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Chapter 908: Illusions Abound

“Oh? The Nine-tailed White Fox’s domain boundary is that powerful!?”

Yi Yun looked at his surroundings. The s.p.a.ce that he was in appeared to be sealed off by invisible barriers, but the barriers did not truly exist. They were formed from laws, and it was the change in the laws of nature of this s.p.a.ce that had blocked his Thousand Snow flying sabers.

But not only that, the domain contained an invisible pressure!

The pressure was not only a pressure that targeted his body and energy, it was also a pressure that targeted the soul!

The domain was lorded over by the Nine-tailed White Fox, and this repressive feeling came right from the soul&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun saw death and h.e.l.l. He saw the Black-armored Demon G.o.d in the Tian Yuan world!

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d had long been subdued by Yi Yun, but now, he had appeared in Yi Yun’s mental world once again.

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d brandished his lance and wherever he pa.s.sed, ma.s.sacres would occur with ma.s.sive losses of life!

“This is&h.e.l.lip; an illusion? Scenes that I fear in my heart?”

Yi Yun came to this realization. Illusion attacks typically attacked one’s mental demons. Back when the Black-armored Demon G.o.d was wreaking havoc, there was a period of time that Yi Yun was powerless against him, so the Black-armored Demon G.o.d was really a mental demon of his.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The Black-armored Demon G.o.d roared with a resounding bellow. Yi Yun could see the wanton flashes of blood shuttling through his body, as though they were ripping him to pieces.


It was not only limited to Yi Yun. Even the young elites outside the Fey Refining Rock array immediately felt illusions appearing around them as they watched the Nine-tailed White Fox and the Nine-tailed domain it formed.

Battle! Blood! Murder! Wraiths! Mental demons!

All sorts of illusions surged at them like a flood, as though it would wipe their sanity away.

Unknowingly, cold sweat began oozing out of the foreheads of many people. The illusions had an effect on their minds. Whatever happened in the illusions were the things that they feared the most. They seemed like dreams, but they also seemed real, preventing them from escaping from their deepest fears.

The powerfulness of illusions was the impact that it gave you despite you knowing that it was fake.

Not only were the Luo clan disciples affected, even the White Fox disciples, who were feeling proud because of the Nine-tailed White Fox, were in a similar situation. Although they kept saying the words ‘Eye of the Skyfox’ or ‘Nine-tailed Domain’, those were abilities that people who had truly awoken the White Fox bloodline had. Ordinary White Fox disciples could only brag about it with their mouths to find a sense of pride, but in fact, it had nothing to do with them.

At this moment, Elder Shi coldly harrumphed.

It as though a large gong had reverberated in the ears of everyone. The disciples who were lacking in strength awoken. They were gasping for breaths as though they had experienced a huge battle.

Many people began feeling a belated fear. They could tell that it was an illusion in the beginning, but unknowingly, they fell deeper into the illusions.

The Luo clan disciples noticed that the White Fox disciples were not one bit stronger than they were.

A Luo clan disciple could not help but quip, “That bunch of foxes were still bragging a while ago, and now, aren’t they just like us!?”

The compet.i.tion between the two sides was so intense to the point of all decorum being lost. That Luo clan disciple did not use a Yuan Qi transmission and he had said it out loud instead. Although it was not said in a very loud voice, the White Fox disciples heard him clearly.

Immediately, the expressions on the White Fox disciples’ faces turned extremely ugly.

As disciples of the White Fox clan, their performance in front of their ancestor’s illusion was equally as bad as the Luo clan disciples. It was very shameful!

A White Fox disciple could not help but retort, “Hmph! My art is not intricate enough and I have a weak bloodline. So what if I’m affected by the illusions? This shows how powerful the talent of our White Fox clan’s blood lineage is! The true Nine-tailed White Fox is not something that any of you can imagine! Just from the projection of the array formation can result in such repercussions as a result of the illusions. If you were truly in the Nine-tailed Domain, you would have suffered a mental collapse!”

The Luo clan disciples immediately turned worried when they heard the White Fox disciple’s words.

Yes, just the projection itself was horrifying, then how bad would it be inside the Nine-tailed Domain? Wouldn’t the intensity of the illusions that Yi Yun faced be a hundred times higher than theirs? It would really result in a mental collapse!

The Luo clan disciples present turned their heads to the Fey Refining Rock array’s projection and they saw Yi Yun silently standing in the Nine-tailed Domain. His entire being looked he had been cast in stone making him motionless. And around Yi Yun, there was a gray mist that lingered in the Nine-tailed Domain. The mist was constantly in motion, at times forming a ghostly image that enveloped Yi Yun.

“What’s that gray mist? Is Junior Brother Yi fine? Why is he motionless? He hasn’t been defeated, has he!?”

“Don’t say such disheartening words. Maybe Junior Brother Yi is battling the fox in his mental world. The outcome is still unknown.”

No one undermined themselves while uplifting others, but when the Luo clan disciples said such things, the White Fox disciples sneered.

“The outcome is still unknown? Our ancestor, the Nine-tailed White Fox, is the father of the laws of illusion. How can it lose to a human in battle while in a mental world?”

A female White Fox disciple said with a proud tone, but just as her voice faded away —


A black beam of light shot out of Yi Yun’s glabella, penetrating the void!

It was a black-colored sword of light!

The sword was black in color, but it was blinding, like it was tearing straight through the souls of the crowd.

Be it the Luo clan disciples or the White Fox disciples, they felt as though a sword was being held against their glabellus. It made their hairs stand.

Sword of the Will!?

This thought streaked past the minds of everyone present. For a sword of light to shoot out of one’s glabella, it was very likely to be a Sword of Will.

A sword that slayed all monsters and demons, dispersing the gray mist in a single sweep, vanquishing them into nothingness!

The Nine-tailed White Fox’s ma.s.sive body quivered because of this sword as it retreated.

A single Sword of Will had broken the illusions of confusion in the Nine-tailed Domain and it had even made the Nine-tailed White Fox retreat?

People held their breaths. All of them knew that Yi Yun had been in meditation for seven long years, eventually culminating in a mutation of his spirit. Having awoken his Sword of Will, it now appeared that the black light was the usage of the Sword of Will.

They had lost themselves in the illusion attack just by watching a projection. Yet, Yi Yun, who was in the domain itself, was able to tear it apart with a single strike. The gap between his strength and theirs was huge.

When the White Fox disciples present saw this situation, the words they were planning to say were drowned in their bellies.

They stared at the Fey Refining Rock array with astounded looks on their faces.

The Nine-tailed White Fox’s illusion attack was broken just like that?

They knew that Yi Yun had experienced a spirit mutation, but after the Nine-tailed White Fox conjured its domain, even the White Fox disciples were left speechless at the powerfulness of the domain. As a result, everyone had forgotten about Yi Yun’s spirit mutation.

Moreover, even if they recalled it, they would never expect that Yi Yun’s Sword of Will would be so resilient for him to tear apart the mental illusions!

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