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Chapter 867: Luo Mo

When Luo Huo'er said those words, everyone present fell silent. The result was obvious. Yi Yun had managed to refine a relic at least. But for Luo Kui, despite his ostentatious razzle-dazzle, he had ended up refining a pile of ash.

Empress Xuan failed to understand what had happened either. She looked at Yi Yun with amazement, unsure if Yi Yun knew that he would win from the beginning. Everything looked like a coincidence, but Yi Yun's calm and leisurely composure from the very beginning made her feel like he had everything in his grasp.

Had he foreseen this outcome from the very beginning?

"Huo'er, what happened?" Empress Xuan sent a voice transmission to Luo Huo'er.

"Hehe, Mother, as to what specifically happened, I do not know either. But Yi Yun is a very interesting person. It's not easy to make him suffer!"

Amongst the people present, Luo Huo'er was the one who understood Yi Yun the best. Although Yi Yun looked harmless, he was extremely nefarious. He was filled with evil ideas!

"Oh? You think so highly of Yi Yun?" Empress Xuan was rather surprised. She knew her daughter the best. Luo Huo'er may appear a bit childish, but she was very arrogant deep down. She despised everyone, but she had given Yi Yun such a good evaluation.

If that was the case, Empress Xuan felt that she had to review the young man once again.

Upon hearing Empress Xuan say that, Luo Huo'er's face blushed. How could her evaluation not be high? She had suffered under the hands of Yi Yun several times in the Tai Ah Divine City. Someone who could make her suffer was obviously powerful, unless she wanted to put herself down?

Of course, the mishaps in the lower realm, especially how her body had been seen by Yi Yun was something that she definitely did not want to tell Empress Xuan. It would be unimaginable what Empress Xuan would think of that.

Just as Luo Huo'er was machinating something, Empress Xuan's follow-up statement made Luo Huo'er's face turn sullen. Empress Xuan had said, "Huo'er, in a while, tell Mother of your experiences in the lower realm."


Luo Huo'er's eyes widened and nearly choked. How could she&h.e.l.lip; mention those things?

Worst of all, her mother was the person who understood her the most. If she made up a story, it was easy for her to be exposed. Also back then, when Luo Huo'er was left in the Tai Ah Divine City, there were Luo clan clansmen who were responsible for protecting Luo Huo'er's safety. Although they had never appeared, or even stepped into the Divine City once, they more or less knew of certain things. As long as Empress Xuan asked them, and compare the facts with what Luo Huo'er said, it was easy for her to deduce which were real or fake&h.e.l.lip; 

Upon thinking about this, Luo Huo'er felt bitter in her heart.


"Aren't you going down? Haven't you shamed yourself enough?" Prince Crimson Firmament's voice transmission boomed in Luo Kui's ears. 

Luo Kui had suffered a heavy blow and his Ancient Fey bloodline had been damaged. He stood back up unsteadily and staggered back to his seat.

He was unconvinced!

However, he also knew that he had lost!

Luo Kui felt as though he was sitting on pins and needles in the palace. Every second that he stayed in it, he felt as though his face was burning, as though everyone else was mocking him.

However, he would feel indignant if he were to leave. He felt that Yi Yun had obtained a free win, and with Yi Yun's Desolate Heaven technique level, even his Desolate Heaven technique servant was better than Yi Yun, much less himself!

Therefore, no matter how embarra.s.sing it was, Luo Kui insisted on sitting in his seat and wait for Yi Yun to be trampled on.

Luo Kui wiped the blood flowing out of his nose and ears and said angrily, "Prince Crimson Firmament, your subject is ashamed, but&h.e.l.lip; but that punk is complete c.r.a.p. You have to rescue the situation."

"There's no need for your incessant talk. I know what to do!" Prince Crimson Firmament said with a Yuan Qi voice transmission. 

He was of the mind to ignore Luo Kui, but what Luo Kui said was right. He had to rescue the situation. If not, he would definitely become the laughing stock of the royal capital. If Emperor Luo were to hear about today's matter, it was unknown how he would think of him.

When Prince Crimson Firmament looked at Yi Yun, his eyes gave off a strange flair.

He did not believe that everything had been machinated by Yi Yun, mainly because he doubted that Yi Yun had such an ability.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if Yi Yun had any inkling of involvement in the matter, his Desolate Heaven technique was definitely extremely limited. Yi Yun's age was obvious for all to see. Prince Crimson Firmament refused to believe that Yi Yun's standard could be even a tenth of Luo Kui's. 

Prince Crimson Firmament took a deep breath and looked at Empress Luo.

In contrast, Empress Luo appeared calm. She only nodded her head, indicating that she was leaving everything to Prince Crimson Firmament.

This banquet was prepared for Prince Crimson Firmament, to pave his way to the throne. Now that there was an unexpected incident at the banquet, Prince Crimson Firmament had to take care of it.

Prince Crimson Firmament faltered slightly as his eyes darted to his side and swept across Princess White Fox.

Princess White Fox was sitting quietly in her seat, as though she was a pure Snow Lotus. Even the outcome of the compet.i.tion had not perturbed her much.

Prince Crimson Firmament knew that Princess White Fox's Desolate Heaven technique was peerless amongst the younger generation. If she were to compete, only Luo Huo'er was worthy of being her opponent.

It was impossible for Princess White Fox to deal with a single Yi Yun as it would be a hit to her reputation.

"Luo Mo!" Prince Crimson Firmament's voice transmission was sent out of the palace.

In about half a minute, a handsome young man walked into the main hall. His long hair was tied to his back, and he wore black and white clothes. There were delicate and beautiful scenic drawings on his clothes. He did not look like a warrior at all, he looked like a scholar who dabbled in the arts.

"Young master Luo Mo?" The moment that the handsome young man appeared, someone immediately shouted Luo Mo's name.

He was Luo Mo, the one who had the t.i.tle of the number one genius amongst the younger generation of the royal capital!

Luo Mo was not one of the four great young masters of the royal capital, mainly because his background was not prominent. He was only from an insignificant branch of the Luo clan, but he was still famous in the royal capital, despite not being from an ill.u.s.trious background.

The label of ’genius’ was because of his talent in various aspects.

It was enough for a typical warrior to have martial talent, but for Luo Mo, not only was his martial talent exceptional, but he was also proficient in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Furthermore, he had very high attainments in the Desolate Heaven technique.

In the warrior's world, music, chess, calligraphy, and painting were used as a form of entertainment and they were not considered a main way of life. But Luo Mo had managed to develop his martial path through music, chess, calligraphy and painting, which was an amazing feat. And due to his talent, and his good looks, Luo Mo had won the hearts of many women. In the royal capital, many women from good families were rushing to marry him.

"Luo Mo was also here at the banquet, but why didn't anyone notice him?"

Many young elites were surprised. For a person like Luo Mo, who was well known, he would definitely have stolen the limelight if he had appeared and been the focus of attention.

"He must be in one of the side rooms. There is a small feast in the side rooms, and the level of service there is extremely high. If I'm not wrong, the side room must be filled with important figures. It might be the geniuses under Empress Luo and Prince Crimson Firmament." People discussed with Yuan Qi voice transmissions. 

With this said, everyone understood.

So this was the case. Empress Luo was setting up a banquet with malicious purposes. She was worried that if her line-up was revealed, it might appear too strong, frightening Empress Xuan out of her wits.

If that were the case, Empress Xuan might choose to suffer the reputation of being afraid to go to battle by refusing the compet.i.tion. It was clear that she would suffer an abject failure, so how could she agree to it?

Hence, Empress Luo had deliberately hidden a number of people in a side room that was concealed by array formations.

If Empress Xuan agreed to the match, Empress Luo could call her people out one by one. With a gorgeous line-up, she could thrash Empress Xuan!

However, Empress Luo never expected that Empress Xuan did not bring anyone from her family, making her unable to display her force. She had finally managed to use the burly Luo Kui to get Empress Xuan to compete, but she ended up encountering a wonder like Yi Yun. Immediately, Empress Luo's plans were in a mess.

And now, Prince Crimson Firmament could no longer remain patient. By calling Luo Mo out, he was planning to get Luo Mo to thrash Yi Yun.

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