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Chapter 838: Four Days

"It's been&h.e.l.lip; three&h.e.l.lip; three days&h.e.l.lip; " Beside Lie Ya, someone said softly.

Three days had pa.s.sed since Lie Ya had made his wretched bet with Luo Fengling. This also meant seventy-two hours and Lie Ya had lost more than a hundred World Stones. Lie Ya no longer had the disposition to continue cultivating. Every breath he took made his body wince in pain.

"Why does it feel like&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun will be able to persist on all the way? He won't persist for a whole month, will he?"

A month?

Lie Ya's face twisted when he heard that sentence. Yi Yun was planning on persisting to the end of the Black Wind Valley trials?

Persisting for a month sounded unbelievable, but from the way that Yi Yun stayed on the second level all fine and dandy, when was it going to end?

Luo Fengling was also now on the third level. With the pa.s.sing of time, she herself was confused, having earned more than twenty year's worth of salary without doing a thing. It was just fascinating hearing what had happened. What method was Junior Brother Yi using to persist for so long?

However, finally on the fourth day, there was a slight change in the situation.

Yi Yun's body was no longer burning hot. His skin was no longer glowing from the heat, and from the looks of it, he seemed to slowly calm down.

The Ancient Fey energy was mysterious and bizarre. Using one's flesh and blood to refine the energy could result in all sorts of unpredictable matters. The others had no idea what had happened to Yi Yun either.

But from the looks of it, the Ancient Fey energy was not surging as crazily as before, as though it could be controlled now.

Why is this happening?

"Has he finally ended the absorption of the Ancient Fey bone?" People began to generate such thoughts when they saw Yi Yun's state. Only by stopping the absorption of the energy would Yi Yun appear so calm on the surface.

"How do you end the absorption? The Ancient Fey bone is sealed by a mighty Supremacies. The moment that the Ancient Fey blood and energy contained within is absorbed, it is equivalent to opening a hole. The blood and energy would constantly leak out, and in a few days, there wouldn't be much of the Ancient Fey energy left in it."

The person who spoke was Luo Tian from the Phoenix Firmiana State.

Ignoring the Ancient Fey bone, even mortal herbs like ginseng had similar properties. If one bit on a ginseng, its essence would begin draining away, and in a few days, all of its herbal properties would be gone. Hence, ginseng pickers would usually use a small brush to pick at it for days, afraid of breaking any strand of the ginseng.

"Wouldn't that be a waste? However, for this guy, wasting is better than succ.u.mbing to the tumultuous energy that might result in his meridians being damaged." Another Phoenix Firmiana State disciple said.

"Waste!? Then he might as well give me the part of the Ancient Fey bone that hasn't been absorbed!"

Many people were rendered speechless when they heard this. Don't force yourself if you can't absorb all of it, we can help you absorb a bit of it. Wasting it would be such a pity.

However, regardless of their wishes, with Cang Mang still sitting mid air all calm and composed, as though he was not planning on interfering, it was not possible for them to rush up to the second level to grab it from him.

"Don't be silly! Even if he can't absorb it all, he won't give it to you. Although the Ancient Fey bone's energy will leak, only a small portion ends up leaking. There will be still some left overs, but why would he give it to you?"

Many people were envious, but they were out of options. They could only watch as Yi Yun recklessly destroyed a treasure of heaven.

In order to pa.s.s the Black Wind Valley trial, Yi Yun had wrecked an Ancient Fey bone that was from their Luo clan. If not for Cang Mang floating mid air, they would have rushed up and grabbed the Ancient Fey bone from Yi Yun.

But nonetheless, Yi Yun had exceeded expectations. He had persisted on for four days, which was fascinating!

The violent energy was something that typical people could not persist on for eight hours, what more six times that amount.

Ran Yu meaningfully glanced at Yi Yun and he said to himself, "Yi Yun, I have indeed underestimated you previously. To be able to last for so long under the intense energy tempering, you will definitely obtain some benefits if your meridians aren't damaged!"

From the looks of it, Yi Yun did not appear to have injured his meridians.

But even so, with so much energy consumed, no one knew how much he could digest.

Being able to eat a meal that was worth what was days' worth for others did not necessarily mean that one could grow fat or taller.

"That human punk has truly not spared any effort in order to pa.s.s the trial. It appears like he won't have problems reaching the fifth level. We can't be inferior to a human punk. Let's work hard at getting a foothold on the fifth level before attempting the sixth."A Phoenix Firmiana State disciple said.

The middle bulk of the Phoenix Firmiana State's disciples were generally stronger than the Fire Cloud State’s disciples.

At this moment, they began their attempts at the fourth and fifth levels. And at this moment in time, Ran Yu had already found his footing on the sixth level.

He had destroyed a humanoid shadow with a slash, absorbing all the black gas from it. He was finally able to gain a foothold on the sixth level.

However, the pressure from the black ga.s.ses had spiked at the sixth level, so it was not easy for Ran Yu to withstand it. He still had more than twenty days for to step onto the seventh level. As long as everything went smoothly, it would not be difficult.

Seeing Ran Yu gain his footing on the sixth level, many people felt jealous.

As long as he reached the seventh level, there would be an Intermediary Spirit Blood Snake there!

They were also partic.i.p.ating in the Luo Divine Hall trials. But as ordinary disciples, they were still too far from competing with a genius like Ran Yu.

Similarly terrifying was Gu Luo.

Gu Luo had remained on the fourth level for a very long period of time. Compared to Ran Yu, he was rather inconspicuous.

However, when Gu Luo descended onto the fifth level, he immediately caught everyone’s attention. This was because Gu Luo had yet to stimulate his Fey race bloodline even at the fifth level!

He was relying on his body to forcefully resist it!

The black Fey that had taken form began to bite Gu Luo's body, but he remained as still as a mummy. Instantly, black Fey swarmed him, and this scene alone left many people's scalps tingling. How strong was his body for him to be able to resist such biting?

That was purely m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic. Even if he had a powerful body, it was impossible to not feel any pain from such biting.

As the Phoenix Firmiana State and Fire Cloud State disciples were striving hard to attempt the deeper levels in Black Wind Valley, Yi Yun was still quietly refining the Ancient Fey bone.

In four days, the Purple Crystal had completely disintegrated the Ancient Fey bone. The Ancient Fey bone's energy was crystallized into tiny crystals that were dispersed throughout Yi Yun's flesh and blood. Yi Yun was slowly digesting and absorbing the energy crystals, and the process was much slower. This also stopped Yi Yun's body burning like a boiler.

As for the Ancient Fey bone itself, it had already been reduced to powder.

Even a Heaven Ascension realm genius from a famous Heaven Fey family would absorb half the energy of an Ancient Fey bone at best. Furthermore, it would take them a year or two to slowly digest and absorb it. This was already the best outcome, but using the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun just needed an extremely short amount of time to completely absorb the entire Ancient Fey bone.

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