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Chapter 859: Meeting Princess Purple Spirit

Yi Yun obviously heard the sentence that everyone heard.

He glanced at Ran Xueyi, and quietly placed his teacup down.

Yi Yun was not one to suffer silently. After being disparaged by someone in Luo Lucid Palace, he would not remain silent.

"Young master Ran, this lowly one wants to consult you wholeheartedly... what sort of lesson does Young master Ran plan on teaching this lowly one?" Yi Yun suddenly spoke out. 

All the young elites present were taken aback as they immediately turned to look at Ran Xueyi and wait for his reply.

Ran Xueyi lightly said, "My Xushui Ran clan will not go overboard in seeking revenge. It only feels that it's right that debts are paid and how murder is paid for with one's life. The lesson that you taught to Ran Yu will roughly be the same lesson I give to you."

Ran Xueyi's words interested the surrounding young elites. This was no trifling matter. Yi Yun had crippled Ran Yu's bloodline, so Ran Yu's future was practically destroyed. The lesson that Ran Xueyi was planning to give Yi Yun was to cripple Yi Yun in the confines of the rules?

Such a lesson was tragic, but in the mouth of Ran Xueyi, it appeared as though it was nothing serious.

Just from Ran Xueyi's bearing, he did not exude a feeling of being overbearing, but the words he said were completely overbearing that ran deep into his bone.

"Oh? In that case, you, Ran Xueyi plan on crippling me. Very well. I, Yi Yun, will not go overboard in seeking revenge either. I too believe that it is only right that debts are paid and how murder is paid for with one's life. Whoever wants to cripple me, I will retaliate and might also cripple him."

What Yi Yun said was forceful as it echoed throughout the venue!

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard this. They had commented that Ran Xueyi was overbearing, but Yi Yun was even more overbearing. He had used the same words that Ran Xueyi had said to strike back at him.

Ran Xueyi had made it difficult for Yi Yun in public because he disparaged Yi Yun, but it was because he had the Xushui Ran clan backing him. That was a large family clan ranked amongst the top ten in the Luo clan. Ran Xueyi's background was powerful enough, so no one dared to say a thing when he made such a declaration.

However, Yi Yun dared to say something similar.

He was only a human, without any foundation in the Luo clan. Yet, he wanted to be belligerent against Ran Xueyi? What was he basing this on?

If Yi Yun was said to have great talent, Ran Xueyi too had heaven-defying talent. Ran Xueyi was on a completely different level to Ran Yu. No one knew if Yi Yun could compete with Ran Xueyi when it came to talent.

As for other aspects, there was no need to discuss them any further. In nearly every aspect, Yi Yun was left in the dust by Ran Xueyi.

Ran Xueyi's sword-like brows p.r.i.c.ked up as the cold beam in his eyes shot at Yi Yun's body like an arrow. "What did you say? I didn't hear it clearly. What do you want to do to me?"

"I just said that whoever wants to cripple me, I'll retaliate, and I might also cripple him!" Yi Yun did not mind repeating again. 

What he said was the standards of the martial world. If this was any other time, no one would find fault with it.

But in the present situation, if it were any other young elite present in Yi Yun's shoes, none of them would have the courage to say it.

Ran Xueyi suddenly laughed out. "It's been a while since a peer dared to say such things to me. Yi Yun, you probably think that some results at the collective training, the appreciation of Empress Xuan, and the invitation to this Luo Lucid Springs banquet means you are one step closer to the upper echelons of the Luo clan. You probably think that my Xushui Ran clan is nothing impressive. You are truly naive." Ran Xueyi derided relentlessly. 

He obviously knew that Yi Yun was Empress Xuan's person.

Empress Xuan had drawn in a batch of geniuses in order to let Princess Purple Spirit successfully ascend to the throne. However, it would be a joke to say that these geniuses had any higher status. To put it bluntly, they were just chess pieces.

"You just obtained first in a collective training, which was just a few tiny states in the larger picture, and you are already this overbearing. Those who aren't in the know might even think that you have obtained first place at the Luo Divine Hall trials! Furthermore, even if you were to obtain the first few spots in the Luo Divine Hall trials, so what? The Luo Divine Hall trials happen once every sixty years. In 60,000 years, there are a thousand of those, and you think that's impressive? What a frog in a well!"

Ran Xueyi drank his wine as he shook his head in disdain. He was not finished with his words, but everyone knew the meaning behind Ran Xueyi's words.

An ancient family clan like the Xushui Ran clan had existed for hundreds of millions of years!

In a hundred million years, the powerful family clans in the Luo clan had never changed.

And as for these young elites, there were numerous born, with numerous maturing and numerous dying!

In the history of time, they were already uncountable. Furthermore, the present Yi Yun was still not considered to be a genius of that level.

Compared to the a behemoth like the Xushui Ran clan that had existed for a hundred million years, it was just a joke.

At this moment, Ran Xueyi had no intention on arguing with Yi Yun any further.

With his stature, arguing with Yi Yun was only demeaning of his ident.i.ty.

"Brother Donglin, let's continue drinking. There's no need to mind an ignoramus." 

Ran Xueyi's character was frank. Although he had argued with Yi Yun, it did not affect his drinking mood. He did not even put it at heart.

And indeed, he began drinking with Donglin Yu.

Immediately, everyone looked at Yi Yun as they broke out into a flurry of discussion.

Previously, Yi Yun's performance at the Mt. Azure Billow collective training was amazing, but at the Luo clan royal capital, there were few who knew about Yi Yun.

The Luo clan was just too big. Every clan would have their outstanding progenies, so Yi Yun was not worth paying any concern to. However, today, all of them got to know this young man.

A human, whose cultivation level was only at the early stages of the Heaven Ascension, had dared to enter into a conflict with the top scion of the Xushui Ran clan. This truly had the inkling of a rash move.

"That Yi Yun comes from the lower realm. He probably does not know the terror of a large family clan in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. To dare to make such impertinent remarks with a low cultivation level and zero background, he will suffer sooner or later."

"Background is just too important. Yi Yun can only be considered to have barely clung onto Empress Xuan. Maybe he was lucky and won some recognition."

People began to discuss privately with Yuan Qi voice transmissions. They were not discussing Yi Yun's talent, but his actions. It was inadvisable to be provocative or be unable to be submissive and keep a low profile when one was still lacking in cultivation levels.

At this moment&h.e.l.lip; 

A sharp call resounded above Luo Lucid Mountain. People looked up and they saw a gigantic divine bird that was tens of thousands of feet long.

This divine bird looked identical to the legendary Phoenix. Its feathers were all lit up in flames, as it shimmered with seven auspicious colors.

A aura that belonged to an Ancient Fey beast engulfed the vicinity. Even though the people present were elites of the Luo clan, they still felt shortness of breath when they suddenly experienced the Ancient Fey aura that blanketed them.

"It's a Phoenix Bird! Our Luo clan's top grade mount. It is a divine beast that can shuttle through the spatial storms in the sinkhole!"

The Phoenix Bird possessed the bloodline of the ancient Phoenix. Furthermore, its bloodline was extremely rich, and it could be said to be a living Ancient Fey.

There were only two Phoenix Birds in the entire Luo clan, and they were part of the royal family’s mounts.

This Phoenix Bird was bestowed to Princess Purple Spirit by Emperor Luo as a mount. It also showed how much favor Princess Purple Spirit had from Emperor Luo.

"It's Princess Purple Spirit sacred mount's arrival!"

The young elites present immediately stood up, including Ran Xueyi and Donglin Yu. Although they were the four great young masters of the royal capital, they were incomparable to Princess Purple Spirit, be it background, status or talent. They had arrived at Luo Lucid Palace through a teleportation array, which showed how much higher in status they were compared to other geniuses. However, Princess Purple Spirit traveled from her own palace to the Luo Lucid Mountain, which had a flight ban, on her Phoenix Bird.

As the Phoenix Bird circled the skies, a rainbow bridge fell from the Phoenix Bird's back. Twelve maid servants accompanied the crowned Princess Purple Spirit on her descent.

The air of n.o.bleness that belonged to a royalty spread out at the same time.

"Paying our respects to Princess Purple Spirit!"

The elites present bowed in unison in an extremely respectful manner.

Princess Purple Spirit was eminent. Ignoring her position as one of the heirs to the throne, just taking ten thousand steps back, even if she failed at ascending to the throne, she would still have a bright future ahead of her.

Although it was inevitable that Empress Xuan would lose power, Princess Purple Spirit herself had exceptional talent. With the elderly Emperor Luo protecting her, it was not difficult for her to become a Supremacy.

A Supremacy, regardless if it was the Luo royalty, would have a sublime status in the Luo clan.

When everyone bowed, Yi Yun was somewhat at a loss.

Yi Yun watched as Princess Purple Spirit descended from the sky. Even though he was mentally prepared, he was still unaccustomed when he truly saw the girl who had a screw loose and had previously accidentally exposed herself to him. She had transformed into an ill.u.s.trious princess of the Luo clan, respected by billions of people.  

This scene was too contrasting from before&h.e.l.lip; 

Seeing Luo Huo'er nonchalantly wave her hand at the elites to not stand on ceremony, her demure and elegant expression truly gave her the bearing of a princess. Was&h.e.l.lip; was she still the same person?

"Stand up." Luo Huo'er said lightly. At this moment, Ran Xueyi came forward with a beaming smile.

"Your Highness, you are truly getting more and more beautiful."

Luo Huo'er was considered to be the best female elite in the entire royal capital, so Ran Xueyi naturally looked forward to being able to get closer to her. Even if he could be slightly closer to her while speaking, it would also be a great thing.

Of course, he was still maintaining the standard courtesies of a subject, so it was not offensive.

But at this moment, Ran Xueyi, who had came forward, slowly halted in his footsteps. He realized that the G.o.ddess, who had a high standing in his heart all this time, did not pay him any attention. At this moment, her beautiful eyes were looking straight at a corner of the grand hall, with eyes of disbelief.

Ran Xueyi was taken aback. What was the princess looking at?

He could not help but look back and trace Princess Purple Spirit's gaze. As a result&h.e.l.lip; he saw Yi Yun at the corner of the hall. Yi Yun had just put down his teacup. Others had came forward to show their respects at the arrival of Princess Purple Spirit, but he clearly appeared to be one step slower.

Furthermore, he did not have a respectful expression on his face. Typical elites would bow their heads when they saw Princess Purple Spirit in a respectful manner. It was necessity as royal subjects.

Even Ran Xueyi did not dare look Luo Huo'er in the eye. As for Yi Yun, he was just standing there, blatantly staring at Luo Huo'er's face. And what was most infuriating was the odd expression on his face. It was as though the number one princess of the Luo Clan looked somewhat odd.

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