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Chapter 829: Yi Yun Descends Black Wind Valley

Luo Fengling was still somewhat worried for Yi Yun as she looked at him.

Legend said that the ancient degenerated Blood Dragon was a result of the egg of a True Dragon being marred by evil blood. This caused the baby dragon to mutate before it hatched. After it hatched, it would be a crimson-colored degenerated Blood Dragon.

Blood Dragons were cruel and bloodthirsty. It devoured billions of living creatures to strengthen its body and it might even be more powerful than True Dragons, but as it traversed the unorthodox path, its aura was messy and violent after devouring too many creatures. This resulted in it having a very short lifespan.

It was a pity that the most precious bones and dragon spine of the ancient Blood Dragon was gone, leaving the dragon blood that had merged with Black Wind Valley as one behind.

The Black Wind Valley which was refined by the dragon blood could be considered to be an impressive treasure itself.

In such a dangerous area, Yi Yun did not have the bloodlines of Ancient Fey, nor did he have a powerful body. With protective Yuan Qi losing its effects, it was naturally much harder for him to descend into Black Wind Valley.

Actually, even Luo Fengling herself lacked the confidence, much less Yi Yun. Although she too was a Heaven Fey, the concentration of her bloodline was greatly inferior to Ran Yu's.

Yi Yun nodded as he looked at Black Wind Valley in a thoughtful manner.

"Junior Brother Yi, what are you looking at?" At this moment, a schadenfreudian voice came from Lie Ya as he grinned. He flew next to Yi Yun and said, "Don't give up, but why did you have to be human? It's understandable that you have a weak physique. Your laws are strong, but it appears that they are useless here. In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, all that matters is bloodline after all. The Luo Divine Hall trials were tailored for the Fey race, not humans. So what if your laws are strong? That will be the only aspect that you will shine in. If you can't pa.s.s the obstacle in front of you, you won't even be able to go to the Luo Divine Hall."

Lie Ya smiled happily. What did it mean to being able to walk with one's head held high? This was what it meant to being able to walk with one's head held high!

He had been stifled by Yi Yun previously, because just on the nomological aspect, Yi Yun had completely desecrated Lie Ya with every aspect of his combined. Now, having finally seen Yi Yun encounter a setback, how could he not take the opportunity to taunt Yi Yun? It could be that as Yi Yun matured with the pa.s.sing of time, the gap in their strength would become bigger. He might not be able to see Yi Yun's back even if he wanted to taunt him.

"Hahaha, Junior Brother Yi, this senior brother is going ahead!" Lie Ya roared with laughter and without waiting for Yi Yun's response, he jumped down towards Black Wind Valley.

He jumped straight for the second level!

The reason why Lie Ya chose the second level from the beginning was because he was confident of his own body's strength. Secondly, he intended to show off. Having said those words that allowed him to hold his head high, how could he not let his actions accompany his words? How could he not do a perfect act of establishing his dominance?

The moment that Lie Ya arrived at the second level, he immediately sensed the pressure from the black winds.

With a roar, his bones began to crackle as needle-like hair grew from his body. His eyes turned luminous green with a long tail behind him!

This was the transformation of the Fey race.

"Lie Ya is a mixed-blood. He has both the bloodlines of a Heaven and Earth Fey. Although he cannot summon the power of his ancestors through the use of his blood like Ran Yu, he can use the Earth Fey's transformation to resist the black gas." Luo Fengling said while standing beside Yi Yun.

Many Earth Fey in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven were beasts, trees, birds, fish or plants who achieved their Dao after living for a very long period of time. To put it bluntly, they were ordinary Fey.

Earth Fey were the direct descendants of these ordinary Fey, so they could transform into the shape of beasts.

However, Heaven Fey were unable to do so. Their ancestors were Ancient Fey. Firstly, their bloodline heritage had been pa.s.sed down for a long period of time, and secondly, the bloodline they inherited was thin, so for them to transform into an Ancient Fey? It was unknown and probably unimaginable how concentrated the Fey bloodline had to be to do so.

Hence, the technique of transformation was a trait of Earth Fey.

Transformation gave Earth Fey great strength, and now, Lie Ya was enjoying the effects of it.

He let out a wolf howl in a carefree manner, jumping straight from the second level to the third level!

"Ao woo!"

Although Lie Ya could barely withstand the third level, he still howled at Yi Yun, who was still in the air. The provocation was self-evident.

If Yi Yun lost his cool and rushed straight to the third level, the black gas would erode his consciousness, turning him into a r.e.t.a.r.d.

"Junior Brother Yi, we'll be going down as well. We'll wait down there for you."

A few Fire Cloud State disciples said to Yi Yun with spurious smiles before descending into Black Wind Valley.

None of these people had any kind intentions when it came to Yi Yun. They were all waiting for him to suffer.

"Junior Brother Yi, don't get provoked by them." Luo Fengling exhorted Yi Yun. After all, Yi Yun had stolen the limelight previously, but he had now encountered great restrictions. She was worried that Yi Yun could not accept the stark differences.

"Thank you Senior Sister Luo, I know very well." Yi Yun said as he slowly flew down towards Black Wind Valley.

Lie Ya was not wrong at all. The Luo Divine Hall trials were prepared for the Fey race and not tailored for humans. Most of the test methods were considered from the Fey race's point of view. There was nothing unfair about it; after all, the road of martial arts was never about fairness, only victory and defeat!

Without any further ado, Yi Yun landed on the first level. He did not know anything about Black Wind Valley, so starting from the first level was the most secure way of doing things.

Luo Fengling also landed in the first level of Black Wind Valley with Yi Yun. After that, Luo Fengling immediately conjured her bloodline's power to resist the intrusion of the black gas.

Although Luo Fengling was with Yi Yun, it was obviously impossible for her to help Yi Yun at all.

Many Fire Cloud State disciples were looking at Yi Yun with schadenfreudian looks. They were waiting for Yi Yun to put on a show.

Cang Mang also looked at Yi Yun. He was very interested in Yi Yun, but he did not take extra care of Yi Yun. In the Luo clan, everyone was given equal opportunities.


At this moment, a few black gas blobs transformed into the shape of Fey beasts beside Yi Yun, before pouncing right at him.

These Fey beasts looked extremely realistic up close. They had hideous blue faces, cruel with tumultuous killing intent.

Yi Yun conjured his protective Yuan Qi. The Yuan Qi barrier that contained the power of pure Yang was like an indestructible golden bell shield, enveloping Yi Yun within.

Upon seeing this scene, there were people who immediately shook their heads. It was already mentioned that protective Yuan Qi was useless, yet he conjured it?

"Chi! Chi! Chi!"

When the black gases struck Yi Yun's protective Yuan Qi, only a portion of the black gas was burnt up by the Yuan Qi shields.

However, those Fey beasts that had taken form could penetrate the pure Yang Yuan Qi shield and they continue charging at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun p.r.i.c.ked his eyebrows. Indeed, as Cang Mang said, Black Wind Valley tested the bloodline of the Fey race. The black gas that had taken form already possessed intelligence. They could ignore protective Yuan Qi and they were only devoured by a Fey race's bloodline.

Furthermore, energy with intelligence and life could not be absorbed by the Purple Crystal. Besides, the black gas was not purely energy. Yi Yun could sense a high concentration of blood aura in the black gas, which was likely attributed to the Blood Dragon's blood. The degenerated Blood Dragon had devoured countless creatures, so the resentment in these creatures remained in the Blood Dragon's blood.

"The black gas left behind by the degenerated Blood Dragon is of a bizarre law. With my cultivation realm, trying to dominate the laws left behind by the degenerated Blood Dragon is impossible. I can only go along with it. If my protective Yuan Qi is useless, and only a Fey race's bloodline can absorb the blood aura left behind by the degenerated Blood Dragon, maybe&h.e.l.lip; "

As Yi Yun pondered, a few black Fey that had taken form charged at Yi Yun. They were cackling with laughter as they produced sounds that resembled the haunting wails of ghosts and howls of wolves.

Yi Yun was inferior to Gu Luo in certain ways. His body was not strong, so the moment his body was infiltrated by the black gas, he would immediately be in extreme danger.

Many people stared widely to watch this scene.

Just as people believed that Yi Yun was about to have the black gas infiltrate him, resulting in serious injuries even if his mind was not wiped out&h.e.l.lip; 


They heard a high-pitched scream. This sound came from within Yi Yun's chest as all the black gas Fey beasts' howls were masked by the sharp scream!

Oh? What happened?

People were taken by surprise. They looked at Yi Yun as a terrifying energy exploded behind Yi Yun, as though it was a burning black inferno. As the dancing tongues of flame roared towards the sky, people realized that it was not a fire snake on closer look, it was gigantic snake heads. Every snake head was of different shape and size. Some of them had only one eye, while others had three. Some spat out flames while others spat out frost.

Nine snake heads and a ma.s.sive body. This was the gigantic phantom image that appeared behind Yi Yun!

Nine Neonate!?

Many people finally understood that Yi Yun had summoned a Nine Neonate behind him!

"How is this possible? Could he have the bloodline of a Nine Neonate!?" Many people were alarmed. Nine Neonates, especially Nine Neonates that had survived nine tribulations, were powerful Ancient Fey. Even mighty figures in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven would rather not face them in battle.

Heaven Fey who possed the bloodline of Nine Neonates were definitely of supreme status amongst the Heaven Fey!

The Nine Neonate bloodline could not appear on a human's body naturally!

"It's not a Nine Neonate bloodline. It's just his Aspect Totem, and the Nine Neonate in his Aspect Totem is just a One Tribulation Nine Neonate. It's still poles apart from nine tribulations, but&h.e.l.lip; humans can use Aspect Totem in this way?"

People found it incredulous. After the Nine Neonate appeared, it began devouring the transformed black gases, devouring a blob of black gas in one mouthful, straight into its body.

Yi Yun cultivated the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, which was an odd totem mystic technique. It was first brought to the Tian Yuan World by the Azure Yang Lord.

Yi Yun had refined the Nine Neonate as a beast mark using the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ mystic technique, but the Nine Neonate had yet to die. Instead, it had been merged in Yi Yun's body with the ability to continue growing.

Back when it merged into Yi Yun's body, the Nine Neonate had survived a lightning tribulation, with Yi Yun benefiting from it as well.

This was not just a pure Aspect Totem.

If it were the Aspect Totem that other humans cultivated, in the form of swords or starlight, or phenomena like a luminous moon above the sea, the Aspect Totems were completely void of any relation with the Fey race.

Now, Yi Yun had injected his body's power into the Nine Neonate and absorbed the black gas using the Nine Neonate mark. Although a One Tribulation Nine Neonate was not strong, as a beast with the Ancient Fey bloodline, it was of higher n.o.bility than tiger Fey or wolf Fey who achieved their Dao. It was more than sufficient to deal with the first level's black gases.

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