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Chapter 89: First in the Preliminary

Even for Tao Yunxiao, it was not that easy to cross the ten step demarcation line. It was incomprehensible! Was the ten step demarcation line Yi Yun crossed different from the line that others had crossed?

Neither Tao Yunxiao nor Lian Chengyu could believe it.

But they could not walk to the area that Yi Yun had crossed and examine it because they were finding it difficult just to stand on their spot.

Could it be possible that Yi Yun accomplished this feat because he had unparalleled Spirit?

This was unacceptable. Even many disqualified partic.i.p.ants from far, especially the members of the Lian tribal clan warrior preparation camp were agap and shocked, as if they had just swallowed an egg whole.

The invincible Young master Lian Chengyu in their hearts had been overtaken by Yi Yun!

Just a few minutes ago, Yi Yun was being pressured by the Fierce Divine Tiger’s aura causing him to profusely sweat and looking pathetic, how did he suddenly seem to receive Divine help, which allowed him to walk forward with ease?

How could this kid have greater Spirit than them?

They could not accept Yi Yun’s strength. He had only learned martial arts for a few days and could not have that much strength. How could a twelve year old kid, that grew up in a ravine and had not seen the world, be braver than others, strong-willed and in spite of adversity, forge ahead?

“Is there something wrong with the test? Could Yi Yun have found a loophole?” Lian Chengyu could only think that was the reason, and that was the only reason he found acceptable. But seeing Zhang Tan nodding, he knew that his objections would be overruled and Zhang Tan would only end up looking down on him.

What the heck?

Lian Chengyu could not accept it. Having stepped into the ten step radius, his results were at the top, but Yi Yun, the person who he hated the most, had pushed him down, and he didn’t know what had gone wrong.

At this time, Tao Yunxiao began to react and quickly marched towards the horn.

The Fierce Divine Tiger’s aura was oppressing; it made Tao Yunxiao know that to be one step away from the horn and touching it was impossible.

All he wished was not to lose to Yi Yun.

But Yi Yun’s steps were more sure, and his steps were something that Tao Yunxiao could not compare with.

In fact, if Yi Yun had not been absorbing the Fierce Divine Tiger’s energy by controlling the Purple Crystal as he walked, his speed would have been much faster.

After using the energy of the Fierce Divine Tiger’s horn to break through to the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm, Yi Yun enjoyed the pressure given by the horn’s aura.

It was as if his flesh and organs were being pounded by the pressure, and the feeling was fantastic.

Seeing Yi Yun catch up, Tao Yunxiao became anxious. He ignored everything and headed towards the horn, hoping to suppress Yi Yun.

Because he had overdrafted his body, Tao Yunxiao began to feel his breathing become shallower and he sweated profusely. He was close to his limit.

Yet at this time, he could hear the footsteps behind him grow closer!

Tao Yunxiao was fl.u.s.tered.

“I cannot be overtaken by him, I cannot be overtaken by him!” Tao Yunxiao began crying in his heart as each step he took felt like he was carrying a huge mountain.

But no matter how hard Tao Yunxiao tried, he was ultimately unable to change fate, he helplessly watched as Yi Yun walked to his side with his short legs.

In contrast to Yi Yun, Tao Yunxiao seemed to be moving in slow motion, and it was comical.

As everyone were very close to the horn and were only a few steps away from it, Tao Yunxiao was very close to Yi Yun. They both looked at each other.

After exchanging glances, Yi Yun made a bashful smile, said h.e.l.lo and then just walked pa.s.s Tao Yunxiao.

Tao Yunxiao nearly spit blood!

He had been overtaken by someone whose strength was inferior to him, by an inferior, poor villager from a small tribal clan!

Tao Yunxiao felt his pride of fourteen years being severely trampled. He could not accept it!

Just as Tao Yunxiao lost his concentration, the Fierce Divine Tiger phantom in the sky issued its second roar. It could be said that if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

“Roar!” A killing intent spread out like a blood pool from h.e.l.l; Tao Yunxiao was not prepared and was swept away by this rush of killing intent!

His a.s.s. .h.i.t the ground after tumbling a few times.

As for Lian Chengyu, he was sent flying a dozen of steps, and had already been pushed out of the twenty step boundary.

As for Yi Yun, during the moment of that roar, Yi Yun had felt the energy in his body acc.u.mulate to its extreme.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

The cracking eggsh.e.l.l sounds erupted again. Yi Yun’s body was cleansed by the energy, and each inch of his body was tempered, tranquilizing him.


Yi Yun took a few steps back and spit out a mouthful of black blood!

This black blood was the impurities within Yi Yun’s body. With every Marrow Cleansing, he flushed out his body’s impurities, and Yi Yun’s body was becoming more and more pure.

With his body pure, he laid a good foundation. The day he breaks into the Purple Blood realm, he can directly reach the peak of the early stages of the Purple Blood realm. His body could hold much more energy than other Purple Blood warriors!

“I didn’t expect this Kingdom’s preliminaries to turn into a fortuitous event for me. Using it, I have broken through to the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm and just a step away from Purple Blood! I also feel my body filled with energy. I really cannot wait to expend this energy by cultivating!”

Yi Yun was full from absorbing the energy, and there was no more significance in proceeding further.

Besides, he had already overtaken Tao Yunxiao and took first place in the preliminaries!

“Master, Yi Yun took first place.” Lin Xintong only knew Yi Yun amongst all the partic.i.p.ants. Besides, her Yin Meridians had some relations with Yi Yun, so Lin Xintong naturally wished for Yi Yun to win.

“A gra.s.s-root level Kingdom’s selection, and only a preliminary at that. So what if he’s first? There’s nothing impressive about that.” Old man Su curled his lips like he didn’t care, but old man Su was pretty surprised to see Yi Yun break through under the great pressure.

If it was just a one off, then it would have been nothing. But if Yi Yun were to break through repeatedly under pressure or while in times of difficulty, then he would be a force to be reckoned with.

“Too bad, it’s really too bad. If his const.i.tution was perfect, no, even if it was just slightly below perfect, then he would be a real great martial arts seedling!” Old man Su shaked his head sighing. He still remembered his first meeting with Yi Yun who had said very extraordinary words. Just from the words Yi Yun said, Yi Yun’s Spirit should not be bad.

However, there was always one form of regret or another in this world.

Lin Xintong had perfect const.i.tution and extremely high perceptivity. In every respect she was impeccable, but due to her Yin Meridians, it had cut off her road to martial arts, and was destined not to go far.

Yi Yun had Dragon Pulse, Spirit, excellent perceptivity and great ambitions; however, his const.i.tution was lacking, and it could be his fatal weakness!


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