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Chapter 833: Acupuncture Points Sealed

Being wrapped by the galaxy, Yi Yun felt his limbs and torso being awash with Ancient Fey energy.

This energy was extremely ancient. It contained the Ancient Fey's will, primal simplicity and savage desolateness.

As the energy entered Yi Yun's body, he felt his aura subtly change, as though he would experience time in the same way that the world he was in experienced... everlasting.

If this feeling of existence alongside the world sunk in, Yi Yun's will would subtly be a.s.similated. His body would decay away, becoming a part of the aura.

This made Yi Yun's heart sink and he became extremely vigilant.

Yi Yun suddenly realized the Ancient Fey bone's energy was too powerful. If he did not absorb it cleanly, he would slowly be a.s.similated.

To be a.s.similated by an Ancient Fey bone&h.e.l.lip; 

It might sound preposterous that a bone that had been dead for billions of years would a.s.similate a living being, but what Yi Yun was presently experiencing proved this point.

If Yi Yun extricated himself from the situation, he would not be in danger, but the result would be Yi Yun absorbing only a tiny bit of the Ancient Fey's energy that would be around 1%. If this went on, how much could he improve in a month?

It was too slow.

Besides, the energy that he failed to absorb in a timely fashion would be dispersed into the Heaven and Earth, turning into a portion of the Ancient Fey's cosmic power.

And the so-called bloodline awakening to gather the power of the cosmic Ancient Fey power was this cosmic power. In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, this energy was an energy form that was considered superior to Yuan Qi.

"No wonder the Fey previously mentioned that I won't be able to absorb the Ancient Fey bone. This is where the problem lies."

Obviously, Yi Yun would not sit idle as such wastage occurred. He wanted to take in all the Ancient Fey energy and compress them into his body!

The thought of using a human's body to dominate the ancient and powerful Ancient Fey bone sounded like wishful thinking, but Yi Yun possessed the Purple Crystal Origins. With it, everything was no longer a problem.

Regardless how powerful the energy in the Ancient Fey bone was, it was still energy of a dead being. Its ability to a.s.similate living creatures was just instinctual, but in front of the Purple Crystal, it could not stir any waves.

To the Purple Crystal, controlling such energy was completely trivial.


With a thought from Yi Yun, the Purple Crystal's powers radiated outwards!

The energy that was about to disperse was all swept back into Yi Yun's meridians. Following that, all of this ma.s.sive and ancient energy was compressed by the Purple Crystal!

Yi Yun seemed to see the Ancient Fey bone conjure an Ancient Fey phantom image. However, under the Purple Crystal's pressure, it was only putting up a futile struggle.

Yi Yun decided to seal the 360 acupuncture points on his body. By sealing the energy in his meridians, he allowed his body to slowly digest and absorb it!

As long as he possessed the protection of the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun did not need to worry that his body would be a.s.similated by the Ancient Fey energy. Now, the only path that the Ancient Fey energy had was to be merged into his blood veins.

As such, Yi Yun could freely extract energy from the Ancient Fey bone. As the Ancient Fey energy surged around violently, it slowly filled up all of Yi Yun's meridians. Following that, they seeped out of Yi Yun's meridians and into Yi Yun's body, which his flesh and blood absorbed.

A small amount of Ancient Fey energy attempted to rush out of Yi Yun's body, but with Yi Yun sealing all his acupuncture points, they surged at the closed off points to no avail and they had to turn back.

As such, the amount of Ancient Fey energy that acc.u.mulated in Yi Yun's body increased.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Yi Yun's body began to produce booming sounds as the energy had nowhere to vent itself inside his body, and it could only surge in random directions, striking his body.

Yi Yun's body began to turn red like melting iron. The Ancient Fey bone's energy bored into his meridians and bone joints, producing the clear sounds of bones cracking.

"Oh?" Cang Mang opened his eyes and looked down.

The cultivators also noticed the commotion.

"What's the matter?"

"It can't be that Yi Yun is trying to forcefully absorb all the energy, right?"

Lie Ya also looked up and after a look of surprise, his expression turned into one of disbelief. Is this Yi Yun still straight in the mind!?

"He wants to become a fatso in one mouthful without a big enough appet.i.te? He will only gorge himself to death!"

If one forcefully absorbed the Ancient Fey bone, either one was a.s.similated by the Ancient Fey bone or one would explode to their deaths!

"What madness is this? He is going to die from his foolishness!"

The cultivators found it unbelievable. Wasting energy was unavoidable, but the human was planning on reaching the sky in a single bound, and explode his body in the process?

Cang Mang frowned slightly. His opinion of Yi Yun was not that high yet. Yi Yun was indeed talented when it came to laws. If he was nurtured carefully, Yi Yun was likely to become an expert of the Luo clan, and he might even be able to enter the royal capital.

The Black Wind Valley trial was definitely disadvantageous for Yi Yun, but martial arts was never about fairness.

"I never expected Yi Yun to take such risks in order to pa.s.s." Cang Mang shook his head. Warriors could not mature and grow stronger by just smashing their heads randomly into walls. They needed persistence and courage, but at the same time, they needed wisdom and self-comprehension. Otherwise, they would only die.

Now, Yi Yun was clearly placing himself into an extremely dangerous situation.

However, despite this happening, Cang Mang did not intervene. In Mt. Azure Billow, he was just a witness. All the trials were to be completed by the Luo clan disciples themselves.

The disciples beneath him may be said to be of the younger generation, but even the youngest had cultivated for three decades. If they were mortals, they would be head of their households. They had to take responsibilities for their own actions.

Seeing how Cang Mang ignored Yi Yun, Lie Ya, Ran Yu and company were gloating about Yi Yun's misfortune. If Cang Mang intervened, Yi Yun would definitely be alright, but that was something that they did not wish to see.

The Ancient Fey Edifice had given Yi Yun a great opportunity. Unfortunately, Yi Yun could not digest it, and he might even die because of this opportunity. It was very ironic. The only regret was for that piece of Ancient Fey bone. It would have been great if they were the ones to have it.

With this thought in mind, many Fire Cloud State disciples saw Yi Yun's skin turn redder, as though he was a boiler with billowing flames burning within.

Furthermore, not only had Yi Yun sealed all his acupuncture points, he had even sealed the pores all around his body, which numbered in the thousands!

Even geniuses of the Fey race who could awaken their ancient bloodline would only seal a number of acupuncture points when they absorbed the energy in an Ancient Fey bone. They would definitely not seal all the pores on their bodies. They had to disperse a bit of the energy through their pores or their bodies might explode, resulting in their deaths.

But now, not only was there no excess energy seeping out of Yi Yun's pores, even a drop of sweat did not flow out. This made Yi Yun's body slowly swell up. The blood vessels beneath his skin were visible. If not for Yi Yun's clothes being enchanted, his clothes would have already been lit on fire.

"Hey, why don't we guess about how long this punk can withstand this?" Lie Ya suddenly asked on a whim. Since cultivation was boring, he might as well find something to amuse himself. "Shall we make a bet?"

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