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Chapter 844: Ran Yu’s Suggestion

Luo Tian landed on the seventh level of Black Wind Valley once again!

There was about sixteen day left till the end of the trial. With Luo Tian having a great deal of pride, he knew that Cang Mang had deliberately posed a difficult problem to tease them for his own amus.e.m.e.nt. However, Luo Tian was unhappy about that. He was bent on not letting Cang Mang have his wish. He wanted to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake with his own strength!

Luo Tian also knew about the difficulty of the seventh level. To be able to accomplish the task, other than being powerful himself, he needed to redouble his efforts!

Only through hard work and harder work could he achieve a miracle in the remaining days. Besides obtaining such a huge opportunity, he could also show Cang Mang, who was bent on teasing them, that he was not a person that could be easily teased!

"Luo Tian!"

Seeing Luo Tian return to the seventh level, Ran Yu felt his heart tighten. He had consumed a great deal of his blood and Qi on the seventh level. He had yet to recover from his injuries, so the earliest he could return to the seventh level would be tomorrow. This immediately revealed the contrasting difference between him and Luo Tian, who had gone to the seventh level twice!

The seventh level was difficult, but it also provided the chance for rapid growth. When the time came, Ran Yu might not even have the qualifications to cooperate with Luo Tian to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, what more being the first to capture the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake.

How could Ran Yu not be anxious when he thought of this?

Luo Tian was definitely his worst enemy at the Black Wind Valley trial.

The moment that Luo Tian landed on the seventh level, the black wyrm charged at Luo Tian with a roar!

"Just nice!"

Luo Tian snarled as all his bloodline and Qi burst outward. At that instant, Luo Tian appeared to have completely transformed into an ancient Gigantic Demon Ape. He pounded his fists on his chest heavily, producing two deafening sounds that resembled heavenly drums being drummed on that reverberated one's ears.


Luo Tian and the black wyrm clashed. Potent attacks were exchanged between the person and beast.

This clash shook all the black mist in the seventh level, resulting in thundering roars. Looking from above, there were dark clouds rolling in a tumultuous fashion!

Luo Tian was still no match for the black wyrm. Luo Tian was slammed into the cliff by the intense collision again. His blood began surging as he became short of breath.

The black wyrm was also slightly injured. Its figure seemed to turn dimmer, but the black wyrm was formed from the Blood Dragon black gas in the first place. There was black mist everywhere on this level, so just one respiratory cycle was enough for it to quickly replenish the stamina it lost. It did not know tiredness at all.

Unless one could kill the black wyrm in one fell swoop, it would keep on rejuvenating itself.

A black wyrm like this was powerful and undying. Just watching it made people feel like there was no way to defeat it. However, Luo Tian clashed head-on against it again and again!

"Luo Tian is truly terrifying&h.e.l.lip; This black wyrm seems to have endless vitality. But look, although Luo Tian is injured, his bloodline phantom image is also consuming the Blood Dragon black gas around him!" A Fire Cloud State disciple said.

Luo Tian was still able to consume the black gases to heal himself in such an intense battle. Luo Tian was a freak of nature!

"No wonder Luo Tian is able to consecutively enter the seventh level twice. His recovery speed is just too crazy. However&h.e.l.lip; does Luo Tian plan on competing with the black wyrm on recovery rate? There is no way that he can beat it!"

At this moment, a Phoenix Firmiana State disciple sneered and said, "Senior Brother Luo's recovery rate naturally is no match for the black dragon, which is formed from the black mist itself, but so what? Senior Brother Luo can continuously improve and he can even have a breakthrough. Watch and see. In a few days, this black dragon will be devoured by Senior Brother Luo!"

The Phoenix Firmiana State disciple was filled with confidence. Ran Yu clenched his fists tightly when he heard these disciples' discussion. He had completely been overshadowed by Luo Tian!

Although the Phoenix Firmiana State disciple that spoke was rather arrogant, what he said may not be too far from the truth!

At this moment, a red figure suddenly flashed in the seventh level's black gas.

Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!

Luo Tian caught a glimpse of it and immediately, his eyes focused on it.

Woosh! The sharp sound of air tearing resounded!

Luo Tian did not move his body, but the long tail on his back was whipped out as it twirled and flew at the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake!

Upon seeing this situation, everyone felt a jolt in their hearts.

Luo Tian was too crazy. He was still recuperating! In front of him, there was still the black dragon that was about to recover, but he had the guts to make a move on the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake! The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was not something that could be easily messed with.

But it appeared that Luo Tian was not afraid of injury. Even if he was injured by the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake again, it would be nothing!

The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake was still not something that could be easily captured. As it sensed Luo Tian's tail twirling over, it made an abrupt leap and disappeared in a red flash of light.

It did not clash with Luo Tian's tail. With the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake's cautious personality, it would avoid any head-on collisions if possible.

"The Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake is indeed a difficult catch!" Luo Tian's tail might have missed, but he revealed a carefree laugh. 

He suddenly looked up and glanced at Cang Mang, who was sitting high in the sky, and he said in an unrestrained manner, "However, there are still sixteen days left. This Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake will inevitably be mine!"

What he said was meant for Cang Mang!

Cang Mang's lips curled up slightly as he revealed a fascinated smile. He was waiting to see the fun.

On the sixth level of Black Wind Valley, Ran Yu's expression turned extremely ugly when he heard those words.


Luo Tian was way too arrogant to say such strong words publicly!

"Hahaha, Senior Brother Luo Tian is right. The number one person of the Phoenix Firmiana State should be unrestrained in such a manner!" A lackey of Luo Tian shouted loudly. From his point of view, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake at the Black Wind Valley trial was already in the bag for Luo Tian.

When a Fire Cloud State disciple heard this, he could not help but quip, "To be so arrogant despite not catching the snake yet. Our Fire Cloud State's Ran Yu and Gu Luo are still resting. It's not too late to brag after they make their second attempt."

"Haha, wait for your Fire Cloud State's Ran Yu and Gu Luo to make a second attempt? That would be tomorrow, or maybe the day after tomorrow?" The lackey of Luo Tian, who spoke previously, said in disdain.

 When he said this, several Phoenix Firmiana State disciples laughed in unison.

"With Ran Yu and Gu Luo's recovery rate, they probably won't have many shots at it even by the end of the trial!" Another person mocked. 

The Fire Cloud State's disciples had ugly expressions on their faces, but they could not refute at all.

As for Ran Yu, his expression was grim, and he had killing intent in his eyes.

He was also a proud person. He refused to cooperate with others, but it was true that he was inferior to Luo Tian. And if this went on any further, the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake would truly be caught by Luo Tian.

He suddenly looked at Yi Yun and said, "Junior Brother Yi, let us cooperate!"

The partner Ran Yu chose was Yi Yun!

Even though they were from the same Fire Cloud State, Ran Yu did not wish to cooperate with Gu Luo. Gu Luo's qualifications and cultivation time in the Heaven Fire Hall was in no way inferior to Ran Yu. Furthermore, Ran Yu did not dare say that he could beat the thin fellow in terms of strength. And most importantly of all, Gu Luo had a background, he had a powerful faction behind him!

Such a faction was something that Ran Yu could not afford to offend. That meant that if he cooperated with Gu Luo and obtained the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, it was impossible for Ran Yu to take it all for himself. It might even be taken away by Gu Luo, so his efforts might end up not yielding the desired outcome.

In that case, Ran Yu obviously wanted to cooperate with Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was young and he had a low cultivation level. Furthermore, he did not have any factions supporting him. He was absolutely weaker in terms of factional power and he was easier to control.

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