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Chapter 82: He Really Came

“What third young master?” asked the man who was at a loss.
“You don’t know? He is the Tao tribal clan’s third young master. An elite carefully nurtured by the Tao tribal clan! The first young master is eighteen years old, and his cultivation level has reached the middle stage of the Purple Blood realm. The second young master is sixteen and has just broken into the Purple Blood realm, as for the third young master, he’s the youngest and just reached fourteen, but his cultivation level is already at the peak of the Qi Gatherer realm! Most people are saying that he will break through into the Purple Blood realm before fifteen years of age!

Breaking into the Purple Blood realm at fifteen years of age?

Hearing these words, everyone gasped. The angry man no longer dared to say anything. He was twenty-five, and just at the third stage of Mortal Blood, how could he go against him!

Even Lian Chengyu could hardly keep up his facade after hearing Tao Yunxiao’s arrogant words. His talent which he was proud of had been criticized with a “barely make it”.

F*ck, if not for the desolate bones refinement failure, I’d be in the early stages of Purple Blood!

From the Mortal Blood to the Purple Blood, the former was considered mortal, while the latter was considered to have exceeded mortality. It was two different concepts.

If everything had went well, he would be in the early stages of the Purple Blood realm at seventeen. To be able to receive such results from a poor tribe would be something to be proud of. This Kingdom’s selection would no longer be a question. Would he need to listen to this kid’s bragging?

Tao Yunxiao patted Lian Chengyu on the shoulders saying, “I think you are smart. Follow me in the future. You must break into the Purple Blood realm early. To not have done so by seventeen, It’s a bit slow&h.e.l.lip;”

Tao Yunxiao touched a tender spot; although Lian Chengyu was extremely aggrieved, he could do nothing but say, “Thank you for your appreciation. I will definitely work harder and break through into the Purple realm soon.”

Lian Chengyu still did not know the reason why he had failed to break through. The Frost Python desolate bones that was given to him by the Tao tribal clan did not have problems. The strong Frost toxins and the able-bodied men who fell sick after refining the bones made it clear. So what could be the problem?

Lian Chengyu could never understand it, for he had never eaten a desolate bone essence before, nor did he know what would happen after eating a real desolate bone essence. He lacked experience, so it was not easy to tell what had went wrong.

“Eh, this kid&h.e.l.lip;” It happened that Tao Yunxiao noticed Yi Yun.

As the children in the vast wilderness suffered from malnutrition, their body development was slower. because of this, Yi Yun’s body was still extremely tiny, and he stood out in the crowd.

Tao Yunxiao had originally believed that at the age of fourteen, he would be the youngest person to partic.i.p.ate in this Kingdom’s selection. Unexpectedly, he saw someone even younger in the square, so he paid special attention to Yi Yun.

“He can partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection at such a young age?” Tao Yunxiao frowned. He had wanted the honor of being the youngest partic.i.p.ant in the Kingdom’s selection. But from the looks of it, he had no chance to get that honor. At best, he would get the honor of the youngest chosen member of the Jin Long Wei.

“Young master Yunxiao, that kid is called Yi Yun. He’s from my Lian tribal clan and has some talent for martial arts. He was lucky and had some fortuitous event, giving him some strength. As Young master Yunxiao knows, our Lian tribal clan is lacking in resources and is unable to groom much talent, so I brought him here to experience the world.” Lian Chengyu mentioned upon noticing Tao Yunxiao’s gaze.

“I see.” After listening to Lian Chengyu’s explanation, Tao Yunxiao lost interest for this kid as he was not noteworthy.

He wanted to pay attention to the true heroes of this era, and not the self-proclaimed elites of the vast wilderness.

For example&h.e.l.lip;

Tao Yunxiao turned his head and squinted at a tall tower in the distance.

That tower was about two hundred feet tall with twelve stories. It was colored in dazzling purple gold.
“Young master Yunxiao, what are you looking at?” Lian Chengyu traced Tao Yunxiao’s gaze and looked towards the tower. That tower looked especially special. “What sort of person is on that tower?”

“No ordinary girl!”

Lian Chengyu did not expect those words from Tao Yunxiao. Tao Yunxiao had enjoyed success from a young age, and grew up in an environment where he was treated as a star. He had never stepped out of the Tao tribal clan, and had never undergone tribulations, but he was regarded as one of the top prodigies of the Tao tribal clan. With such life experience, could he not be arrogant?

Besides, he was a fourteen year old child and was at the age where he felt highly self-important and dreamed of being a hero.

To say that the girl was no ordinary girl meant that she was extremely dazzling.

“Is she joining the Kingdom’s selection too?” Lian Chengyu asked. For such an extraordinary girl, he was naturally interested. If he could get to know her and win her favor, she would be able to greatly aid him in his journey.

“The Kingdom’s selection?” sneered Tao Yunxiao, “I already said she was no ordinary girl. What does it mean to be extraordinary? You have talent that makes people jealous of you, unfathomable strength, and a mysterious background that intimidates anyone! How could such a person partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection? Even the Thousand Households of the Jin Long Wei has to be extremely polite to her. You think the Jin Long Wei dares to take her in even if she wants to join the Kingdom’s selection?”

Tao Yunxiao reb.u.t.ted with a rhetorical question, shocking Lian Chengyu. Was it that exaggerating?

To Lian Chengyu, the Jin Long Wei was already incredibly powerful; for such a powerful army, it’s Thousand Households had to be respectful to this girl, then what sort of ident.i.ty did she have?

“Tsk!” Tao Yunxiao showed some disdain upon seeing Lian Chengyu’s dazed expression. “So what if she’s of n.o.ble birth, it does not mean anything! There were many ancient emperors who were commoners before they eventually thrived! Today’s Kingdom’s selection is just my first step. In the future when my strength grows, I’ll leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, and become famous all over the world. When that happens, I would be noticed by the power behind that extraordinary girl. Eventually she will be betrothed to me, then wedding her would be no wonder!”

Tao Yunxiao expressed his monologue with confidence. Lian Chengyu was stunned. He had already believed his ambition was great, by being able to get a named rank in the Jin Long Wei, he would be knighted in the Kingdom, and thrive.

But Tao Yunxiao was planning to leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. The huge Tai Ah Divine Kingdom could not hold him in!

Whether it meant to be young and crazy, or that new born calves were not afraid of tigers, it was the best way to describe the fourteen year old Tao Yunxiao!

Yi Yun had took this all in from the side. There was no such thing as the most arrogant, but only someone more arrogant. Tao Yunxiao, does your mother know about your arrogance?

As for the extraordinary girl in the tower, the one that the Jin Long Wei’s Thousand Households had to be respectful to&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun squinted his eyes and looked towards the purple gold tower.

And he did not know that at this moment, someone was looking right back at him from the tower.

Lin Xintong was standing by the tower’s window, and her eyes could distinguish Yi Yun through the crowds in the busy street.

Her eyesight was extremely good, and even at such a distance, she was able to see Yi Yun’s face clearly.

“Master, he really came,” Lin Xintong smiled. Old man Su had said that they would likely not meet Yi Yun again after going their separate ways at the Lian tribal clan’s back mountain.

But the youth had given Lin Xintong’s Yin Meridians a magical feeling.

Although it was like grasping at shadows, to think that that special feeling could heal her of her Yin meridians was a crazy thought. However, old man Su did not want to leave anything to chance, so he had stayed in the Tao tribal clan to wait for the kid to come knocking.

A young child who reached the Meridians realm was definitely a first-rate genius in the vast wilderness. How could such a genius miss the Kingdom’s selection?

“Let’s see how this kid performs at the selection.”


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