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Chapter 845: Who do you think you are

Oh? Cooperate?

Yi Yun was somewhat stunned. He looked at Ran Yu, as though he had met him for the first time. 

"What did you just call me?"

Yi Yun found it amusing. This was the first time he heard Ran Yu address him so formally as ‘Junior Brother Yi’.

Noticing how Yi Yun did not answer him and instead replied with a hint of sarcasm, Ran Yu frowned. He was a genius from the Xushui Ran clan. He had set aside his differences to ask for Yi Yun's cooperation and he was planning on giving Yi Yun sufficient benefits in exchange, but Yi Yun's response appeared like he did not know any better.

However, with a nemesis like Luo Tian, Ran Yu remained patient as he said, "Junior Brother Yi, I know you are upset with me, but this isn't the time to being tangled in these. Cooperate with me. You will be responsible for handling the black dragon, while I will capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. As long as you can last for about half a minute, I will most likely be able to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. When the time comes, I will definitely pay Junior Brother Yi ample remunerations!"

By saying this, Ran Yu did not conceal his thoughts. Many of the disciples in Black Wind Valley heard it.

Letting Yi Yun impede the black dragon, while Ran Yu captured the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake?

Ran Yu was being nefarious! Although Yi Yun could find his footing on the sixth level, his Aspect Totems were slightly injured. Getting Yi Yun to impede the black dragon was life-threatening!

And reading between the lines, Ran Yu was not planning on dividing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake with Yi Yun. This was reasonable. There was no way to split a treasure of that level. It was basically something that could only be earned by one person.

"Ample remuneration?" Yi Yun laughed. "Senior Brother Ran, you seem to be mistaken. I'm not upset with you, it's you who has been targeting me all this time."

"I can't be bothered with all these lame matters, but now&h.e.l.lip; Your plan sure is delightful. Letting me do things like restraining the black dragon while you are responsible for capturing the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake. I presume that the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake will be yours when the time comes, as for the remuneration you will give me, what would it be? Let me guess&h.e.l.lip;  Are they World Stones?"

Yi Yun's words were still filled with sarcasm, making Ran Yu's expression turn somewhat ugly. "Yi Yun, the remuneration that I will give will certainly be to your satisfaction. My Xushui Ran clan is a large establishment and it has heritage that you can't even imagine. Will it even skim on your remuneration? The opportunities given to you by the Xushui Ran clan will allow your cultivation level to make a huge leap!"

"Furthermore! If you were to help me this time, it is equivalent to helping the Xushui Ran clan. I, Ran Yu, will also owe you one. In the future, as long as you encounter any trouble in the Luo clan, the Xushui Ran clan will also help you. There's no need for me to elaborate further on being able to cling onto a large faction, right?"

Ran Yu used his family background as bait. The Xushui Ran clan was one of the few large family clans in the Luo clan!

With Ran Yu saying this, many people looked at Yi Yun.

In cultivation, warriors needed to pay attention to networking. Being alone resulted in receiving very few resources. It was easy to suffer a lot while training outside, and they might even end up dying. A smart person would seize the opportunity to cling to a large clan!

For a person like Lie Ya, he hankered for the chance to cling onto the Xushui Ran clan, but Ran Yu had never given him such a chance!

Lie Ya was a mixed Fey, a hybrid of Heaven and Earth Fey. Although his family clan's power was pretty good, it was far weaker than the Xushui Ran clan. If not, Lie Ya would not have felt the pinch for the over one hundred World Stones that he owed to the point of vomiting blood.

Seeing that Yi Yun had such an opportunity, even Lie Ya began to turn envious for Yi Yun.

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly laughed. The Xushui Ran clan was a large family clan, but unfortunately, he did not think too highly of it. Yi Yun's sights were very high. How could the Xushui Ran clan have the qualifications for him to cling on to?

Yi Yun did not say those words out. He knew very well that with his present cultivation level, he was just a trivial ant in front of the Xushui Ran clan. If he said those words out loud, he would only win the derision of others.

Although Yi Yun did not say it out, Ran Yu could figure out a bit of Yi Yun's thoughts from his expression.

"Yi Yun, do you think you will truly skyrocket at the Luo Divine Hall trials? You are too naive. With your performance at the Ancient Fey Edifice, it is just satisfactory in the eyes of the Luo clan royalty. But that is antecedent on you having a powerful bloodline. You just managed to find your footing on the sixth level of Black Wind Valley, so to the Luo clan royalty, who values Ancient Fey bloodlines, they would not even give you a second look. Do you think that you would be valued by the royal family? You are still far from that!"

"Now, with my Xushui clan soliciting you, you even looked down on my Xushui Ran clan!? Don’t you have an exaggerated opinion of your own abilities!?"

Ran Yu was furious. However, what he said sounded reasonable to most people. The Xushui Ran clan was a large family clan. There were a few similar family clans in the Luo clan. However, a young genius like Yi Yun was worthless. The Luo clan had 196 states. It had plenty of geniuses, and batch after batch were produced every century. These geniuses might not even fully mature before their death!

Yi Yun laughed. "The Xushui Ran clan is big, but who do you think you are in the Xushui Ran clan? You are just a scion in the family clan at best. You can't even enter the seventh level of Black Wind Valley, so I guess you don't amount to much in your family clan. If not, you would have already been in the royal capital."

Yi Yun's words had hit Ran Yu's soft spot!

Ran Yu went livid immediately. There was a hint of coldness in his gaze as he said, "Human punk, I lowered my status today to speak to you nicely, but you have scorned me time and time again. You have only managed to use tricks of your energy cultivation and Aspect Totem to stand here on the sixth level. Without your Aspect Totem, you would find it hard to even stand on the second level! You aren't worthy to mock me!"

"I'm asking you one last time. Do you choose to cooperate with me!?"

Ran Yu stared at Yi Yun as he minced his words. No one suspected that Ran Yu's last sentence were not containing a threat.

Ran Yu was from the Xushui Ran clan after all. If he wanted to do harm to Yi Yun, with Yi Yun's low cultivation level, he was bound to suffer!

Between the carrot and the stick, the Luo clan disciples present believed that if they were placed in Yi Yun's shoes, they would likely have already agreed.

They wanted to see how Yi Yun would reply. However, what Yi Yun said next nearly made them bite off their tongues.

Yi Yun glanced at Ran Yu and said with a sneer, "Even if I need to cooperate with others in the future, I will not cooperate with a loser. With you coming along, other than being an additional burden, I guess you won't be able to play much of a role."


All the Luo clan disciples disciples present were immediately dumbfounded.

Was Yi Yun mad? He actually called Ran Yu a loser? To scold him in public like that, wasn't he completely offending Ran Yu!?

Furthermore, Yi Yun did not have the qualifications to make such a comment! Didn't he just manage to stand on the sixth level?

Before they could even react, something that nearly made them pop their eyeb.a.l.l.s happened. They watched helplessly as Yi Yun leaped down from the sixth level to the seventh level of Black Wind Valley!

This is&h.e.l.lip; 

Everyone was astounded. Yi Yun actually jumped onto the seventh level?

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