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Chapter 911: Sea of Lightning

“The Nine-tailed Domain has been cracked by Yi Yun!?”

Seeing the White Fox blood that rained down from the sky, the White Fox disciples gasped. The Nine-tailed White Fox was their species’ totem. They would occasionally see the Nine-tailed White Fox’s phantom image only during their White Fox clan worshiping rituals. To the White Fox clan, the Nine-tailed White Fox was a paramount existence. Now, it had been slain by Yi Yun!

Furthermore, it was the Nine-tailed White Fox that had conjured its Nine-tailed Domain, becoming one with it.

Yi Yun had cracked the domain and he had slain the White Fox. At this moment, Yi Yun had more than 800 flying sabers flying around him, with a great deal of flying saber fragments as well. His entire body was dyed red by the fox’s blood, while he gripped his sword tightly in his hand. The sticky blood dripped down his cut face. His brows resembled sharp swords, and his eyes were bright like the morning star.

He was a warrior that came from the lower realm, and he was younger than most people present. Yet, with his cultivation level at the early stages of the Heaven Ascension realm, he was catching up to Princess Xue’er, who the White Fox clan had nurtured with full dedication. Even though he had yet to match her, he was already at the pinnacle of what a genius was!

Every matter had its pinnacle, and the moment’s pinnacle was undoubtedly Yi Yun’s.

He was, in his heyday, a young hero. With a three-foot sword, he slew everything!

The White Fox disciples present did not even speak. Bai Yueqing gripped his fan, as though he wished to shatter the fan.

As for the Luo clan disciples, they were extremely excited. After all, Yi Yun and them were considered to be clansmen. When they were against something foreign, the Luo clan would still be rather united.

“Junior Brother Yi is too powerful!”

“That’s right. After the Luo Divine Hall trials end, Junior Brother Yi’s reputation will definitely spread throughout the royal capital. When the time comes, his fame might be matchless. Probably many large factions will throw olive branches at Junior Brother Yi, and some powerful family clans might even want to betroth their daughters to Junior Brother Yi!”

As the Luo clan disciples spoke of this, many of them were feeling envious. Such a life was truly something to yearn for!

“Senior Brother, what was that about&h.e.l.lip; ?”

Elder Duanmu looked at the speechless Elder Shi, who was still staring blankly at Yi Yun’s projection screen.

He had just arrogantly commented on Yi Yun’s battle on account of his seniority. He was certain that Yi Yun would not find a way to crack the domain, but in a blink of an eye, the Nine-tailed Domain had been shattered.

Elder Shi was at a loss for words. He found it fortuitous that he had made the judgment through a voice transmission with Elder Duanmu, and he had not said so publicly. If not, his old face would probably not be able to withstand such a blow.

“I don’t know as well. That punk has truly exceeded my expectations.” The corner of Elder Shi’s lips twitched as the wrinkles on his face heaved. He believed that he was well-read, but he truly could not understand what had happened. This was the first time that it had happened in his long tenure as guardian of the Luo Divine Hall.

“It’s truly odd. I’ve seen so many geniuses, Luo clan geniuses, who have gone further in the Fey Refining Rock array than Princess White Fox and they were also younger than Yi Yun. I have even guided a few of them, but for me to be completely wrong, to the point of not even understanding what had happened, it’s truly a first.” Elder Shi murmured.

Elder Duanmu said, “Indeed, it’s true that there were others who were more talented than Yi Yun in the Luo clan’s history. But when it comes to the person with the fastest improvement, Yi Yun is probably ranked first. Senior Brother, for Yi Yun to come this far, could it be that he had truly gained insights from that mysterious Fey G.o.d Stone?”

“About that&h.e.l.lip; ” Elder Shi felt as though his heart nearly skipped a beat.

That’s impossible!

While the two Elders were engaged in a voice transmission conversation, the White Fox clan and Luo clan disciples had similar thoughts.

What did Yi Yun comprehend over the past seven years? From the looks of it, it was definitely not as simple as the awakening of his Sword of Will!

But thankfully, Yi Yun’s absurdity had its limits.

Yi Yun may have slain the fourth Ancient Fey in battle, but his Yuan Qi had dropped significantly. It was already less than 70%.

With his Yuan Qi decreasing so drastically, he clearly lacked the strength to battle the fifth Ancient Fey any further.

“During his battle with the fourth Ancient Fey, Yi Yun had pulled out all the stops. Even if he still had 100% of his stamina, it would be difficult for him to beat the fifth Ancient Fey, not to mention that he has less than 70% of his stamina left now.”

“That’s right, even a tiny drop in stamina would result in his attacks being less sharp than before. For Yi Yun’s stamina to drop below 70%, it means that he fought too desperately. Now, against the fifth Ancient Fey, Yi Yun’s offensive and defensive power would only be 70% of the amount that he had while he was battling the fourth Ancient Fey. As for the fifth Ancient Fey, its strength is several times stronger than the fourth Ancient Fey. As a result of this, he will probably last for a brief moment before being defeated.”

As people began having such thoughts, they saw the Nine-tailed White Fox’s corpse disappear. Even the fox blood that had dyed Yi Yun’s body had disappeared as well.

Yi Yun had two minutes to meditate and regulate his breathing, but the amount that he could recover in two minutes was completely trivial when it came to fighting the fifth Ancient Fey.

Just as people came to this realization, a Luo clan disciple suddenly shouted, “Look at Princess White Fox!”


Everyone looked over towards the projection on the side. The scene had zoomed out. The dark blue sky had already turned into a bluish-purple sea of&h.e.l.lip; lightning!

Princess White Fox stepped through the void as her silver hair flared upwards, like she was a G.o.ddess descending onto the world.

As though she was fated to rule over heavenly armies, she pointed her sword towards the sky. Thousands of divine lightning bolts were invoked by Princess White Fox’s sword!

Countless lightning bolts gathered around her until they took up a substantial form. A sword that seemed to make up of thousands of lightning bolts cleaved down on the Fey dragon!

Some of the power surged out of the Fey Refining Rock array’s projection. It was nearly suffocating to the elites present. It was too terrifying!

They knew that Princess Xue’er had a Body of Lightning Spirit. She was extremely well-versed in lightning laws. But before this, Princess Xue’er did not use much of her lightning laws.

That also meant that Princess White Fox was conserving her strength from the very beginning. Even against the fourth Fey dragon, Princess White Fox did not use her full strength. Instead, she used a battle strategy that conserved the most amount of Yuan Qi, in preparation for the fifth battle!

Right from the beginning, Princess White Fox had already treated the fifth battle as a goal! Now, she was expending all her Yuan Qi without any reservations so she could use all of her strength!

In that case, Princess White Fox&h.e.l.lip; might even be able to defeat the fifth Ancient Fey!

Upon realizing this, the White Fox disciples turned excited.

Defeat the fifth Ancient Fey? It was exciting just thinking about it!

“Princess, you’re invincible!” A White Fox clan youth, who worshiped Princess Xue’er, could not help but shout. His eyes were filled with an agitated glimmer!

In the mortal world, there were actors that were idolized by others or worshiped to the point of madness, so what was the warrior’s world like? Martial arts was not acting, but it is the fundamental foundation of a warrior’s world. Who was she? A perfect proud daughter of heaven, a princess who had excellent talent. She was outstanding in every way. There was probably members of the White Fox clan who were willing to die for her.

The battle was more intense than ever! In Princess White Fox’s exhilarating battle with the Fey dragon, she could go about it without worries. There was no need for her to conserve her stamina as well. She could go all out.

For such a fantastic and interesting battle, even the Luo clan disciples could not help but shower praises on her. Furthermore, they were infected by Princess White Fox’s lofty and mighty appearance. They could not help but cheer for her!

This was the pinnacle of one’s life. If it was said that every matter had its pinnacle, now was the pinnacle that belonged to Princess White Fox. This pinnacle had even exceeded Yi Yun’s!

“The Fey dragon has been injured! And it doesn’t look light! Princess White Fox has managed to severely injure the fifth Fey dragon!”

“The intense battle has lasted for ninety seconds. What terrifying endurance. Princess White Fox’s bloodline is truly powerful. Despite going through four battles, Princess White Fox is still able to conserve so much of her stamina.”

The ninety-second battle made everyone hold their breaths. At this moment, a Luo clan disciple suddenly said, “Junior Brother Yi’s meditation is over. He is about to challenge the fifth Ancient Fey as well!”

The Luo clan disciple, who spoke, sounded slightly agitated. But compared to Princess White Fox’s all out battle with the fifth Fey dragon, there were fewer people who paid attention to Yi Yun.

Only when the Luo clan disciple spoke did others look over. Indeed Yi Yun had already stood up from his meditation and he floated upwards.

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