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Chapter 822: Nine Volumed Celestial Axis

At this moment, a light curtain suddenly flew up from deep beneath the chasm before it headed towards the Dragon Emperor divine column's stone bridge.

The Dragon Emperor divine column's stone bridge was in the shape of a giant dragon from afar, and there were a few Luo clan disciples standing there.

These Luo clan disciples were watching earnestly at the light curtain that flew towards them. This light curtain seemed to possess eyes as it flew straight towards a person, and in a blink of an eye, it appeared in front of a disciple. As the light curtain dispersed, it revealed a box in it.

The disciple was stunned as he hurriedly caught it. After opening it, all that could be seen from his face was mixed looks.

"What is it?"

A Luo clan disciple beside him said, "World Stones."

World Stones were a form of salary given in the Fire Cloud State. Earth Fire Hall disciples were given one World Stone a year, while Heaven Fire Hall disciples were given five a year. This Luo clan disciple had obtained twenty World Stones as a reward, and it was considered not bad if this was any other time. But when contrasted with the Ancient Fey Edifice's countless opportunities, it was understandably disappointing.

"In the Ancient Fey Edifice, only those above Eye Opening can obtain better awards. We only obtained Entering Motion, so forget it."

The disciple shook his head with an ugly expression and sighed. He had barely obtained the divine column's recognition, but even so, he still had a tiny bit of hope, but he never expected to receive the poorest reward of World Stones.

Another light curtain burst out from the chasm and it flew towards a Luo clan disciple on the Seven-colored Phoenix's stone bridge. Immediately, that disciple revealed an uneasy expression. The degree of his Entering Motion was not much higher than the previous person.

Luo Fengling was also on this stone bridge, so she was similarly extremely nervous. Luo Fengling had very little time for cultivation, so obtaining a bit of resources would be very beneficial for her.

"It's a cultivation technique!" The light curtain transformed into an ancient tome, as the disciple beamed.

Things were different when it came to cultivation techniques. The cultivation techniques stored in the Ancient Fey Edifice wouldn't be too bad, even if it was the lowest grade.

"It's the first and second volume of the Nine Volumed Celestial Axis." One of the cultivators said after they saw the words on the ancient tome.

"Even if he obtained the first two volumes, trying to obtain all nine volumes is nearly impossible." A Luo clan disciple said.

The Nine Volumed Celestial Axis was a top body-tempering cultivation technique in the Luo clan, but it did not belong to the Luo clan. It was a heritage left behind by an ancient mighty figure, who was famous in the entire Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven!

Although the Nine Volumed Celestial Axis was extremely valuable, its first few volumes were relatively simpler and they have been replicated into many similar copies.

However, after the fifth volume, the subsequent volumes' prices grew at a geometric rate. Even the Luo clan did not have the complete Nine Volumed Celestial Axis.

"Nine Volumed Celestial Axis. Ze ze. According to legend, mastering the entire Nine Volumed Celestial Axis would result in a body that can shatter a Great World. This is the top body-tempering technique in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, but it is very difficult for humans to master it." Ran Yu suddenly said.

He did not look at Yi Yun, but he was clearly directing it at Yi Yun.

Lie Ya, who wasn't very far away, heard this and echoed, "Senior Brother Ran Yu is right. Humans are far inferior to us at cultivating body-tempering cultivation techniques. Humans only have two body-tempering stages when they first come into contact with martial arts, called Mortal Blood and Purple Blood. Compared to the Fey race's body-tempering techniques, that was far inferior. It is mainly due to a problem with physique. The physique of humans is just too weak, so they can't be trained up."

After Lie Ya said that, he glanced proudly at Yi Yun.

He admitted that he was inferior to Yi Yun when it came to laws, but he was unwilling to admit that he was inferior to Yi Yun; hence, he mentioned body-tempering techniques. That was the forte of the Fey race, and it was something that the Human race was really bad at.

Even for Yi Yun, his body was his weakness. Back when he was fighting the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's extraordinary defense came from his body-tempering technique.

And because Yi Yun's body was weak, he was unable to resist the Black-armored Demon G.o.d's frontal attacks even once. He could only summon his Draco First True Gold avatar to block the attacks for him.

Although the Nine Volumed Celestial Axis could be used by both the Human and Fey race, nearly no human cultivated it because it was too difficult.

After the Nine Volumed Celestial Axis, a beam of light flew towards the Seven-colored Phoenix's stone bridge, headed straight for Luo Fengling.

"Mine?" An uneasy Luo Fengling hurriedly reached out her hand.

Pa. A small jade box landed in Luo Fengling's white palm.

She first raised her head to survey the cultivators around her, and these people also looked back at her.

Luo Fengling had been recommended by Fairy Black Bamboo and she had cultivated for a short period of time, so she was equally unpopular as Yi Yun. Although the recognition she obtained was nothing outstanding, these people probably wished that it would be best if the opportunity she gained was very bad.

Luo Fengling sighed lightly and she opened the jade box under the watchful eyes of others.

A round pill, pink like a woman's lips, exuded a faint aroma as it sat in the middle of the jade box.

"No one knows what pill that is."

A few cultivators, especially those that had obtained rewards but had been inferior to Luo Fengling, revealed downcast looks. Regardless what pill it was, how could it be bad if it was a pill given by the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column? It was definitely slightly better than World Stones or the first two volumes of the Nine Volumed Celestial Axis.

They had all obtained Entering Motion, but everyone's opportunities were different, making everyone who had not received their opportunities uneasy.

Luo Fengling revealed a look of pleasant surprise. Only after taking a careful look at it was she willing to put the box away.

And after her, another disciple obtained a World Stone. From the way he groaned, he was extremely depressed about it.

At this moment, a light curtain flew out, and this time, the target was the Empress Earth Dao Tree's stone bridge!

Standing on the Empress Earth Dao Tree's stone bridge were Ran Yu and Yi Yun only. These cultivators were all guessing the target of this light curtain and what was inside!

"Say, is this mine or yours?" Ran Yu said in a drawn out manner.

After making the a.s.sertions regarding the body-tempering situation with the Human and Fey race, he had seemingly regained his confidence.

The light curtain charged at the duo and it abruptly appeared in front of Ran Yu.

"Looks like it's mine.' Ran Yu chuckled and reached his hand out.

The light curtain immediately dispersed as Yi Yun saw clearly a golden beam of light appear on Ran Yu's palm the moment the light dispersed,.

Ran Yu and Yi Yun were the only two people on this stone bridge, so regardless of who it was that obtained an opportunity, they were bound to be the focus of attention. Everyone's gazes was trained on this stone bridge.

They had also seen that golden beam of light.

The golden beam of light constantly changed in shape in Ran Yu's hand, at times in the shape of a small sparrow and at other times a miniature golden snake.

"What's that?"

"I wonder if it's a reward from the Dragon Emperor or the Empress Earth Dao Tree."

Previously, Cang Mang had said that those who pa.s.sed a few divine columns could choose any column. This meant that even if Ran Yu stood on the Empress Earth Dao Tree's stone bridge, he too could receive the opportunities from the Dragon Emperor divine column.

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