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Chapter 907: Nine-tailed Domain

“Let this punk challenge our White Fox clan’s ancestor and let him witness the power of our White Fox clan’s Eye of the Skyfox!”

The White Fox clan elites present found it vindicating.

As the ancestor of the White Fox clan, the Nine-tailed White Fox was often consecrated and worshiped by the White Fox clan. The reverence for the Nine-tailed White Fox was deeply engraved in the hearts of every White Fox disciple.

Elder Shi’s choice of letting Yi Yun challenge the Nine-tailed White Fox obviously made the White Fox disciples feel uncomfortable.

Now, their anger was somewhat vented.

Not only was the Nine-tailed White Fox strong, but it was also proficient in laws. The way it attacked was extremely bizarre. If one did not understand what they were facing, they would only suffer!

At this moment, Yi Yun and the Nine-tailed White Fox were looking at each other in the array formation. The White Fox’s eyes were dark but bright, as though it contained the galaxies in the sky that were connected to another dimension.

When Yi Yun saw that pair of eyes, he s.p.a.ced out momentarily. He felt as though the eyes were the core of darkness, a source of darkness.

But there was not a single speck of dust on the Nine-tailed White Fox’s fur that was as white as fresh snow. The black and white formed a sharp contrast.

Ocular technique?

Yi Yun was surprised. He knew that in martial arts, there were mystic techniques that allowed the cultivation of ocular techniques. These ocular techniques were commonly related to illusions and spiritual attacks.

But now, Yi Yun felt that the eyes of the Nine-tailed White Fox were definitely no ordinary illusionary technique. The scenes that were reflected in its eyes contained Great Dao laws, as though it was the birth and death of worlds.

It appeared as though fragmented laws formed during the formation failure of this Primordial Empyrean Heaven were reflected in its eyes, forever etched within them.

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly sensed a darkness emanate from the Nine-tailed White Fox’s eyes. The darkness seemed to turn into an actual substance that was spreading black Chaos. It consumed the surrounding s.p.a.ce as it began compacting towards him!

Yi Yun suddenly felt as though he had arrived in a boundless void of darkness. There was nothing in the void, but he could vaguely see a White Fox at the ends of the void. Its body had shrunk to about an inch in size, as though it was rapidly distancing itself from him.

And just as Yi Yun came up with this thought, the White Fox was already the size of rice grain, as though it was about to disappear any time.

If it disappeared, Yi Yun would be the only one remaining in this s.p.a.ce. The White Fox would disappear into infinity.

A sealing ocular technique?

Yi Yun suddenly had such a thought. Once he was sealed, he would lose this match!

Seeing the seal about to close in on him, Yi Yun roared!


Behind Yi Yun, the three-legged Golden Crow spread its wings as surging pure Yang flames emanated around him. The dark s.p.a.ce was consumed by the flames!

Even if it was a sealed s.p.a.ce with absolute darkness, Yi Yun was able to use pure Yang flames to set it on fire!

This Universe was an endless darkness of emptiness and silence originally. It was because of the existence of stars that the Universe was illuminated.

And these stars were burning with the flames of pure Yang.

Break it for me!

Yi Yun shook the sword in his hand as nomological runes gathered around it. The Thousand Snow saber array was also summoned by Yi Yun as it dispersed in all directions!

Amid the snowflakes, Yi Yun produced sword beams that penetrated the snowflakes.

Chi La!

The dark void was slashed apart by Yi Yun!

With his sword in hand and the 999 flying sabers spiraling around him, he stepped on the Golden Crow while bursting out of the void.

This was also the scene that everyone saw. They saw Yi Yun being instantly consumed by the void, and this caused the Luo clan disciples to hold their breaths. But thirty seconds later, they saw Yi Yun tear through the void and walk out.

“What a close call!”

“Yi Yun seems&h.e.l.lip; to be struggling a bit!”

“This fox makes me fl.u.s.tered. I do not to dare look straight into its eyes.”

The Luo clan disciples present were all nervous and distraught.

Yi Yun was indomitable from the beginning, but now, he finally seemed to be caught in a quagmire. He could not slay the White Fox easily.

Furthermore, the White Fox had its body hidden in the clouds from the very beginning, having not moved at all&h.e.l.lip;

The gap was slowly revealing itself. On the other side, Princess White Fox had already injured the fourth Fey dragon!

The gigantic Fey dragon had been stabbed in the back by Princess White Fox with a sword. She had nearly penetrated through the body as blood burst out of the wound!

Upon seeing this scene, Bai Yueqing revealed a satisfied smile. The final outcome would not change. It would obviously be much easier on Yi Yun if he were battling the Ranyi Fish. He might have been able to severely injure the fourth Ranyi Fish, but now, against the Nine-tailed White Fox that had strange offensive tactics, Yi Yun was unable to make use of his strength.

This was the repression that came from laws.

The Nine-tailed White Fox was one of the Ancient Fey that was closest to the Heavenly Dao. Even the laws known by a wisp of soul essence far exceeded Yi Yun’s.

When he thought about this, Bai Yueqing gave a cursory glance at Elder Shi. The old man’s act of rashly switching to the Nine-tailed White Fox was equivalent to moving a stone to smash his own foot.

At this moment, the Nine-tailed White Fox moved. Its ma.s.sive body slowly revealed itself as its nine tails fluttered, as though they were burning white flames.

Its eyes were staring at Yi Yun. With the Nine-tailed White Fox’s eyes as the center, different circular rings of different colors burst out.

After these circular rings spread out to a distance of several thousand feet, they disappeared into the void. However, they did not truly disappear, but instead, they began to seal the s.p.a.ce.


The Luo clan disciples present gasped. They were talents meticulously nurtured by the various Luo clan states or factions, so they were obviously well-read.

They could tell that after these circular rings merged with s.p.a.ce, they had formed a sealing domain. However, with so many circular rings, and with all of them being different colors, was each of these circular rings a different domain in itself?

As though she guessed the thoughts of the Luo clan disciples, a female White Fox disciple spoke.

“That is the Nine-tailed Domain. The Nine-tailed White Fox has nine domains! The domain you are seeing is the amalgamation of nine domains. By fusing these domains, it will cause the internal structure of the domain to be like a complete world. It is nearly indestructible. Just the domain itself can kill whatever is trapped inside. Now that the domain has closed, Yi Yun, who lacks the knowledge of the mysteries behind the Nine-tailed Domain, will not be able to escape.” The female White Fox disciple said proudly. Yi Yun was suffering because he did not understand the Nine-tailed White Fox’s offensive means. If not, he should have rushed out prior to the domain’s closure.

It was already too late.

The outcome was fixed once he was sealed in the indestructible Nine-tailed Domain!

At this moment, in the Nine-tailed Domain, Yi Yun’s expression sank slightly. He sensed that the surrounding laws of this s.p.a.ce had changed. The Nine-tailed White Fox appeared to be a G.o.d and overlord of this s.p.a.ce, in charge of life and death.

Yi Yun obviously knew about matters regarding domains. With a thought, the Thousand Snow saber array flew out!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The saber beams danced around like flying snow. However, when the Thousand Snow flying sabers reached a range of one thousand feet, they appeared to have struck an invisible wall.

With the sounds of ‘ding ding ding ding’, all the flying sabers bounced back!

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