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Chapter 90: Jin Long Wei Elite

“Congratulations on pa.s.sing the preliminaries!” Zhang Tan took the horn and began sealing it. His voice clear and loud; he had no need to inject energy in his voice for everyone to hear him.

Only a dozen or more people pa.s.sed.

Over a thousand people were cut down to few dozen people. This disqualification rate was terribly high.

The members of the Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp had all been disqualified. Not only them, even some of the weaker partic.i.p.ants in the Tao tribal clan had also been disqualified.

Being disqualified was nothing, as the members of the Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp were mentally prepared that they would never pa.s.s the Kingdom’s selection, but Yi Yun received first place, was this selection fair?

They felt that Yi Yun was of similar background to them, and had a poor sufferable life, why could he stand out?

People were like this; to people who were hallowed, they could accept them shining and would not be jealous, and might even sing their praises, hoping to cling on to them, gaining glory by being a follower.

But they could not accept that people similar to themselves or even someone even worse off suddenly made an uprising and surpa.s.sing them.

Zhang Tan carried on, “In accordance with the rules of the Kingdom’s selection, I will need to ask if you are willing to become a member of the Jin Long Wei? If you agree, you can carry on in the semi-finals of the Kingdom’s selection, if not, you can now leave!”

Zhang Tan’s words were just a formality, but as rules were rules, he had to ask.

No one left including Yi Yun as they all wanted to become a Jin Long Wei.

Yi Yun had read novels in his previous life where protagonists would pa.s.s up the big factions’ pull and all the incentives that came with it and go at it alone.

With the support of great fortune, such an approach allowed a person to deserve being c*cky. But Yi Yun knew that he was far from that. His strength was just a tiny bubble of no consequence in this world, a single p.r.i.c.k would break it.

Besides, be it cultivation resources or cultivation techniques, he could not obtain any by himself. His meals were even a problem.

He need to join a large faction and, using the faction’s resources and heritage, he could slowly rise up and eventually become a mighty king.

After he managed to acc.u.mulate, he would then have the minimum requirements to be c*cky, and freely pursue his desires.

“You! What’s your name? How old are you?” Zhang Tan’s gaze landed on Yi Yun and his gaze was fierce and commanding.

“Replying the general’s words, this little one is Yi Yun with the age of twelve.” Yi Yun replied without being servile or b.u.mptious.

“Good! I shall now announce that you are the first place for this preliminary!”

“In this Kingdom’s selection, if you could be selected, and obtain the first spot among the Mortal Blood partic.i.p.ants, I will declare you a warrior of the Jin Long Wei’s elite troops immediately!” Zhang Tan’s words spread across the venue, making the people envious and jealous!

Jin Long Wei’s elite!

Even the warriors of the Jin Long Wei had different hierarchies which resulted in different treatment.

For example Zhang Yuxian who had previously went to the Lian tribal clan was an elite warrior of the Jin Long Wei.

Elite warriors enjoyed extremely great advantages in terms of cultivation resources, cultivation training grounds, cultivation techniques, much more than the regular warriors.

Most warriors that get selected by the Kingdom’s selection would usually be designated as normal warriors. Some of the best Purple Blood warriors such as the Tao tribal clan’s first and second young masters could become one of the elite warriors.

But now a child who did not even need to shave had been valued greatly by Zhang Tan, and was prepared to make him an elite warrior, how could they take it in their stride?

How strong is this kid? His cultivation level can’t be higher than us!

As for the preliminaries, although the kid had obtained first place, he had suddenly rose in prominence at the end to overtake Tao Yunxiao. There might have been something wrong like him finding a loophole.

Even if there was no problem, even if Yi Yun had erupted there and then, so what if he had a strong Spirit?

Could you use Spirit to kill?

The various aspects that influenced Spirit included strength as one of its small components. And in the vast wilderness, where people lead insecure lives and the beasts roamed freely, what people valued the most was strength.

Fancy stuff like Spirit was just some concept the people of the Kingdom’s heartlands created. To the warriors of the vast wilderness, what was Spirit? Could it be eaten?

Many people remained unconvinced, especially Lian Chengyu and Tao Yunxiao.

Lian Chengyu wanted to stand up and oppose it, but Zhang Tan was too overbearing, a person who had exceeded the Purple Blood realm was far stronger than anything Lian Chengyu could conceive of. In front of Zhang Tan, Lian Chengyu could not muster up the courage.

How could a mouse oppose a lion?

But, although Lian Chengyu lacked the courage, this did not mean Tao Yunxiao was lacking in courage. In this world, not many people knew their place; after all, Tao Yunxiao was only fourteen. He had not tunnelled into a new reality. A fourteen year old youth tended to be arrogant so he settled matters in a straight-forward manner, doing whatever he wanted to do.

Just as Tao Yunxiao was about to open his mouth, a stern voice rang in his ears, “Yunxiao, shut up!”

Tao Yunxiao could easily tell this was his father’s voice.

“Father, I can’t accept it, what the heck is with this Kingdom’s selection, why aren’t they examining strength? Wouldn’t it be immediately clear once a test of strength is made? But they had to test such useless things, I can’t accept it!”

After being exceeded by Yi Yun in the test of Spirit, Tao Yunxiao began to subconsciously belittle the use of Spirit in his words.

“If you are not convinced, then exceed him during the semi-finals!” Tao Yunxiao’s father simply replied.

“Exceed that kid?” Tao Yunxiao snorted. He would exceed him for sure without doubt, and would even crush him! “Alright, I’ll exceed the kid. The first place for the Kingdom’s selection’s Mortal Blood contest is mine!”

Tao Yunxiao clenched his fists as he stared at Yi Yun with a strong sense of animosity.

At this time, Tao Yunxiao’s father hesitated for a moment and sent his voice to Tao Yunxiao.

Upon hearing it, Tao Yunxiao’s eyes lit up. His voice was trembling with excitement.

“Father, is what you say true!? I can really use it? The tribe is no longer concealing it?”

“Yes it’s mostly confirmed. A moment of forbearance does not mean you are weak, so, Yunxiao, all my hopes rest on you. For this selection, you must live up to my expectations. Not only must you become an elite warrior of the Jin Long Wei, the Kingdom’s selection will be the starting point of our Tao tribal clan’s move into the central plains&h.e.l.lip;”

“I understand!” Tao Yunxiao clenched his fists with excitement.

He had never expected that the Tao tribal clan’s elders had such ambitions. Great! I shall be the person to write a new chapter in the Tao tribal clan’s history books!

As for beating Yi Yun in the semi-finals&h.e.l.lip;Yes, with that thing, would it even be a question that I can defeat Yi Yun?

As long as the tribe did not conceal it, I will let everyone know what does it mean to be a frog in a well!

Tao Yunxiao looked at Yi Yun who was in the crowd. His eyes were full of contempt and ridicule. You might have been in the limelight for the preliminaries, but I will completely crush you in the semi-finals.

As for his father’s words, Tao Yunxiao was full of antic.i.p.ation.


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