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Chapter 850: The trapped Ranyi Fish

"To annihilate four black specter shadows with one move, and to think that he just used his fist!"

On the fourth and fifth levels of Black Wind Valley, the Fire Cloud State and Phoenix Firmiana State disciples were dumbfounded. Previously, they were fixated on Yi Yun's weak body, claiming that he had relied on his Aspect Totem and Ancient Fey bloodline to reach the seventh level. If it came to a pure contest in body, Yi Yun would not have been able to find his footing on either the second or third level of Black Wind Valley.

But now, Yi Yun's single punch was heaven shaking and forceful. Although these people had not been the target of the punch, they could still feel the pressure of the punch in front of them.

"That is actually not the strength of Yi Yun's body. Yi Yun's body is still very weak, but he summoned the Heaven Devouring Wyrm bloodline back to fuse with him! In this case, the power of the Heaven Devouring Wyrm's lifeblood is also the power of his lifeblood!" A Phoenix Firmiana State disciple said.

 His tone was filled with amazement, but also regretful over being left in the dust by Yi Yun.

The surrounding Luo clan disciples had mixed feelings upon hearing this. Conjuring the Ancient Fey bloodline was good enough, but he had even fused with it!

In that case, who still dared say that Yi Yun's body was weak?

He had been mocked for having a weak body because his body would become a weakness. But now, once Yi Yun conjured the Heaven Devouring Wyrm to complete a fusion, he could share the lifeblood power of the ancient Heaven Devouring Wyrm!

That ability was extremely enviable.

Yi Yun had completely absorbed Ancient Fey bloodline in four days, and even if the other days were counted, it was less than half a month.

A human had used less than half a month to absorb an Ancient Fey bone so completely?

Now, in front of Yi Yun, they did not even want to mock him for his ident.i.ty as a human, because they were embarra.s.sed to call themselves members of the Fey race. Be it in terms of bloodline concentration, or their absorption of Ancient Fey bones, they were far inferior to Yi Yun, so how could they be proud to be members of the Fey race?

At this moment, the person who was suffering the greatest mental collapse was Ran Yu. He had taken the opportunity when Yi Yun and the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake were in a struggle to decisively make a strike. He had lured the eighth level black specter shadows towards Yi Yun, managing to avoid violating the rules of the trial of not attacking each other to place Yi Yun in a life and death danger. It could have been deemed a masterstroke.

But immediately following that, Yi Yun had fused with the Heaven Devouring Wyrm bloodline. His single punch had simultaneously shattered Ran Yu's machinations into smithereens. It made all the planning from before turn into a joke.

Ran Yu was thoroughly afraid when he saw Yi Yun's body covered in dragon scales. Yi Yun was standing there with a murderous aura.

Although Ran Yu knew leaving this dejectedly was embarra.s.sing, he was out of choices. The seventh level was not safe. Despite the fact that the black specter wyrm was already dead, there were still other black specter shadows that were constantly gathering around the seventh level. Ran Yu could not withstand that at all.

"Yi Yun, consider yourself lucky! But don't be complacent. You aren't even at the Heaven Ascension realm. Your future is still a blur. There have been numerous geniuses and wonders in the history of the Luo clan, but unfortunately they died before they managed to mature. Here's me wishing you, Yi Yun... do not die too early!"

By throwing those nasty words out, Ran Yu hoped that he could redeem a bit of his face. Although his words were toxic, what he said was true. In the Luo clan, most juniors failed to mature to the very end. The 12 Empyrean Heavens was a world with large tumultuous waves. It was extremely common to die on the path of martial arts.

After Ran Yu said this, he turned around to flee onto the sixth level. He did not want to compete with Yi Yun any further, because he could not handle it!

Just as Ran Yu flew up, a cold beam flashed in Yi Yun's eyes.

"Do you think that this seventh level is a place where you can come and go as you please!?" Yi Yun bellowed as all the power of his lifeblood burned. 

This was the power that belonged to the ancient Heaven Devouring Wyrm, and now with Yi Yun's body as a medium, it completely burst outward!

Heaven devouring!

Wo! Wo! Wo!

With Yi Yun's body as the core, the engulfing force radiated in all directions!

With the Heaven Devouring Wyrm completely fused into Yi Yun's body, the engulfing force was much stronger than before!

The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake had been injured previously, so it was trapped in the engulfing force's domain without any surprise.

Even seven or eight black specter shadows that had rushed  from the eighth level were enveloped by the engulfing force. None of them could escape.

And Ran Yu, who was closest to Yi Yun, had previously summoned his Ranyi Fish bloodline. And now, with the engulfing vortex suddenly appearing, the Ranyi Fish bloodline was being locked onto by the vortex!

"What are you doing!?"

Ran Yu's body was about to reach the sixth level, but the lifeblood power that he had conjured was stuck on the seventh level.

Ran Yu stared with anger. The Luo clan disciples were barred from attacking each other during the training at Mt. Azure Billow. This was also why Ran Yu dared to do such a brazen act in front of Yi Yun.

But now, Yi Yun had directly made his move to use the Heaven Devouring Wyrm's bloodline suppression to stop the Ranyi Fish that he had conjured!

The Ranyi Fish phantom image was not a true Ancient Fey after all. Having been enveloped by the Ancient Fey aura, it immediately began to quiver. It could not even use thirty percent of its full strength, so it was unable to free itself from the binding of the engulfing force.

"Yi Yun! How you dare!? Are you flagrantly violating the rules of the training?" Ran Yu angrily boomed. 

The Ranyi Fish phantom image was the coagulation of Ran Yu's bloodline essence!

To a Heaven Fey, their bloodline's concentration greatly reflected their potential and future achievements. In a Heaven Fey family, this was also one of the factors that determined how much resources were going to be invested in that person!

If any losses were suffered regarding the Ranyi Fish phantom image, Ran Yu would be eviscerated! It was nearly equivalent to chopping an arm of Ran Yu!

Yi Yun ignored Ran Yu's warning. Black gases rose up from his body, as though he was a demon G.o.d from returning from ancient times. In front of him, the energy vortex expanded in size. The Ranyi Fish that was awestruck by the ancient Heaven Devouring Wyrm bloodline was slowly being pulled towards Yi Yun!

"What is Yi Yun doing? Does he plan on devouring Ran Yu's Heaven Fey bloodline? If he does that, he is definitely violating of the rules of the training. Yi Yun will be punished!"

Many Luo clan disciples on the fourth and fifth levels in Black Wind Valley were taken aback. It was definitely unwise to challenge the rules of the Luo clan.

Ran Yu laughed in extreme anger. "Nice try, Yi Yun. To attack me in public, you are truly mad! Indeed, those who are not of the same kin are sure to be of a different heart. You will pay a terrible price for this!"

Upon saying this, Ran Yu suddenly looked up at Cang Mang, who was sitting high in the sky.

"Lord Cang Mang, Yi Yun is violating the rules of the collective training and he openly attacking me in a bid to destroy my bloodline. I think Yi Yun must be a spy from an alien race. According to the rules of the Luo clan, he should be crippled of his cultivation level!"

At this moment, Ran Yu's heart was burning with flames of anger. However, despite his complaints, Cang Mang remained motionless mid air.

Cang Mang frowned slightly, but he did not speak. If Yi Yun truly devoured Ran Yu's bloodline, it was obvious that he could not sit idle. Although a warrior's world was all about an eye for an eye, a rule was still a rule that could not violated.

At this moment, Yi Yun smiled and said, "Ran Yu, are you saying that I'm attacking you? When did I attack you? I'm just using engulfing laws to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. Is this a violation of the Luo clan's rules? I was using engulfing laws to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, but your Ranyi Fish bloodline appeared in the range of my engulfing laws, and for that, you are blaming me?"

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