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Chapter 832: Reckless waste of Heaven's gifts


The plume of energy flew towards as Yi Yun willed it. It sank deep into his body.


Yi Yun immediately felt as though he was a drum, while the energy was a drumstick.

The drumsticks brandished with immense power, slamming him heavily to create reverberating shockwaves!

At that moment, Yi Yun felt like he had fallen into the endless universe. Amongst the cosmic sea of stars in vast s.p.a.ce, he was as tiny as a speck of dust. His body did not even seem to exist, having lost control of himself.

The ma.s.sive Ancient Fey energy was like the sea of stars, washing his body with formidable force.

The moment a portion of the Ancient Fey bone's life energy was extracted, the Fey race cultivators in Black Wind Valley sensed it.

The Ancient Fey's aura was immense and matchless. It caused palpitations in the hearts of the others.

"It's Yi Yun. He's beginning to absorb the Ancient Fey bone?"

"It's truly the case. Is he planning on attempting Black Wind Valley again after absorbing the Ancient Fey bone?"

The cultivators looked up, but they could not seen anything beyond the cave's entrance. However, the Blood Dragon black gas was constantly in turmoil outside the entrance, as though it had been stirred.

Yi Yun's physique was too weak and it could not withstand the black gases' erosion for long periods of time. However, if he were to absorb the Ancient Fey bone, things would be different. However, the premise was that he was able to absorb it.

"Absorbing the Ancient Fey bone here? With only a month's time, how much can he absorb? Even a year is useless, let alone a month. For humans to absorb an Ancient Fey bone is such a reckless waste of Heaven's gifts!"

When the Fire Cloud State disciple saw a human wasting such a precious Ancient Fey bone, they felt their hearts bleeding for the treasure.

The Ancient Fey bone, one that came from an Ancient Fey, the Heaven Devouring Wyrm, could result in the flourishing of a Heaven Fey clan through the use of its bloodline. For example, the Xushui Ran clan was such a large clan — it descended from a Ranyi Fish Ancient Fey.

The Heaven Devouring Wyrm was nearly on the same level of existence when compared to the Xushui Ran clan's ancestor. How could a bone it left behind — even if it was a tiny piece — be something that a human could absorb?

Ignoring humans, even Heaven Fey at the Heaven Ascension perfection realm, who came from famous clans with powerful bloodlines and extremely tempered bodies, considered geniuses amongst geniuses, would need a great deal of time to absorb and digest the energy in the Ancient Fey bone!

And initially, due to a weak physique, the amount of energy that one could bear was very little. With the improvement of one's physique, one was be able to gradually absorb more energy. Just like opening up a lake, only a big lake could hold more water.

The final result of absorption — even if done by a top Heaven Fey genius — would probably have less than half the Ancient Fey bone's energy absorbed. The remaining energy would be dispersed and wasted.

But now, this Ancient Fey bone was being carelessly used by Yi Yun. How much of the energy could he absorb?

Positing 1% was already overestimating him!

The reckless waste of Heaven's gift was not enough to describe the process.

If it were them, they would naturally find a quiet chamber and go into reclusion for two or three years for the absorption of the Ancient Fey bone. They would repeatedly refine it, and even crush and swallow the bone before they would give up.

"f.u.c.k, this Yi Yun must know that without absorbing the Ancient Fey bone, it would be impossible for him to pa.s.s this trial, so he wants to absorb the Ancient Fey bone. He is disregarding everything else as long as he pa.s.ses the trial."

"This is infuriating. As the saying goes, the grandson isn't distressed while selling the land that his grandfather toiled on. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d human. The Ancient Fey bone is not his, but the acc.u.mulation of our Luo clan. Now that it has been given to him, he is wasting it! He really does not know how to appreciate it!"

Seeing Yi Yun's manner of usage to pa.s.s the trial at all costs, the Fey race present were so peeved that their intestines twisted.

What were his actions based on!?

As Fey race disciples who natively grew up in the Luo clan's 196 states, they had entered the Ancient Fey Edifice together with Yi Yun. Yet, the best items in the Ancient Fey Edifice were taken by Yi Yun, and he was even wasting a treasure in such a manner!

They would have cherished the Ancient Fey bone. Even if they had to give up on the trials, they would not bear to waste it in such a manner. However, the Ancient Fey Edifice only gave them junk, so how could their hearts be balanced!?

"Senior Cang Mang, are you going to watch him waste the Ancient Fey bone just like that?"

Lie Ya could not stand for this. On the third level of Black Wind Valley, he directly spoke to Cang Mang.

Cang Mang coldly glanced at Lie Ya and said, "Is your mind unsettled because you did not receive any good opportunities in the Ancient Fey Edifice? However, this is because you were too disappointing, so who can you blame?"

A single sentence from Cang Mang's mouth caused Lie Ya's words to be stuck in his throat.

Too disappointing!

Lie Ya's face went green. He truly felt ashamed when Cang Mang said those words. Naturally, he did not dare express his anger at Cang Mang, so all he could do was vent his fury on Yi Yun. He gritted his teeth, glanced at where Yi Yun was and ruthlessly said, "Wait and see. Even with the Ancient Fey bone, you might not even reach the fifth level. Using a human's body to absorb the Ancient Fey with just a month's time means most of it will be squandered! What's there to improve with your body!? Besides, even if your body is improved slightly, without any means, it's still useless!"

Having a strong physique was like having a good weapon. If one began savagely brandishing it around, the resulting amount of power was still tiny. Only by mastering the methods to use the weapon would the weapon's power be fully expressed. The Yuan Qi system was the same. Having powerful Yuan Qi was useless, one needed cultivation techniques as well.

And it happened that Yi Yun also had cultivation techniques.

Nine Volumed Celestial Axis!

That was one of the top body-tempering cultivation techniques in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven. It was also an opportunity that Yi Yun gained in the Ancient Fey Edifice.

However, to absorb the Ancient Fey and master the cultivation technique in the time allotted, that would be even more difficult. The Fire Cloud State disciples did not even fathom the possibility that Yi Yun had such unrealistic ideas.

Cang Mang did not speak. Instead, he watched Yi Yun silently, without anyone knowing what was on his mind.

Noticing Cang Mang's look, Ran Yu raised his eyelids. "Even though Lord Cang Mang reprimanded Lie Ya, Lord Cang Mang must feel uncomfortable from the way that Yi Yun is wasting the Ancient Fey bone. After all, it is the Luo clan's heritage and acc.u.mulation! Yet, it has been wasted by a human."

Ran Yu sneered and looked at Yi Yun. "What a foolish human. Just because you think that the Ancient Fey bone is yours, does that mean you can use it freely? You have gone to extraordinary lengths just to pa.s.s the fifth level and not get eliminated. Not only have you wasted your opportunity, you have also offended Lord Cang Mang! The losses outweigh the gains. Furthermore, despite paying all these costs, it is possible that you won't even be able to reach the fifth level and still be eliminated!"

Ran Yu's eyes flashed a sharp color. He found Yi Yun extremely foolish.

Youths were usually impetuous due to their age. To profligate just because he had gained the recognition of the Ancient Fey Edifice was a perfect depiction of a fool's haste is no speed! Such a Yi Yun was not a rival that Ran Yu needed to consider. His laws may have been strong, but he had offended others, and he was unlikely to pa.s.s the trials. Elimination was a most likely outcome.

With this thought in mind, the Ranyi Fish bloodline image behind him opened its mouth wide and carried on devouring the constantly appearing black Fey.


Hua hua. Yi Yun was floating in the magnificent galaxy.

The Ancient Fey's aura came from the galaxy as Yi Yun felt that he was immersed inside the Ancient Fey's body, which was as large as a world. He was bobbing up and down in the Ancient Fey's blood as it surged through invisible vessels.

Yi Yun maintained his mental clarity and like a sponge, he began to slowly absorb the Ancient Fey energy.

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