would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

Yi Yun was much stronger than them already. To what extent would he reach after improving his strength? The potential already shown by Yi Yun made them scared to think any further.

“He was only cast in the limelight at the Fey Refining Rock array, and there he is, trying to hide away. He was actually able to clinch victory only with that strange move at the end. Without that strange move that instantly killed the Nine-tailed White Fox, Yi Yun’s combat ability is far inferior to Her Highness’.”

“And in the following trials, there are tests on physique and bloodline, but he does not plan on partic.i.p.ating. He is clearly worried that his physique and bloodline are inferior to Her Highness’.” Nongyue grumbled in a soft voice.

Although she knew in her heart that Yi Yun had beat Princess White Fox through the use of the strange move at the end, she knew that even without the move, Yi Yun could easily thrash her and her sister. This point left a bitter taste in her mouth.

However, when it came to the Fey race’s bloodline, Nongyue was convinced that Yi Yun was absolutely inferior.

Just as Nongyue’s voice faded, she saw her her elder sister, Nongying staring at her.

Nongyue stuck out her tongue and she hurriedly shut her mouth.

When Princess White Fox heard Elder Duanmu’s words, there was a gentle flash in her beautiful eyes.

He is going into reclusion&h.e.l.lip; ?

Princess White Fox had been a top elite from a young age. She did not have a rival at a similar age other than Luo Huo’er.

Princess White Fox had obtained a detailed description of Yi Yun’s battle with the fifth Nine-tailed White Fox from Nongying and Nongyue.

“I never got to witness that battle with my own eyes&h.e.l.lip; I’ll look forward to you coming out of reclusion.” Princess White Fox whispered.

Yi Yun may have entered reclusion, but couldn’t she enhance her own strength as well?


Primordial s.p.a.ce.

A huge door that was so big that it went from the ground to the sky, and it isolated the Primordial s.p.a.ce from the outside world.

The entire Primordial s.p.a.ce was misty as a dead and bleak aura permeated it.

It was a dead world. The auric charms of the Fey G.o.ds sealed in the Fey G.o.d Stones were the only evidence of the world’s past existence. What was in here was life that had failed to fully evolve.

Silently sitting in front of the three mysterious Fey G.o.d Stones, Yi Yun closed his eyes tightly. He breathed silently, as though he had incorporated himself in the dead world.

His consciousness was fully projected on the Purple Crystal Fey G.o.d Stone.

He still saw the long-haired man on his entry into the Purple Crystal Fey G.o.d Stone.

Yi Yun had already grasped the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, but it was not as advanced as the long-haired man’s.

If the long-haired man was said to have mastered the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence to its end, Yi Yun was only just at the beginning.

With his Sword of Will, Yi Yun approached the long-haired man. At this moment, he saw the long-haired man push the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence out.

This casual push wrapped the heaven and earth. Countless nomological fragments flew past as thousands of phantom images of G.o.ds and demons appeared. Each one of them stepped on the ground and each one was a thousand feet tall.

A terrifying pressure smashed on Yi Yun like a mountain.

Yi Yun resisted against it with all his strength. Bam!

All of his Yuan Qi was drained as the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence shattered. His vision went black immediately!

“Phew– ”

Yi Yun suddenly opened his eyes as he noticed himself returning to the Primordial s.p.a.ce.

With his nomological insights increasing in profoundness every day, Yi Yun was able to see more things. And at the same time, the pressure inflicted on Yi Yun was higher.

A casual gesture of long-haired man produced nomological pressure that he could not withstand, even the Sword of Will was insufficient.

“Who knew that there would be such a change after entering the Purple Crystal Fey G.o.d Stone again. I’m still too weak.” Yi Yun muttered to himself, but his heart was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Being able to witness how the long-haired man did things was an opportunity that one could not ask for.

Jian Zhu’s master was Supremacy Gulan, but Supremacy Gulan was in reclusion for extended periods of time. He seldom had the time to ill.u.s.trate laws for Jian Zhu.

As for this long-haired man, his strength was far from what a Supremacy could compare with.

Where could one find such an opportunity?

“Strength should be increased first!”

Yi Yun wiped his interspatial ring as a crystal appeared in his palm.

Blood dragon’s blood marrow.

This wisp of Fey dragon blood marrow seemed to sense something as it began to frantically scurry around the crystal.

Yi Yun took a deep breath.

’Kacha!’ He crushed the crystal.

Suddenly, the wisp of blood dragon’s blood marrow flew out of the crystal.

Yi Yun was long prepared as he grabbed at it.

Immediately, the s.p.a.ce surrounding the blood dragon’s blood marrow was sealed. It struggled within the s.p.a.ce, scurrying left and right, but it could not break out of the seal.

Its shape was constantly in flux, yet it failed to escape its shackles.

Yi Yun quietly regulated his breathing and a few days had pa.s.sed unknowingly.

Only when his body recovered to its optimal state did Yi Yun open his eyes. Looking at the blood dragon’s blood marrow, he beckoned at it.

The blood dragon’s blood marrow was pulled by an invisible force as it constantly came closer to Yi Yun.

As though it realized that there were no means of escape, the blood dragon’s blood marrow bloodl.u.s.t suddenly surged as it shot straight at Yi Yun’s glabella!

Yi Yun did not dodge!


As though his body was thrown into a pool of magma, Yi Yun’s body immediately heated up!

A degenerated blood dragon was violent and bloodthirsty by nature. Its blood marrow was one of the most violent and dangerous tonics.

However, it was only a wisp of blood marrow. If Yi Yun used his Yuan Qi to suppress it, he could slowly absorb it.

However, Yi Yun did not choose to do so.

At the beginning, he was planning on circulating his Yuan Qi, but when the blood marrow surged into his own blood marrow, Yi Yun discovered that his pure Yang bloodline had been activated by the blood marrow’s oppressive energy. He felt that his body had become a furnace.

And this blood marrow had become the flame that burned in the furnace, scorching his meridians.

Yi Yun closed his eyes tightly as sweat constantly oozed out of his forehead. Thunderous rumblings echoed out of his body. Even his clothes were burnt into ash. The blood vessels beneath his skin seemed to be d.y.k.es for flowing magma.

At this moment, anything that approached Yi Yun would be burnt into ash from the high temperatures emitted by Yi Yun;s body. His entire being was like a simmering volcano as a raging energy surged wantonly around his body.

In the beginning, Yi Yun would sweat. But slowly, his aura vanished. He turned into a rock once again, with the occasional flashing of his body indicating that he was still alive&h.e.l.lip;

“Senior Brother, how far do you think that kid Yi Yun will be able to absorb the wisp of blood marrow?” In the Luo Divine Hall, Elder Duanmu and Elder Shi were watching Yi Yun in the mist through an array projection.

“A typical disciple can only absorb 10-20%. A talented disciple, maybe 30-40%. However, I can’t be sure about Yi Yun. I heard that at Mt. Azure Billow, the effects of him absorbing the Ancient Fey bone were astounding. I believe that this kid will surprise me this time as well.” Elder Shi said lightly.

Elder Duanmu shook his head and said, “Let’s hope so. Senior Brother, by giving him the blood marrow so early, with his present cultivation realm, it is still too early to absorb such a blood marrow.”

“Early? It’s not. Let him work hard to improve himself. The Luo clan’s catastrophe has yet to pa.s.s&h.e.l.lip; ”

Elder Shi appeared as though he was muttering to himself. With a wave of his hand, the projection in front of him disappeared&h.e.l.lip;

Cultivation knew nothing about time. Year after year pa.s.sed as the Luo Divine Hall trials were coming to an end.

Over the eighteen years, the Luo clan and White Fox clan elites had improved significantly. And after the first seven years, Yi Yun had never appeared again.

On the last day, two spirit cruisers tore through the void and appeared above the Luo Divine Hall. They were spirit cruisers at the Supremacy level. They were here to take the Luo clan and White Fox clan elites from the Primordial Empyrean Heaven back to their respective clans.

Yi Yun, who had been in reclusion in the Primordial s.p.a.ce all this time, slowly opened his eyes.

Having entered reclusion for eighteen years, it was an unprecedented experience for Yi Yun. Over the eighteen years, he was like a sharp enchanted sword. He was like a sword that had been placed in a scabbard to hide its sharpness.

His hair had grown so long that it reached the floor, spreading completely apart. Even though he was in the Primordial s.p.a.ce, Yi Yun could sense the environment outside and he knew that the spirit cruisers were here.

Yi Yun stood up, his eyes like lightning in the dark night. With a thought, a Thousand Snow flying saber flew out of his interspatial ring, cutting his overly long hair.

It was time to leave the Luo Divine Hall.

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