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Chapter 846: The Growl From Ancient Times

Back at the sixth level, Yi Yun's Aspect Totems were slightly injured and he had yet to establish a firm footing!

People believed that even if Yi Yun would cooperate with Ran Yu, he would take at least a week or so in the sixth level to find his footing by familiarizing himself fully with the black mist. After his body's lifeblood was strengthened, then he would dare enter the seventh level. But for him to enter just like that, was he mad!?

Ran Yu had nearly gone berserk because of Yi Yun's words, but with Yi Yun immediately leaping downwards, he was also left stunned.

He subconsciously took a few steps to chase after him, but he witnessed Yi Yun's figure submerging into the black mist and landing on the seventh level's bedrock.

At this moment, Luo Tian was also on the seventh level. He looked incredulously at Yi Yun's arrival.

Why did this punk come down?

In front of Luo Tian, the black dragon had rapidly recovered. It was mostly done with its recovery, and it was planning on charging at Luo Tian and devouring the Fey with a Gigantic Demon Ape bloodline. However, it never expected that a human would suddenly come down.

From the looks of it, this human was much weaker than the Fey with the Gigantic Demon Ape bloodline.

The black specter shadows in Black Wind Valley would always start off with the weaker ones. Thus, the black dragon roared and charged at Yi Yun!

It seemed bent on swallowing Yi Yun first to recover itself to its peak state before it would slowly deal with Luo Tian.

This scene made all the cultivators in Black Wind Valley perk up. The black specter wyrm had finally reached Yi Yun and they wanted to see how Yi Yun was going to block it!

Every Luo clan disciples stared with widened eyes, afraid of missing the next scene. They knew that Yi Yun's physical strength was lacking, but they were also skeptical that Yi Yun would send himself to his death.

As the black dragon pounced on him, the Demon gases rolled as an overwhelming pressure could be felt!



From behind Yi Yun, the three-legged Golden Crow and the Nine Neonate Aspect Totems charged out together!

The three-legged Golden Crow spread its wings. Its wingspan was dozens of meters wide and it wrapped around Yi Yun like a golden fire wall! The Golden Crow's body was like an intense inferno as rolling waves of blood surged over!

As for the black specter wyrm, it was even fiercer. It soared into the air and lashed its tail out like a whip, striking the three-legged Golden Crow's body!


An explosion that sounded like the rupturing of mountains and rivers could be heard. The three-legged Golden Crow shrieked as its body was sent flying by the black specter wyrm's tail!

The black specter wyrm was indeed terrifying. The three-legged Golden Crow was no match for it!

However, after the three-legged Golden Crow was struck by the dragon's tail, it had also clawed at the dragon's tail. The dragon tail, which was a manifestation of black gas, was injured with three scratches from the Golden Crow. It even began to bleed black blood.

The wyrm that was a manifestation of the black gas could actually bleed?

At this moment, no one bothered considering this. They saw that after the black dragon repelled the Golden Crow, it charged at the Nine Neonate!

The Nine Neonate howled as it leaped up and  it engaged with the black specter wyrm in an intense battle mid-air!

Instantly, black winds howled as it radiated in all directions!

The nine snake heads were fighting against a single wyrm. However, the Nine Neonate was completely suppressed by the wyrm!

The wyrm's defenses were terrifying. The nine heads of the Nine Neonate bit on it, but they could not break its defenses!

Ka Ka Ka!

The wyrm coiled its body around the Nine Neonate. Its immense body wrangled around the Nine Neonate's nine heads. It was trying to strangle the Nine Neonate to death!

No one doubted the wyrm's power from the terror it revealed.

"Pa! Pa! Pa!"

A series of explosions could be heard from the Nine Neonate totem's body. Its projection started to flicker and dim, as though the Nine Neonate was truly about to be strangled to death by the black wyrm.

Once the Nine Neonate was utterly defeated by the black wyrm, its master, Yi Yun, would also be inflicted with serious injuries. It would take him a long period of time to reconstruct the Nine Neonate totem. And this was on the premise that Yi Yun was able to safely escape from the clutches of the black wyrm. However, how could the black wyrm give Yi Yun such a chance?

Upon seeing this scene, Ran Yu roared with laughter.

"What a r.e.t.a.r.d. I was wondering how powerful you are. To dare to shamelessly call me a loser. Now, you are just courting death by jumping onto the seventh level! The Nine Neonate is destroyed and the three-legged Golden Crow is seriously injured. By losing the Nine Neonate and the Golden Crow totems, you are like a tiger that has lost its fangs. How can that weak body of yours withstand the black wyrm!? If you die in Black Wind Valley, your corpse will be devoured and you will be completely annihilated. Haha!"

Previously, Ran Yu had been mocked by Yi Yun without appreciating the favor he had shown him and he was already fuming like a volcano. Now, seeing that Yi Yun was about to be devoured by the black dragon, he could no longer maintain his usually mild-mannered appearance and he said those nasty words.

Indeed, in the opinion of the Luo clan disciples, Yi Yun had relied on his Aspect Totem to land in the seventh level. Once he lost his Aspect Totems, Yi Yun's physical strength was something completely trivial!

Even Luo Tian and Gu Luo's bodies would be quickly devoured by the monsters on the seventh level, what more Yi Yun.

"Roar! Roar!"

The Nine Neonate issued an angry roar. The black wyrm opened its jaws and it was about to snap through the Nine Neonate's neck. It would then devour the Nine Neonate before devouring Yi Yun. That was what would all happen in an instant.

But at that instant, an indescribable deep growl suddenly came from inside Yi Yun's body.

This sound was very soft to begin with, but it gradually became louder.

It was rugged and powerful, as though it came from the ancient times after traversing the long rivers of time.

The growl was mysterious and deep. It easily pierced through the barriers in Black Wind Valley and echoed everywhere, reaching everyone's ears.

This sound seemed to have a strange magical effect. It was not as ear-splitting as Luo Tian's ancient Gigantic Demon Ape's roar, but it seemed to resound in everyone’s hearts. It resonated with their bloodlines, which was an alarming feeling!

A large number of Luo clan disciples were puzzled, but someone suddenly thought of something as his expression changed drastically!

At this moment, a plume of black smoke emerged from behind Yi Yun. The black smoke was spa.r.s.e and faint, but what was unbelievable was that after the black smoke floated out, it began to subtly distort s.p.a.ce!

This was the spatial dimension of the 12 Empyrean Heavens, so how could it be distorted by a plume of black smoke?

Besides, this black smoke was generating a strong resonance with the Luo clan disciples' blood! Some of them even found themselves having difficulty breathing. And the weaker their bloodlines were, the resonance and discomfort would become more intense. Some of the weaker ones even had the feeling of kneeling on the ground and prostrating themselves to Yi Yun, or to put it more accurately, the black smoke.

Even Cang Mang, who was seating mid air, stood up at this moment. His eyes that were like a deep pool of water flickered. He quietly looked at the plume of black smoke behind Yi Yun, unable to comprehend how such an inconceivable matter could happen.

He had determined that despite the plume of black smoke looking very thin, it was actually very heavy. The plume of black smoke was enough to crush mountains!

"It's indeed that feeling!" Suddenly, someone shouted amidst the crowd.

"Ancient Fey, it's the appearance of an ancient mighty Fey! It's not those Heaven Fey with thin bloodlines who summon fake Ancient Fey phantom images through their own bloodlines. It is the true apparition of the mighty Fey from ancient times. Even if it has 1% of the ancient mighty Fey's power, it is still a true Ancient Fey!"

This sudden voice immediately gave many people a shock.

What? Ancient Fey!?

What is this joke!?

Everyone turned to look at the Luo clan disciple that spoke.

That person was from the Phoenix Firmiana State. He was originally from an ancient Heaven Fey family clan. At his family ceremonies where they paid their respects to the family clan's ancestors, there would be rare occasions when their ancestor would take up form during the ceremony. And at that moment, the feeling that the ancestor gave was identical to the black smoke behind Yi Yun!

And at this moment, there was no need to say anything else, as they could see the scene with their own eyes.

This scene made all the Luo clan disciples present gape their mouths in shock, as they were rendered speechless.

They saw the faint black smoke that emerged behind Yi Yun slowly take the form of a fuzzy wyrm head!

Be it the Gigantic Demon Ape bloodline phantom image that Luo Tian conjured, the Ranyi Fish bloodline phantom that image Ran Yu conjured, or even the two Aspect Totems that Yi Yun summoned himself, this phantom image condensed from black smoke was just too unrealistic.

All the phantom images from before were extremely realistic, as though a real Ancient Fey had appeared? But this phantom image was so fuzzy that it was difficult to perceive.

But they still managed to make it out.

This black-misted phantom image had taken the form of an ancient Heaven Devouring Wyrm!

Ancient Fey? A true Ancient Fey!?

No other race knew better than the Fey race about the meaning behind these two words. 

Although the Luo clan disciples present would always have the words Ancient Fey bloodline hang from the corner of their mouths all the time, and would frequently summon their Ancient Fey bloodline to offer sacrifices to their Ancient Fey ancestors in rituals, not a single one of them had ever seen Ancient Fey!

Heaven Fey family clans had been pa.s.sed down for eons. Whatever bloodline they had was thinned out, which was also the reason for why it was difficult for the Heaven Fey to awaken their ancient bloodline.

The Ancient Fey were living beings born at the birth of the Universe billions of years ago. Their bodies were existences that were naturally condensed by Heavenly Dao laws.

Although there were a myriad of Ancient Fey, every kind was extremely limited in number! Some extremely special Ancient Fey species might only have one Fey in the entire Universe. Some Ancient Fey species were greater in number, but they were still a handful. Usually, only the death of one would give birth to a new one!

Up to this day, due to a variety of reasons, the numbers of Ancient Fey were dwindling in number. This accentuated the rarity of Ancient Fey!

Under this situation, a true Ancient Fey phantom image emerged behind Yi Yun. Even though the phantom image was extremely fuzzy and thin, the shock it gave everyone was a thousand times more intense than Luo Tian's conjuring of the Ancient Gigantic Demon Ape!

"Ancient Fey&h.e.l.lip; a true Ancient Fey? He only absorbed the Ancient Fey bone for four days, how can he conjure the Ancient Fey phantom image?"

On the sixth level of Black Wind Valley, Ran Yu was feeling extremely agitated.

He knew very well that the Ancient Fey bone that Yi Yun had previously consumed was the Heaven Devouring Wyrm's bone.

But just absorbing an Ancient Fey bone allowed him to conjure an Ancient Fey phantom image?

Although Ancient Fey bones were extremely valuable, there were geniuses in the entire Luo clan that would receive Ancient Fey bones as rewards. After all, an Ancient Fey was large in size. Ancient Fey with bodies thousands of miles long were not uncommon! Although Ancient Fey were rare, an Ancient Fey would leave behind a large number of bones after its death!

However, it was unheard of that any of these Luo clan geniuses who absorbed the Ancient Fey bone were able to conjure an Ancient Fey phantom image from absorbing a piece of Ancient Fey bone once!

Ran Yu found it unbelievable. Similarly, Luo Tian could not accept it either. At this moment, he was still maintaining his ancient Gigantic Demon Ape form, but when he saw the Ancient Fey phantom image that Yi Yun had conjured, he felt that his own bloodline was resonating with it, as though it would be drawn out by the Ancient Fey phantom image. Clearly, the Gigantic Demon Ape bloodline that he was proud of was far inferior to that faint black smoke behind Yi Yun!

This was too great a blow to them. Amongst the Luo clan disciples present, there were quite a few who were proud of their family history, flaunting their Ancient Fey ancestors' bloodline. They had despised Yi Yun because of his ident.i.ty as a human, but the resulting outcome was that the human, Yi Yun, had conjured what they viewed as their ancestor, the Ancient Fey, that they worshiped at ritual ceremonies. And they as so-called progeny of the Ancient Fey had been abandoned! How could anyone accept that!?

However, at this moment on the seventh level of Black Wind Valley, the black specter shadow's reaction made all the Luo clan disciples present have an ugly expression on their faces.

They saw that the black specter wyrm looked afraid!

It had already dislodged itself from the Nine Neonate, and it faced the ancient Heaven Devouring Wyrm image like it was facing a nemesis.

For an existence like the black specter, it was condensed spontaneously by the black mist over eons. Its perception of Ancient Fey was a natural instinct, so it was able to more accurately sense one than the Luo clan disciples present!

With the ancient Heaven Devouring Wyrm image appearing, it felt a deep sense of apprehension!

Although it was also a wyrm, and the Heaven Devouring Wyrm was also a wyrm, they were two lifeforms that were on two separate levels on life's natural order.

The black specter shadow only took the form of a wyrm. It could even take the form of Extreme Yang Illumination, much less a wyrm, but it would be useless!

This was the difference between a true wyrm and a fake wyrm.

At this moment, the ancient Heaven Devouring Wyrm roared and it charged at the black specter!

The moment that this ancient Fey beast, that had not stirred for billions of years, had awoken, it was the arrival of a raging storm!

Hu! Hu! Hu!

A strong wind blew from every direction as the sky changed color!

In the Heaven Devouring Wyrm's mouth, a giant vortex appeared. All the black gases and black mist were swept into the vortex!

The Luo clan disciples, who were on the fourth and fifth level of Black Wind Valley, could feel the dreadful suction force of this vortex.

Their expressions changed as they activated the power of their bloodline to withstand it.

This is...

Heaven devouring!?

The two words ‘Heaven Devouring’ was a description of the Heaven Devouring Wyrm's laws that it had sublimed. Heaven Devouring was a terrifying engulfing law!

Such a terrifying suction force swept everywhere, as though a black hole had appeared out of nowhere in the the seventh level of Black Wind Valley. Large amounts of black gas were devoured by the Heaven Devouring Wyrm, but its phantom image form remained the same. It did not seem to become any more corporeal.

However, Yi Yun, who had conjured the Heaven Devouring Wyrm, had obtained a huge benefit!

Yi Yun had little lifeblood power left in his body. Just conjuring the Ancient Fey phantom image alone had drawn out all of the lifeblood power stored in his body from before!

This lifeblood power was gathered using the Nine Neonate and three-legged Golden Crow previously. If not, it was impossible for him to handle the conjuring of the Heaven Devouring Wyrm phantom image!

But now, the Heaven Devouring Wyrm was devouring the black mist like a maniac, which was greatly nourishing for Yi Yun!

Yi Yun felt that his emptied out lifeblood was increasing rapidly in a short period of time, and soon, it was filled to the brim. Next, the lifeblood was forcefully merged into his flesh and blood, as his body began to reforge itself!

Yi Yun's bodily strength was indeed lacking.

Although he had used the Purple Crystal to absorb the Ancient Fey bone, allowing his body to be injected with the Heaven Devouring Wyrm’s bloodline, which allowed him to conjure the Heaven Devouring Wyrm phantom image, Yi Yun's actual physique was just too weak.

If Yi Yun's body could become more powerful, there would be innumerable benefits that would follow!

At this moment, the ancient Heaven Devouring Wyrm had roared once and started flying at the black specter shadow!

Although the black specter shadow feared the Heaven Devouring Wyrm, it could not sit idle when facing a life and death crisis. It roared and charged at the Heaven Devouring Wyrm!

It wanted to put up a desperate fight!

However, the differences were just too great. It was a difference in life's natural order, resulting in the black specter shadow being unable to use more than 20% of its power!

"Chi La!"

The Heaven Devouring Wyrm bit down and snapped off a large chunk of flesh and blood from the black specter shadow. Immediately following that, its tail whipped at the black specter, causing wind and clouds to stir, as the black specter's began to violently shake.

As for that piece of flesh and blood, it was directly swallowed into the Heaven Devouring Wyrm's stomach, and digested to become a part of its lifeblood's power.

Upon seeing this scene, the Luo clan disciples felt a chill rise up from the soles of their feet. The Heaven Devouring Wyrm had managed to directly devour a portion of the black specter!

"Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun went down Black Wind Valley, but until the very end, he has yet to use the power of his body. From the beginning, he used his Aspect Totem, and now, he's using&h.e.l.lip; the power of the Ancient Fey's bloodline&h.e.l.lip; " A Heaven Fey disciple from the Phoenix Firmiana State said. As he spoke, his Adam's apple was twitching.

As they were sure that Yi Yun's physical strength was lacking, many of them were waiting for Yi Yun to suffer when his Aspect Totems could no longer sustain the barrage of attacks. After all, Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was basically useless in Black Wind Valley.

But now, despite his Aspect Totem being unable to sustain the attacks any longer, Yi Yun still did not use his body. He had summoned a more terrifying Ancient Fey bloodline power to replace the Aspect Totems!

The Black Wind Valley was a test of the Fey race's bloodline. The Fey race bloodline was always something that the Fey race was proud of. But what other bloodline could be more n.o.ble and valuable than a true Ancient Fey's bloodline?

Compared to Yi Yun's Ancient Fey bloodline, their tiny bit of Fey bloodline became jokes.

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