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Chapter 876: Too Infuriating

He knew very well that there was a deeper meaning to Luo Huo'er’s ’don't disappoint me’. And in fact, this bet was all a result of Luo Huo'er's playful mindset — she was essentially a young brat who craved to see the world plunge into chaos.

"Huo'er, you are up to your wanton mischief again." At this moment, Empress Xuan's Yuan Qi voice transmission rang. "Do you know what thoughts Crimson Firmament will have if your bet were to come into effect? Yi Yun will become the stye in his eye, a cause of pain that he will want  to get rid off."

Despite hearing Empress Xuan's words, Luo Huo'er said in a displeased manner, "Yi Yun is already a stye in Crimson Firmament's eye. Making it a little larger will not make a difference. Furthermore, I'm also a stye in Crimson Firmament's eye."

Empress Xuan did not speak further after Luo Huo'er's retort. She only shook her head because it was indeed without a doubt that Yi Yun was already a stye in Crimson Firmament's eye.

"Your Highness, are you pulling my leg?" Bai Yueqing's smile faltered slightly. Although Bai Yueqing did not believe that the White Fox clan would lose to the Luo clan, Luo Huo'er's words sounded rather harsh to his ears.

"Letting Yi Yun accompany Princess White Fox on her travels?" Bai Yueqing gave Yi Yun a look of disdain. "He is unqualified. This Prince will not agree to this bet."

Bai Yueqing believed that his regal bearing was already rather esteemed, but at this point in time, he could no longer tolerate it. He felt that Luo Huo'er was constantly teasing him. Hence, he said those words. He no longer concealed his belittlement of Yi Yun.

When Yi Yun heard this, he glanced at Bai Yueqing. He saw a feature in Bai Yueqing's eyes that was only seen in wild beasts, a cold urge to kill.

In fact, he had sensed the white fox's belittlement and animosity right from the very beginning.

Yi Yun was also not someone to be messed with either. Having been earmarked for attacks, he said, "The two of you want me to accompany Princess White Fox on her travels, but you have yet to ask for my thoughts. I want to say that I don't have any intentions of traveling with Princess White Fox, to begin with. The opportunity you think that I'll be yearning for is actually worth nothing to me."

Yi Yun's final words were directed at Bai Yueqing.

Bai Yueqing was dumbfounded hearing this. Not only Bai Yueqing was dumbfounded, even Luo Huo'er was dumbfounded for a moment before she revealed a naughty smile.

"Nice going, Little Yun!" Luo Huo'er said with a voice transmission. What Yi Yun had said pleased her greatly.

"What did you just say?" Bai Yueqing's face turned sullen. New flames of killing intent began to burn in his eyes as he looked at Yi Yun.

Seeing Bai Yueqing's reaction, Yi Yun smiled and said, "It's truly interesting. Princess Purple Spirit wants me to accompany Princess White Fox on her travels, and you say that I'm unqualified and unworthy. I took the initiative to mention that I do not want to travel with Princess White Fox, but not only were you not happy about it, you turned furious. Could it be that in your mind, I should be pleading on my knees to accompany Princess White Fox on her travels, and you would kick me away and curse me for being a toad that l.u.s.ts over a swan's meat? Would you feel happy only when that happens?"

What Yi Yun said had hit the nail on the head. Indeed, in Bai Yueqing's subconsciousness, it was only right for the White Fox royal family to reject others, and not the other way round.

Bai Yueqing coldly looked at Yi Yun. If this was anywhere outside Fenghua Palace, he would have killed Yi Yun.

"Whether Her Highness wishes to stay in the White Fox clan is her freedom. By using a bet to force her to stay in the White Fox clan is such a hopeless act!"

He said those face-smacking words without fearing anything. Luo Huo'er and even Empress Xuan wanted to give their kudos to Yi Yun.

Having been blindsided by Empress Luo, the machinations of Empress Luo against her daughter, and how Emperor Luo was seemingly agreeing to the marriage, how could Empress Xuan not be infuriated? She found Bai Yueqing unpleasing to the eyes no matter how she looked at him. But now, with Yi Yun throwing out those words, Empress Xuan was elated.  

Of course, she could not speak her thoughts. Empress Xuan said with an angry glare, "Yi Yun, how can you say such words? Prince Yueqing is a guest of the Luo clan."

Although it sounded like she was reprimanding Yi Yun, was there any inkling of admonishment from her tone?

Bai Yueqing was incensed. With so many people present, his prestige as a prince had been torn apart. As for the bet, he no longer cared about it.

However, he never expected Luo Huo'er to suddenly say, "I can agree to your bet. If the Luo clan loses, I will stay in the White Fox clan for a year of travel, but if the Luo clan wins&h.e.l.lip; "

Luo Huo'er paused upon saying that, "I wish that you and I will no longer have any correspondence in the future."

This bet&h.e.l.lip; 

Yi Yun gave Luo Huo'er an odd glance. The bet had deeper implications. After all, the White Fox clan had yet to propose any marriage alliances with the Luo clan. If the White Fox clan truly lost, with the bet in place, it was unlikely for the White Fox clan to be shameless enough to propose a marriage alliance.

"Alright!" Bai Yueqing spat out the word. "Then This Prince shall be taking his leave. May Princess Purple Spirit prepare for her trip to the White Fox clan in the coming days!"

After saying his words, Bai Yueqing did not stay a moment longer. He led his servants and left Fenghua Palace!

When he saw Bai Yueqing leave, Yi Yun smacked his lips and transmitted his voice to Luo Huo'er. "Why are you so confident?"

"I'm not confident. Bai Yueqing isn't a fool. For him to dare propose the bet, he naturally has something backing him. So&h.e.l.lip; all of this is on you, Little Yun." Luo Huo'er said casually, rendering Yi Yun speechless. 

Luo Huo'er was truly too bold.

"If it's the Desolate Heaven technique, I might have some confidence. But if it comes to martial arts, be it my foundation or physique, they are far inferior to top geniuses’."

Yi Yun knew himself. The geniuses in the Luo clan royal capital were on a completely different level to the Fire Cloud State's.

After all, Yi Yun had just come to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. His potential had yet to be developed. In terms of foundation, he was at a disadvantage.

"There's no hurry. We can take a step at a time. The Luo Divine Hall trials last for quite a period of time." At this moment, Empress Xuan spoke. She sighed slightly before saying, "Regardless of the case, Empress Luo has made a good move. Even if Huo'er extricates herself from Bai Yueqing's marriage alliance, if Prince Crimson Firmament succeeds in his marriage alliance with Princess White Fox, under the threat of the Fey Phantasm Sect, His Majesty would still consider Prince Crimson Firmament as his heir. Furthermore, if Huo'er were to inherit the throne, her relationship with the new emperor of the White Fox clan might not be so cordial."

Empress Xuan was filled with worries. Just this move allowed Crimson Firmament to take another step closer to the throne.

"Maybe Crimson Firmament's marriage alliance will fail?"

The corners of Luo Huo'er's mouth curled up as she revealed her l.u.s.trous canine teeth. Although she was disinterested in the throne, she did not want to lose either, especially with Empress Luo machinating against her.

She wanted to win against her, and make that old witch weep!


News of Luo Huo'er and Bai Yueqing's bet quickly proliferated. 

The bet was obviously not concealed as it needed the notarization of the public.

In fact, the announcement of the bet was entrusted to the maidservants by Luo Huo'er. With her penchant for chaos to pervade the world, those Fenghua Palace maidservants reproduced whatever they knew. It even included the first bet that Luo Huo'er had proposed — ‘Letting Yi Yun accompany Princess White Fox on her travels’, as well as Yi Yun's subsequent refusal.

With that, news spread quickly in the royal capital!

Everyone who heard the news was stupefied.

They were not surprised at the bet agreed upon by Luo Huo'er and Bai Yueqing, but by what Yi Yun had said.

The status that Princess White Fox enjoyed was heads and shoulders above the cream of the crop. In the White Fox clan, her status was nearly equivalent to Luo Huo'er's!

But she had been ridiculed by Luo Huo'er and following that&h.e.l.lip; she had been rejected by Yi Yun?

The opportunity to travel with Princess White Fox was worth nothing to Yi Yun?

Yi Yun's words were not only infuriating and surprising to members of the White Fox clan, but also to members of the Luo clan. They were all dumbfounded. Yi Yun was too good at posturing.


"Princess! Princess!"

In an elegantly adorned palace in the Luo clan royal capital, a pet.i.te maidservant ran over. She had a pair of sharp white fox ears protruding at the top of her head, and a bushy tail behind her. She was clearly a girl from the White Fox clan, but she had yet to fully complete her human manifestation.

"Princess, do you know what has happened outside? It's completely infuriating!" The maidservant said huffily as she ran.

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