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Chapter 841: Body Tempering isn’t accomplished in a day

At this moment, nearly every Luo clan disciple in Black Wind Valley was focused on the battle on the seventh level. Ran Yu, Gu Luo and Luo Tian were encircling the Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake, trying to overpower it. It was an intense battle, so although the other Luo clan disciples could not partic.i.p.ate in it, just spectating it was quite a good experience. Some people even abandoned their cultivation just to watch it, so why would anyone pay attention to the lonely Yi Yun at the second level?

Hence, when Yi Yun woke up, other than Cang Mang who was hovering high in the air, very few people noticed it.

Yi Yun slowly opened his eyes and for a split second, his eyes seemed to flicker with the light of the stars. However, the glint subsided after a split second. Yi Yun's eyes was returned to their usual calmness. His pupils were like a baby's, unpolluted and clear. They were deep black and bright.

In the previous cultivation time, Yi Yun had already finished absorbing all the Ancient Fey energy. Now, with the energy tempering his body, Yi Yun's bodily toughness could no longer be compared what it was in the past!

Now, even if Yi Yun faced the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, with his body that had been tempered several times, he was confident that he could have a frontal clash with the Black-armored Demon G.o.d.


A breath like a white beam shot out of Yi Yun's mouth. This breath shot to the ceiling of the cave and it became a swirling gas along the mountain cliff, as though the breath contained some spirituality in it. It moved like a white snake.

He opened all his acupuncture points, and his meridians were completely free of any blockage!

Suddenly, Yi Yun felt as though his body was lighter. At the same time, a feeling... a great emptiness overwhelmed him.

His body lacked Yuan Qi!

This was because as Yi Yun's physique improved, his organs, meridians and bones were all tempered, becoming extremely firm. This was like how a reservoir had increased in size, allowing it to store more water.

It was not that Yi Yun did not have any Yuan Qi in his body, now the Yuan Qi he had was insufficient to fill his entire body.

With a stronger body, this allowed him to store more Yuan Qi. The benefits of doing so was self-evident.

"This Ancient Fey bone sure has good effects!" Yi Yun's face revealed a very satisfied look.

He looked out of the cave, and even the third level of Black Wind Valley had very few people.

"I've been cultivating for so long, so it's time to attempt Black Wind Valley." Yi Yun said to himself.

With a leap, he jumped straight down to the third level.

At this moment, the third level had a few people like Bai Chen. They could not find their footing on the fourth level.

Bai Chen was stunned when he saw Yi Yun come down. "Junior Brother Yi! Have you just finished!?"

Cultivation time in the Black Wind Valley trials was extremely valuable. Everyone was in a race against time, but Yi Yun had used more than ten days to consume the Ancient Fey bone. Although the saying goes that more preparation would not delay the speed of getting work done, wasting the time for cultivation in Black Wind Valley was quite a pity.

Every level in Black Wind Valley required the warriors to slowly acclimatize to it. Even Ran Yu, Gu Luo and Luo Tian did not get to the sixth level immediately. They began from the fifth level, in Guo Luo’s case, the second level, and they adapted to the black mist in Black Wind Valley. They also used it to nourish their Fey race bloodline before they headed to the sixth level.

On the sixth level, the three of them took a long time to consolidate their progress before attempting the seventh level. However, they still failed at the beginning!

Yi Yun now had slightly more than ten days left, so he was definitely at a disadvantage to begin challenging Black Wind Valley.

Yi Yun nodded and said lightly, "The Ancient Fey energy was a bit hard to absorb, so there was some delay in time."

"That's more than ten days left. Junior Brother Yi, you sure don't care." Bai Chen felt helpless. He knew that Yi Yun was strong, so he was ent.i.tled to being willful. Regardless of how much Yi Yun delayed his progress, he was still much stronger than him.

"Indeed, the Ancient Fey energy is difficult to absorb. Junior Brother Yi, you managed to persist on for four days. That was really impressive. Unfortunately, if there was a period of time for you to specially absorb the Ancient Fey bone after the Ancient Fey Edifice trial, you would have had a full thirty days here in Black Wind Valley. If that was the case, you might even have reached the sixth level!"

For the past few days, as Bai Chen realized that Yi Yun was getting stronger and stronger, he no longer thought about comparing himself with Yi Yun. He might as well befriend Yi Yun, since a genius like Yi Yun was of a different world to him in any case.

With Yi Yun and Bai Chen's conversation, more and more noticed that Yi Yun had awoken.

The Phoenix Firmiana State disciples did not think too much of Yi Yun's awakening. Their attention was still focused on Luo Tian.

"A typical Heaven Fey needs a year just to absorb Ancient Fey bone. That human only used a short period of ten or so days. Even though his absorption of the Ancient Fey bone seemed rather impressive, to tell me that he can go from a weak bodied person to a powerful body-tempered warrior in slightly more than ten days, I really refuse to believe that. Ignoring body-tempering, just the cultivation of Yuan Qi. Has anyone heard of someone at the most basic Yuan foundation realm eat a treasure and jump a few realms, reaching the Heaven Ascension perfection?" A Phoenix Firmiana State disciple said.

Body tempering was not something that could be completed in a day. How many of the Fey race Luo clan disciples present spent a decade or so focusing on their body-tempering?

The Fey race were weaker at nomological cultivation, so they naturally dedicated more time on body-tempering.

If Yi Yun could use a short span of half a month to surpa.s.s them in body-tempering, then what was the point of living? They might as well collectively jump off Black Wind Valley to commit suicide.

As the Phoenix Firmiana State disciples spoke, Yi Yun had already jumped down from the third level onto the fourth.

Many people were watching with great antic.i.p.ation. Yi Yun had tempered his body for about half a month. If his body-tempering standard exceeded theirs, it meant that with a single Ancient Fey bone, the Luo clan could produce a body-tempering genius in a short period of time! How could a body-tempering genius be so easily available!?

At this moment, even Cang Mang's attention was moved to Yi Yun.

As for Ran Yu, Luo Tian and even the zombie-faced Gu Luo, they all looked at Yi Yun as well. They too wanted to know what was new with Yi Yun, who had stirred up quite a fuss during those four days.

Yi Yun steadily landed on a rock on the fourth level, where Luo Fengling was.

At this moment—

"Wu Wu Wu!"

A cold air blew up! Layers of black gas transformed into the shapes of Fey beasts and ghouls as they pounced on Yi Yun!

Yi Yun did not budge, but the Nine Neonate phantom image behind him roared. Its body rapidly expanded as its nine heads waved around before beginning to freely devour the black gases' Fey beasts and monsters. The beasts and monsters were swallowed by the Nine Neonate, turning into pure energy!

As for the present Yi Yun, his body had improved tremendously. He was in need of the nourishment of energy and blood. Yi Yun's body was like a dried up reservoir, so with large amounts of spring water suddenly being injected into it, it made every cell in Yi Yun's body automatically absorb the essence energy that was a result of the degenerated Blood Dragon’s blood and rapidly grow!

Yi Yun now possessed a body that was, at the most, a basic Seamless Body.

Every minute part of Yi Yun's body had been tempered. Hence, regardless of if it was blood energy or Heaven Earth Yuan Qi that surged in, none of that would be wasted. Even if he was not in the black mist, Yi Yun's flesh and blood would also slowly grow even while he was sleeping!

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