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Chapter 898: Spirit Taking Form

"Yi Yun has produced a phenomenon? You must be seeing things. Do you think that phenomena are sold cheaply on the streets? It's obvious that Princess Xue'er would produce one, but how can it be possible for Yi Yun?" The White Fox disciple, who previously reprimanded, said while turning towards where Yi Yun was.

Before he even finished saying his words, he was like a duck that had its neck pinched. The rest of his words were stuck in his throat.

Yi Yun was sitting there, with s.p.a.ce around him distorted, as though countless Dao ripples were constantly emanating outwards. The disciple in question fell into a trance momentarily when he saw Yi Yun. 

This trance only lasted for a few seconds, as he suddenly regained his state of mind, but his expression was that of shock.

Just a while ago, his mind had been affected!

This White Fox disciple hurriedly looked at Bai Yueqing and he noticed that Bai Yueqing was looking seriously at Yi Yun. The White Fox disciple's heart skipped a beat and he wished that he could smack himself in the mouth.

It was all his fault for being so talkative. Having seen Princess Xue'er experience an epiphany, he had a sense of superiority over the Luo clan. He had intended to leave a good impression on the Third Prince, but his face was smacked just after saying a few words. It would probably be quite good if the Third Prince did not have negative feelings for him.

Everyone looked at Yi Yun, and quite a number of disciples were like this White Fox disciple. A fleeting vacant look flashed in their eyes before they recovered.

Why were their minds affected?

The twins, Nongying and Nongyue were not affected, but they were astonished.

Was this Yi Yun's epiphany?

He was meditating with the Fey G.o.d Stones that had the auras of the three unknown Fey G.o.ds sealed within them. How was it possible to have an epiphany?

They believed that Yi Yun had extremely high perception, but they refused to believe that Yi Yun was able to gain any insights from the three Fey G.o.d Stones that even the mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven were helpless against.

Junior disciples lacked the insight as to phenomena that occurred during meditation. However, it was definitely impressive to have a phenomenon.

Among the Luo clan disciples, the Luo clan disciple that had been suppressed by the White Fox clan felt vindicated as he said, "It appears like phenomena are no big deal. Which White Fox brother was it that said that phenomena can only appear during Princess Xue'er's meditation?"

"That fellow!" The Luo clan disciple's words made that White Fox disciple extremely unhappy. It really touched a tender spot.

With the Luo clan disciple speaking, many people looked at Bai Yueqing.

Among everyone present, Bai Yueqing had cultivated the longest. Be it his knowledge or cultivation level, they were on a completely different level to these young disciples. The disciples might not be able to judge what the phenomenon happening around Yi Yun was, but Bai Yueqing could.

"It is is indeed a phenomenon, but it might not be an epiphany." Bai Yueqing said with a deep voice.

At this moment, Wufeng also spoke, "Your Highness is right. Yi Yun's phenomenon is different to Her Highness’s."

Nongying nodded as well and said, "Yes, the Princess' epiphany was inducing the auric charms of the Fey G.o.ds in the Three G.o.d Seal. It was a phenomenon from the Fey G.o.d Stone, but Yi Yun's phenomenon seems to have nothing to do with the Fey G.o.d Stone."

With this said, the disciples realized that Yi Yun's phenomenon appeared to be induced from within his body?

s.p.a.ce distorted with him being in the center. The ripples were also emanating out from his body, bursting in rings.

And at Yi Yun's glabella, a silver mark slowly condensed. On a careful look, it was a silver sword.

"This is&h.e.l.lip; " Jian Zhu suddenly said in surprise. "That's will taking form?"

"That's right, as a result of his mental strength overly powerful, it has condensed into something tangible&h.e.l.lip; "

Bai Yueqing shook his fan as he said this. 

With this, he finally understood why Yi Yun was able to induce a phenomenon.

"Yi Yun's many years of meditating with the three Fey G.o.d Stones that seal that unknown Fey G.o.ds have condensed his spiritual energy through the meditation process, regardless if he gained any insights. This allowed his spirit to condense into something tangible, inducing a metamorphosis and a phenomenon!"

"The condensation of the spirit into something tangible is extremely rare amongst young warriors, but for warriors who have condensed a Dao Fruit, it is rather common. However, for warriors who have condensed a Dao Fruit, it would not necessarily allow them to produce powerful combat power, even if their spirit condenses into something tangible. Unless they specialize in being a warrior that cultivates mental laws, the effects would be average!"

Bai Yueqing was very knowledgeable, so he said a few words to explain the reason behind the phenomenon that Yi Yun had produced.

When everyone heard this, they suddenly saw the light. It was no wonder that they fell into a daze for a few seconds. It was because of the mutation of Yi Yun's spirit that affected their consciousness.

"I heard your master is Supremacy Gulan? This Prince remembers that Supremacy Gulan is knowledgeable with laws that use mental energies as attacks." Bai Yueqing said as he looked at Jian Zhu.

"Yes." Jian Zhu said with a nod.

"Yeah&h.e.l.lip; Actually, spiritual energy attacks might not necessarily be very powerful. It's also easy to receive backlashes. Among the mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, few use such techniques. This kind of spiritual energy mutation is useful for a warrior, but it is not that helpful. If it is to meditate over laws, a typical warrior's spiritual energy is sufficient. After Bai Yueqing said this, the Luo clan disciples immediately revealed wistful looks.

So it was just Yi Yun's spiritual energy condensing into something substantial, and not a phenomenon induced from the Fey G.o.d Stone. And from what Bai Yueqing said, the spirit mutation was helpful to warriors, but unless one specially focused on laws that deal with spiritual energy attacks, its effects would be discounted.

If Yi Yun had gained an epiphany, they would now feel ashamed in front of the White Fox clan.

However, it was understandable on further thought. The Fey G.o.d Stone in front of Yi Yun was a Fey G.o.d Stone that mighty figures of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven could not grasp any insights from. How could Yi Yun perceive anything? It can't be said that Yi Yun's perception was greater than all those mighty figures, right?

"That Junior Sister from before is right. Yi Yun is indeed resilient. He is able to mediate using a Fey G.o.d Stone that leaves others helpless to the point of mutating his spiritual energy." Nongying said with some tones of admiration.

Although he did not gain an epiphany with the Fey G.o.d Stone, being able to condense his spiritual energy during the meditation process, to the point of breaking through and making his spirit condense into something tangible, with his will as a sword. This also proved that he was extremely talented.

Other than Princess White Fox, none of the other disciples present received any epiphanies or condensation of their mental energies into something substantial while meditating with their Fey G.o.d Stones.

"He truly has amazing perception. In the Primordial s.p.a.ce, his performance would be brilliant if Xue'er wasn’t here." Bai Yueqing said lightly.

Upon hearing these words, many disciples shook their heads secretly. Princess White Fox's talent was too formidable that made them feel as though they had been left in the dust. This was not something that an ordinary genius could compare with.

Although Yi Yun was excellent, Princess White Fox's performance was stunning. This made the halo around him immediately appear dimmer.


Towards the matters that were happening around him, Yi Yun, who was immersed in his mental world, knew nothing about them.

At a distance twenty feet from the long-haired man, Yi Yun was onerously enduring the immense pressure that came at him.

Suddenly, he felt as though a membrane in his mental world cracked, producing the light cracking sound of a chicken egg being hatched.

At this moment, Yi Yun took another step forward. This step was extremely heavy, as though Mt. Tai was pressing down on him. It was like wading through deep mud, taxing and impossible to pa.s.s.

At the moment that Yi Yun's foot landed, countless fragments exploded with a boom. It was as though a shackle on his mental world had been released, as it constantly spread out.

Oh? He had made a breakthrough in his spiritual energy?

Yi Yun's spiritual energy was just a tiny pond, but after the repeated draining and refilling, this pond had finally expanded into a lake!

Yi Yun was finding it tough to stand twenty feet from the long-haired man, but now, he felt his strength increase greatly!

Not only could he take a step forward, his vision had also turned much clearer. The runes on the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence appeared as though a mist had blown away from them, presenting itself clearly in front of Yi Yun.

They were all nomological fragments!

Yi Yun was pleasantly surprised. The sudden mutation in his spiritual energy allowed him to easily see all the nomological fragments. They were clearer than ever before!

He began to study them with a ravishing appet.i.te.

This was a treasure mountain, and he finally walked into the treasure mountain at that very moment!

Each nomological fragment was priceless, but there they were, free for him to choose.

Yi Yun wanted to take all of them. He wanted to study all of the nomological fragments.

After he made a breakthrough in his spiritual energy, Yi Yun's spiritual energy was now immense. He constantly memorized and he no longer needed to worry about exhausting his spiritual energy to the point of being expelled from the mental world.

Yi Yun completely immersed himself in this tiny mental world. Every move of the long-haired man was perfectly reflected in Yi Yun's eyes.

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