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Chapter 87: Peak of the Qi Gatherer Realm

Compared to the footsteps of the other partic.i.p.ants, Yi Yun’s faltering steps looked more difficult. He looked like he was destined to be much slower than the rest. Most of the heirs of the small tribal clans and the elites of the Tao tribal clan had come within twenty steps of the horn.

There were some who were struggling, trying their best to pa.s.s the twenty step mark.

“This little slave actually began to move. But in such a miserable state, he can’t go far.” After one glance, Lian Chengyu did not take any further notice. He raised his head to look at the large desolate beast phantom image in the sky. He bit down his teeth and wiped the sweat from his brow as he carried on moving forward.

The closer they were to the Fierce Divine Tiger’s horn, the greater the pressure became. For Lian Chengyu, each step became more difficult than the last.

He saw that he was about twelve steps away from the horn, and knew that upon reaching the ten step radius, he would receive an intense increase in terrifying pressure. Without any mental preparation, he would not be able to withstand it and be forced backwards by the energy.

Some of the elites of the Tao tribal clan had failed because of this.

And among the people, the only person to successfully enter a ten step radius was Tao Yunxiao!

Lian Chengyu had to admit that Tao Yunxiao beat him both in terms of strength and Spirit.

As a fourteen year old child, Tao Yunxiao was absolutely arrogant, but such arrogance was also a manifestation of Spirit!

At this time, the slowest Yi Yun had approached the twenty step radius.

“Master, he’s about to pa.s.s soon.” Lin Xintong said. Old man Su pinched his beard and said, “Pa.s.sing the Kingdom’s selection’s preliminaries would be nothing even if you were to pa.s.s it, but&h.e.l.lip;”

Old man Su focused his mind and looked carefully at Yi Yun, “This kid is doing something&h.e.l.lip;”

“Oh?” Lin Xintong was stunned.

“His strength is increasing!” Old man Su said without rhyme or reason, “From the moment he began moving towards the horn, his cultivation level had been slowly increasing, strange&h.e.l.lip;”

Old man Su stroked his chin and his incredible eyes could easily see every inch of Yi Yun’s body from high in the sky. By observing Yi Yun’s body condition, he had realized that Yi Yun’s energy within him was undergoing change.

If not for the mysterious Purple Crystal that exceeded old man Su’s comprehension, he would have been shocked for uncountable number of light dots were flocking to Yi Yun like birds following a Phoenix.

Twenty steps!

Yi Yun finally stepped into the twenty step boundary and pa.s.sed.

Every person who stepped into the twenty step demarcation line would catch the attention of the crowd. Yi Yun was no different.

A few members of the warrior preparation camp had already retreated to over a hundred steps away to a “safe distance”. Seeing Yi Yun qualify, they were displeased.

This kid could not hold on and each step looked like he would tumble, yet he qualified!

Heaven was unfair, this punk’s Spirit was stronger than all of them!



At this time, Yi Yun’s acc.u.mulated energy had reached it’s maximum. The Purple Crystal in his heart would absorb the energy and compress it with each pulsation.

Yi Yun’s started to spit out blood as his blood vessels began to rise up as if they were about to explode!

Just a bit more, just a tiny bit more!

Yi Yun gritted his teeth and as he was just about to take another step, the Fierce Divine Tiger in the sky stared at them all with its large amber eyes!


The long roar of the Fierce Divine Tiger, which comprised of a large amount of energy from the horn, was like a volcano eruption, surging up into the sky!

“Ah!” Lian Chengyu let out a scream. The sudden change in pressure was too much for him. He felt like he had been rammed in the chest by a jackhammer. With a snort, his body flew backwards!

Fierce Divine Tiger got its name because its roar was extremely fearsome, enough to scare the heavens!

This was only the phantom image of the Fierce Divine Tiger. If it was a mature living Fierce Divine Tiger, a roar would be enough to kill an army of a thousand people!

Many of the elites of the Tao tribal clan experienced the same thing as Lian Chengyu. With the sudden burst of the imposing aura, they were not prepared and failed to react in time, resulting in them flying backwards.

Those who were already at their limits immediately vomited out blood and could no longer move forward.

As for Tao Yunxiao, his strength and confidence were showcased. Although he had retreated backwards and his face ashened, he was only down on one knee and did not collapse!

“Good! Good! Exhilarating! I must conquer you today!” After wiping the blood off his lips, his eyes lit up with excitement. No one was competing with him anymore. The person to defeat was himself.

Just as Tao Yunxiao wanted to stand up and move, he heard a bone crunching sound behind him!

“Ka Ka Ka!”

It was the clear cracking sound of egg sh.e.l.ls cracking which was alarming!

“Huh!?” Tao Yunxiao turned his head suddenly to search for the source of the sound.

He saw a youth drenched in sweat, as if the youth that had been fished out of the water, and the youth was crouching on the ground, while his muscles were jumping and shaking!

The trembling of his muscles was not due to the fear caused by the pressure, but the joy of the muscles filled with energy.

The energy within Yi Yun’s meridian channels were circulating rapidly. When the Fierce Divine Tiger roared, the pressure had reached its extreme, sending a violent surge of energy through Yi Yun’s body, as if a high speed crash into a wall.

The seal on his body’s energy was smashed through in that instant!

A whirlpool began to form at Yi Yun’s heart and began sucking in innumerable lights dots to it like a blackhole.


With the explosive burst of energy, the rock by Yi Yun’s feet shattered. He opened his eyes and his eyes flashed like lightning.

The peak of the Qi Gatherer realm, I have finally broken through to it!

As such, I’m just one step away from the Purple Blood realm!

“What’s the matter with this kid?” From Tao Yunxiao’s insight and observation capabilities, he could not tell what had happened to Yi Yun’s body.

As for Zhang Tan who was in the middle of the square, he could feel it. Although he had not reached the point of Opening Heaven’s Eyes, he could tell that Yi Yun had broken through.

“This kid actually used the pressure from the Fierce Divine Tiger’s roar to break through?” Zhang Tan was surprised but gave an interested look. “Interesting! Interesting! Normal people would find it hard to bear under such tremendous pressure. Each breath felt as long as a day, and could not wait to finish the test early. But this kid actually used this chance to give himself an opportunity. Haha, interesting!”

Zhang Tan felt that this kid would one day amount to something!

Yi Yun clenched his fists and took in deep breaths. he felt every breath was sweet and refreshing. His saliva was like the water from an oasis, nourishing his body with each swallow.

Reaching the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm that was just one step shy of the Purple Blood realm, he felt the world appear clearer to him. His perception of the environment had increased further.

Not only that, he felt an inexhaustible amount of energy within his body. The rich Heaven Earth Yuan Qi around him was entering all his pores and into his body!

A warrior at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm could easily absorb the energies of the surroundings. Although they had not reached the realm of avoiding grain, they could still survive even with the lack of food.

“This is the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm, it feels great!” Yi Yun clenched his fists and felt an emotion. He turned his head over and he glanced at Lian Chengyu.

Yi Yun and Lian Chengyu were separated by a distance of dozens of feet as they looked directly at each other!


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