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Chapter 86: Moving towards the Horn

At this moment in time, the horn’s energy had entered Yi Yun’s body, putting tremendous pressure on it! The energy contained within the horns was not ordinary. It contained an aura of unspeakable evil and blood-curling arrogance!

“Boom!” Yi Yun felt his vision tremor, as if a white tiger-like desolate beast was standing on a mountain roaring, and under its feet were ten thousand beasts succ.u.mbing to it!

The suppressor of these beasts was no ordinary beast, but an existence that was above the fierce beast grade. Some large beasts were much stronger than Purple Blood realm human warriors.

This white tiger-like desolate beast had a respectable status as a beast king. During its life, it had conquered large territories, winning it infinite glory. Even in its death, its remnant horn still possessed such awe-striking power!

It seemed like it was this evilness and blood curling arrogance that put immense pressure to the partic.i.p.ants, causing their misery!

Yi Yun repeatedly took in deep breaths. His face pale, for he realized the energy he had absorbed seemed to have a life of its own. Although it was suppressed by the Purple Crystal without a fight, the energy upon reaching his body was still extremely proud. It surged within his meridian channels causing Yi Yun pain!

He had to gather up all his strength to withstand the pain. Even so, he still felt an immense pain. The heat within his body made sweat appear on his forehead, as his body trembled!

Yi Yun felt as if he had dropped into a cauldron of fire. His fists tightened as he clenched his teeth. Blood even seeped out along the edges of his mouth!

Whereas at this moment, Tao Yunxiao had finally reached a position within twenty steps from the Fierce Divine Tiger’s horn. Members of the Jin Long Wei proceeded to draw a circle at this spot. Tao Yunxiao was the first partic.i.p.ant to cross into the region.

“Haha, I’m indeed the first!” Tao Yunxiao glanced at Lian Chengyu who still needed at least five steps.

But Lian Chengyu’s progress was considered good. Many of the other heirs of the smaller tribes could not compare with Lian Chengyu.

There were also some elites that had been nurtured by the Tao tribal clan who were still short of a few steps from that circle.

As for Yi Yun, he was no longer noticed by Tao Yunxiao. This was because Tao Yunxiao only looked at the ones closest to him.

“Compared to these people, there’s nothing to be proud of even if I became first. I need to walk another ten steps, and eventually hold the horn within my hand!”

With this thought, Tao Yunxiao looked up to the airship.

“Wait and see, see how far I can go forward!”

Past the twenty step radius, it became much harder to move forward as Tao Yunxiao felt immense pressure.

At this time, Lian Chengyu had already walked into the circle. “I pa.s.sed. This is my Spirit, and the ability to accomplish great things in the future! Very good, even if I wasn’t first, nor within the top three, the people in front of me are all elites of the Tao tribal clan. The only person to have such Spirit from a small tribal clan is me!”

Lian Chengyu was pleased with himself. Coming out from a small area like the Lian tribal clan, he had little resources to enjoy, so his ambition was limited. To obtain such results made him proud of himself.

Lian Chengyu took a glance at Yi Yun. He wanted to see how far Yi Yun had progressed.

With that glance, he was stunned as Yi Yun was standing motionless on the same spot.

Not only that, Yi Yun’s face was red, and he was sweating profusely. A thin blue vein had appeared on his forehead as if there was a blue line buried under his skin.

Yi Yun looked as though he had been chasing wild horses for days.

“How can he be that weak?” Lian Chengyu was stumped. He had originally believed that Yi Yun’s Spirit would barely make it. Although Yi Yun was incomparable to him, Yi Yun should have been able to enter the twenty step radius, or at least the thirty step radius.

But from the present situation, he seemed no different to those losers who had been scared out of their wits. Besides being able to maintain his standing position, he seemed to be at his limits in every aspect.

Facing the facts, Lian Chengyu sneered to himself, “I thought this kid was so capable that he could be arrogant. It looks like forcibly standing up without kneeling down is his limit. To think I thought he would be a future threat. What a joke. So what if he has good luck, he has a worthless background. That’s all he amounts to. That’s right, how is it possible to find a Son of the Heavens in a group of beggars? All the luck acc.u.mulated by the Lian tribal clan had been used to support me. There cannot be another person who will threaten my status!”

With this thought, Lian Chengyu no longer cared about Yi Yun and proceeded walking towards the horn.

The partic.i.p.ants with considerable power began crossing the twenty step boundary and started walking past it.

All of them wanted to show what their limits were. At the same time, they wanted the upper echelon of the Jin Long Wei to notice them, and nurture them for greater achievements in the future.

At this moment, Lin Xintong who was in the airship could no longer understand Yi Yun.

Could Yi Yun not withstand such a degree of pressure anymore? Not only could he not withstand it, his whole body was sweating as if he could no longer stand.

“Master, what’s up with him?” Lin Xintong asked. Old man Su took a side glance as he was curious what the kid was doing. He can’t be that bad?

No one knew what Yi Yun was experiencing with the Purple Crystal’s energy trap.

Every pore of his was burning. It was as if knives were moving through his meridian channels. Yi Yun had never felt such pain from absorbing energy with the Purple Crystal. This was because the Fierce Divine Tiger’s energy was too difficult to overcome.

Under the extreme pain, Yi Yun found it unbearable. But at the same time, he was extremely excited. Due to the violent flow of energy entering his body, he felt his vessels and meridians becoming stronger; his bones and organs were also being tempered by this violent energy, becoming even stronger.

His body was transforming!

His cultivation was rapidly increasing!

Originally, Yi Yun was just at the beginning stages of the fifth level of the Mortal Blood realm, but slowly he felt his strength consolidate, and his base grow solid. He had gradually reached the middle stages and even making steps towards the peak of the fifth level of the Mortal Blood realm!

If he reached the peak of the fifth level of the Mortal Blood realm, Yi Yun’s cultivation level would be no different from Lian Chengyu’s! Combined with his Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse, defeating Lian Chengyu would be an easy task!

The rapid increase in strength made him excited. It made Yi Yun’s determination firmer. Even under the meridians-ripping pain, he carried on enduring!

He wanted to break through to the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm in one sitting!

But Yi Yun felt there was something lacking to push his body to the limit. To compress all the energy into his body, it seemed like there was a lack in pressure.

He wanted to push himself to the limit, only then would he shine.

Biting his teeth, Yi Yun began to take steps forward towards the horn!

He planned to be close to the horn, using the Fierce Divine Tiger’s immense pressure to train his body, and forcing him to break through, all the way to the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm!

“Master, he’s moving.” Lin Xintong’s eyes lit up, but old man Su was still frowning. He may have moved, but such a state didn’t seem like he would pa.s.s. I don’t want you to steal the show, but don’t make me ashamed&h.e.l.lip;

Oh? That’s not right&h.e.l.lip;

Old man Su suddenly realized something and looked towards Yi Yun with a surprised look.


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