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Chapter 830: Nine Neonate Tempering

The moment that the Nine Neonate appeared, the Blood Dragon black gases around Yi Yun were immediately devoured by the nine snake heads.

After the Blood Dragon black gases were devoured, Yi Yun immediately could sense the joyful emotions of the Nine Neonate.

In the lower realm, the Nine Neonate was always lacking resources, preventing it from growing stronger. Now, in the Mt. Azure Billow’s Black Wind Valley of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, despite it being a land fraught with danger, the Nine Neonate welcomed it as if it was a fish in water. The Fey race's physiques could be strengthened by devouring the Blood Dragon black gas. As for the Nine Neonate, after it swallowed the black gas, wiping the foul blood aura in it away and merging it into the Nine Neonate mark also provided it with pure blood energy.

The degenerated Blood Dragon had the bloodline of a True Dragon, and it was also a n.o.ble existence amongst Fey beasts. And with the Nine Neonate being a beast of relatively n.o.ble bloodline, the Blood Dragon black gas was perfectly suitable as a supplement.

"This fellow!" Lie Ya's eyes flickered. He believed that Yi Yun would be out of tricks for this obstacle, so he had went to great lengths to mock him. He never expected the human to possess such an Aspect Totem, one that had a more n.o.ble bloodline than his!

"It's just a One Tribulation Nine Neonate!" Lie Ya's eyes flashed with ruthlessness before he stabilized his mind. The One Tribulation Nine Neonate was just an Aspect Totem. It was impossible to compare it with a true Fey body that he had cultivated for decades. Even if Yi Yun had the Nine Neonate, Yi Yun did not even need to think about getting to the fifth level.

The others had similar thoughts. They were stunned when they first saw the Nine Neonate appear from the human's body, but after coming round, they did not find anything remarkable. The totem mystic technique that this human cultivated was just slightly more special and the test  had to do with the Fey race, so it was no wonder there was such an effect.

It was impossible for a human like Yi Yun to use only his Aspect Totem to compare with their Fey race's bloodline.

The first level's Blood Dragon black gas was nothing much for the Fey race. Some of the Fey race could even withstand the level by just using their bodies.

As for Yi Yun, he had to use his Aspect Totem. The Aspect Totem and the Fey race's stimulation of bloodline was similar, so having used this approach at the first level, what was he to do after that?

The first level's black gas had no effect on the Nine Neonate and instead, it provided it with food. The black gases already had their own intelligence, so with a sharp scream, they no longer charged at Yi Yun.

"Onwards to the second level!" Darting his eyes, Yi Yun's body immediately descended.

The nine snake heads behind him moved ferociously as though the gigantic Nine Neonate phantom image was a powerful Fey that descended from ancient times.

The second level's Blood Dragon black gas was much more coagulated than the first level's!

The number of black Fey hiding in the black gases that had taken form were greater in number than the first level. 

The moment that Yi Yun arrived at the second level, more than a dozen black Fey pounced out of the black gases, in an attempt to bite Yi Yun's body.

Although the black Fey that had taken form did not have actual bodies, their fangs and claws were whole and sharp. With the foul energy condensed together, their close proximity to people made the people feel as though their meridians had frozen and their Yuan Qi flow r.e.t.a.r.ded. Such black Fey that had taken form could drain a warrior who was lacking in strength in an instant.

Xiao—! The Nine Neonate phantom image let out a roar as the nine snake heads darted at the black Fey like nine bolts of black lightning. As the Blood Dragon black gases were stirred by the Nine Neonate, ear-piercing screams came from within!

The Nine Neonate held these black Fey in its mouths before tearing them apart. The dispersed black gases were then swallowed.

The foul blood aura was being refined by the Nine Neonate.

Luo Fengling watched in surprise. She was still at the first level, but Yi Yun had already gone to the second level!

Many cultivators were stunned. This Nine Neonate Aspect Totem was extraordinary! It had already reached the second level, and it was unknown how far it could continue going.

The black Fey that had taken form were constant in number. More than a dozen appeared every single time.

"The Nine Neonate is feeling the pressure." Yi Yun saw a black Fey pounce onto his protective Yuan Qi first, and the moment the foul blood aura struck the protective Yuan Qi, a burning sound was issued. Following that, the Nine Neonate behind him would come biting at it.

The second level's black Fey that had taken form had denser foul blood aura, so devouring them became harder.

"This Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip; " The other cultivators looked uncertainly at Yi Yun.

They could also tell that the Nine Neonate phantom image was having a harder time devouring the Blood Dragon black gas.

However, they could not tell what the limits of the Nine Neonate was.

At this moment, Yi Yun's body suddenly plummeted.

The third level!

Lie Ya's pupils violently contracted. He was currently only at the third level!

He had previously mocked Yi Yun, and in the blink of an eye, Yi Yun had used an Aspect Totem to arrive at the same location as he was!

"However, the third level is not that easy to handle." Lie Ya howled as he grabbed a plume of black gas that had taken form before tearing it apart with his sharp claws!

The black gas at the third level had already taken the forms of fierce beasts such as tigers and leopards. They constantly pounced out of the black gas. Even Lie Ya was finding it difficult to withstand the barrage of attacks. Furthermore, the black Fey that had taken form were appearing in endless succession, and the Blood Dragon black gas could easily erode the bodies of the cultivators.

To withstand such a waxing and waning situation, it was extremely difficult!

"Yi Yun reached the third level!"

"From the looks of it, Lie Ya doesn't find it easy to remain at the third level. Although we can also reach the third level, it will likely be difficult!"

All these Fey race cultivators had ugly expressions. Could their Fey race bloodline be inferior to a human?

The moment Yi Yun reached the third level, he immediately felt the sharp rise in pressure.

A tiger that had taken form pounced out from one side, locking its jaws on one of the Nine Neonate phantom image's necks.

The Nine Neonate immediately fought back, but when its snake mouth bit the tiger, its body quivered. The phantom image turned somewhat chaotic.

The ferocious foul blood aura was something that the Nine Neonate could not withstand either.

However, after devouring a mouthful of it, the Nine Neonate let out a joyful howl.

These were dangerous beings, but they were also great supplements!

After being bitten by a tiger, a gigantic python suddenly appeared behind the Nine Neonate.

In the thick black gas, there was no lack of Fey beasts that had taken form.

The Nine Neonate phantom image may have nine heads, but to handle one of the fierce Fey beasts, it needed two or three heads to match them. Furthermore, these fierce Fey beasts appeared constantly.

It was very difficult for the Nine Neonate to resist them!

Its body was also being bitten by the Fey beasts, and as foul blood aura drilled into its body, Yi Yun immediately felt his Yuan Qi flow turn dissonant. His body felt a soreness and itchiness from within.

The foul blood aura could poison his body through the Aspect Totem!

Yi Yun hurriedly circulated his Yuan Qi. His pure Yang body could counter toxins, but he still needed to slowly clear them away once they entered his system. However, if there was a lot more, Yi Yun would also slowly fail to keep this up.

"This human actually managed to find his footing." Lie Ya's expression turned ugly once again. Yi Yun had also reached the third level and he spent about ten seconds there. And although Yi Yun looked like he could barely withstand it, he did not reveal any serious flaws. Things would only gradually become easier for him.

The Nine Neonate phantom image was able to absorb the foul blood aura, and the more it absorbed, the stronger it could grow.

They, as Fey race, also used the absorption of the foul blood aura to strengthen their physique to last further here.

If not for that, how could it be said that the Black Wind Valley was also an opportunity?

However, absorbing this bit of foul blood aura was nothing much in the Black Wind Valley.

There were greater benefits hidden below the seventh level, things that typical cultivators had no means of probing.

Probably only Heaven Fey with powerful bloodlines like Ran Yu and Gu Luo had a chance.

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