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Chapter 817: Solitary Nothingness

Luo Tian wrapped his arms across his chest as a coldness revealed in the way he looked at Gu Luo. He slowly said, "Gu Luo, you are truly one that never rains but pours."

The other Luo clan disciples were also secretly horrified. For Luo Tian to say that, it was undoubtedly Hibernation Awakening.

From Entering Motion to Eye Opening, and from Eye Opening to Hibernation Awakening, he had done it in one fell swoop. Gu Luo had quietly obtained such a high level of recognition!

Especially for Lie Ya, his expression changed greatly as he clenched his teeth tightly. It was the same Kun Peng divine column, but Gu Luo had only spent half the time he spent in front of the Kun Peng divine column!

However, the difference in their recognition was like night and day.

"Can the difference be so big&h.e.l.lip; ?" Lie Ya found it hard to accept the truth.

"He can actually obtain the recognition of Hibernation Awakening." Ran Yu's eyes were no longer calm.

On the cultivators' name list, his ranking was higher than Gu Luo, and although Ran Yu had been vigilant against Gu Luo, his true goal was Tian Shi!

Especially with Tian Shi being taken away in advance this time, although Ran Yu still appeared calm on the surface, he was actually feeling indignant!

Ran Yu wanted to prove that even if he lacked the special treatment of Tian Shi being nurtured with dedicated care, he would still not be any inferior with existing resources.

But now, Gu Luo had obtained the Hibernation Awakening rating&h.e.l.lip; 

Under the different gazes of everyone, Gu Luo remained silent. He stood in his spot motionless without even blinking his eyes. He gave an aura of death like he was a walking zombie.

Even the strong wings conjured by the ancient Kun Peng did not make Gu Luo react.

And at this moment, the ancient Kun Peng's phantom image exploded and dispersed.

The Kun Peng divine column returned to normal, as though everything that had happened was just a ma.s.s hallucination.

"Rating, Hibernation Awakening!" Cang Mang's voice resounded.

Cang Mang glanced intently at Gu Luo. However, the pillar of light on Gu Luo's body did not disappear.

Two people in a row...

"There is another divine column. What is it?" The cultivators hurriedly looked over.

"It's the Solitary Nothingness divine column! Gu Luo chose the Solitary Nothingness divine column first before the Kun Peng divine column. I wonder what rating he will receive this time!" A sharp-eyed person shouted.

The ninth Fey G.o.d, Solitary Nothingness, was an endless void itself. It was the tomb of Great Worlds, and it represented dead silence.

Above the Solitary Nothingness divine column was just blankness. It was no wonder that no one noticed anything at a glance. The changes it produced were invisible ripples that radiated throughout its surroundings.

As the ripples swept past, everyone's eyes went into a blur, as though they were being swallowed into Solitary Nothingness' body. It was as though they had fallen into infinity, a world with nothing. This feeling was just instantaneous, but a few cultivators with a lower cultivation level were left in a trance that took them some time to recover from.

"The feeling just now felt like death. The Solitary Nothingness Fey G.o.d is so strange!" Bai Chen was one of them. His entire body quivered as cold sweat oozed out his forehead. The boundary of life and death was too horrible. It was definitely not a good feeling to experience the coming of death.

Yi Yun looked at the Solitary Nothingness divine column. The aura from before was something that even the Death Soulwood could not absorb. However, with the Death Soulwood and the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was far from being seriously affected by it.

He thoughtfully looked at Gu Luo and wondered what species Gu Luo was and what cultivation technique he cultivated. However, from his appearance, he must be somehow related to the Solitary Nothingness divine column, so it was no wonder that he could obtain the Solitary Nothingness divine column's recognition.

The difficulty of Solitary Nothingness and the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine column's recognition was nearly equal.

It was just unknown what rating Gu Luo would obtain from the Solitary Nothingness divine column&h.e.l.lip; 

"Rating, Entering Motion!" Cang Mang announced, but after that, he looked at Gu Luo with an appreciating gaze.

That ripple from before was the Solitary Nothingness divine column's Entering Motion?

Kun Peng divine column, Hibernation Awakening! Solitary Nothingness divine column, Entering Motion!

"That rating!" The cultivators, including the Phoenix Firmiana State's cultivators, were started as they shook their heads.

There was really no way to compare them...

Ran Yu's delicate face was already extremely sullen.

"Pa! Pa!"

Luo Tian began clapping. Each clap from the applause felt as though it was smacking Ran Yu heavily in the face.

"Impressive, truly impressive!" Luo Tian said from the bottom of his heart.

"Ran Yu, so this is the reason why you told me not to laugh too early." Luo Tian looked at Ran Yu and said with a smirk.

The corner of Ran Yu's eyes immediately twitched. Luo Tian was rubbing salt into his wounds.

"Luo Tian, your Phoenix Firmiana State should be convinced this time, right!?" A female disciple from the Fire Cloud State said to vent her anger.

Gu Luo's rating was extremely high, while Ran Yu was just slightly inferior to him. Their performance could be said to be absolutely brilliant. Seeing the Phoenix Firmiana State's people being completely silent, the Fire Cloud State disciples felt that they could lift their heads high.

"Gu Luo, it was indeed my mistake to think lowly of you." Hearing Luo Tian's admission, the female disciple from the Fire Cloud State immediately revealed a smile. But before she said anything, she saw the tail behind Luo Tian twitch. And once again, his face revealed an arrogant look.

"However, it's just a Hibernation Awakening and an Entering Motion. That's nothing when it comes to me. If you received Eye Opening from the Solitary Nothingness divine column, I would be impressed. But now, all you got from the Solitary Nothingness divine column was Entering Motion. Trying to use Hibernation Awakening from the Kun Peng divine column to beat me is impossible."

Luo Tian's words shocked everyone.

Ran Yu's face turned ugly as he coldly said, "What arrogance!"

If Gu Luo was nothing, wasn't he completely unacceptable?

"I don't mind all of you staying for another day to see my rating before leaving." Luo Tian said.

A strange glint appeared in Ran Yu's eyes. What Luo Tian said was him having true confidence. If his rating was lower than Gu Luo, he would completely lose all face.

The other Fire Cloud State disciples also understood this point and they were amazed. Ran Yu and Gu Luo's rating was already miles above others, but Luo Tian was even stronger than them?

"Could it be gaining the recognition of three divine columns?" A Fire Cloud State disciple said.

However, before he finished his sentence, he shook his head, thinking that it was rather unlikely.

The Phoenix Firmiana State disciples only had one day to obtain the recognition just like them.

Cogitating two divine column meant half a day's time each. If there were three columns, that meant a third of a day. The difficulty was extraordinary.

With the current situation, nearly no one paid any attention to the remaining evaluations, but it was still carrying on. Amidst the crowd, a pillar of light lit up a person's body.

"Junior Brother Yi."

Only Luo Fengling and a few people around her quickly realized that the person enveloped by the pillar of light was Yi Yun.

Others also noticed it, but they quickly turned their gazes away.

With Ran Yu and Gu Luo before him, who would pay any attention to Yi Yun's recognition rating?

Now, everyone was guessing at Luo Tian's possible feats.

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