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Chapter 814: Phoenix Firmiana State

Not long after Ran Yu sat down in front of the Dragon Emperor divine column, another person stood up from the ancient Fey column he was at, and walked towards the Kun Peng ancient Fey column that Lie Ya was at!

Lie Ya's pupils immediately constricted because it was Gu Luo!

Gu Luo was a person with a glum personality and he kept a lower profile than Ran Yu.

His strength was exceptional, and he was nearly equal to Ran Yu. Yet, he did not attract the attention of anyone amongst the crowd.

Gu Luo was a person who was accustomed to even hiding his facial features in his gray garb. Gray cloth was wrapped around his head, leaving only a pair of eyes to be seen. Only one of his eyes remained open, but its pupil was gray in color. The other eye was tightly closed, and on it was a hideous scar.

When warriors attained a cultivation realm of his level, a tiny scar like this could be completely healed. Even warriors of lower levels could use elixirs that aided the growth of bodily tissue to fade a scar away.

However, Gu Luo had appeared to have deliberately left the scar behind.

Although they were all Heaven Fire Hall disciples, no one was on close terms with Gu Luo. He was a loner partly because no one would rush to have a chat with him and partly because he maintained an expression and a gaze that resembled a dead man's all the time.

"Gu Luo has been silent, but from the looks of it, he will be gaining the recognition of two divine columns!" Lie Ya thought.

Ran Yu had not spent much time meditating in front of the divine column, so when he saw this scene, there was a drastic change in his expression with a gloomy shade concealing his learned and refined face. 

Gu Luo!

Before the beginning of the Luo Divine Hall trials, Gu Luo had left the Fire Cloud State and immersed himself in experiential training for a decade. After he returned, he was only left with one eye, and the aura he emanated was something that Ran Yu could not understand.

Back in the list posted at the Fire Cloud State's main mountain, Ran Yu may have had an apparent slight advantage according to his ranking which was above Gu Luo. But ever since Gu Luo returned, Ran Yu had never truly fought him before.

Other than Tian Shi, Gu Luo was Ran Yu's biggest foe!

As for the others&h.e.l.lip; Ran Yu disparaged them.

The Xushui Heaven Fey were naturally filled with pride. Other people of average birth was not worthy of being remembered.

"Gu Luo is also doing two divine columns."

"Compared to the two freaks of nature, the gap between us is too far apart."

Many people private discussed, while Luo Fengling ground her teeth. Just the Fire Cloud State alone made her feel immense pressure.

The starry skies in the Ancient Fey Edifice were unmoving, giving it no sense of time.

Suddenly, Cang Mang opened his eyes and bellowed, "A day's time is up!"

Immediately, all the cultivators hung different expressions on their faces. Some look fl.u.s.tered, while others pondered in silence. Only Ran Yu appeared indifferent. As for Gu Luo, his only gray eye still looked as lifeless as before, preventing anyone from telling what he was thinking.

"Time's up!" Cang Mang shouted once again, "It's time to stop."

However, there were still a few cultivators who stood in front of their divine columns as though they were reluctant to part with them.

This was only normal expected human behavior, but a few more seconds would not have changed anything. There were always people unwilling to accept their failures.

At this moment, an unfamiliar voice interjected, "If you can't obtain the recognition in a day, it would still be useless to loiter around here for a few more moments." 

Ran Yu realized something as he turned towards the voice. Immediately, his expression turned ugly, "It's you!"

Gu Luo looked at the person who came in silence.

All the other cultivators were astounded. They did not sense anything before the sudden booming of the voice.

"It's the Phoenix Firmiana State's Luo Tian!" Bai Chen whispered in alarm.

The man who came was thin built and his hair was combed high up. He was barefooted and barehanded, while a long tail whipped around behind him.

"Luo Tian?" Luo Fengling found the name familiar.

"Luo Tian is the strongest amongst the Phoenix Firmiana State's younger generation. Although he is slightly less famous than Tian Shi, he is much stronger than us."

There was compet.i.tion amongst the cultivators in the Fire Cloud State, and similarly, the Fire Cloud State and the Phoenix Firmiana State had competed against each other for tens of thousands of years. The contention between the two states was in no way weaker than the compet.i.tion between the cultivators.

"Does the Fire Cloud State lack people for the upcoming Luo Divine Hall trials? Why are there a few kids that should still be sucking on t.i.ts here?" Luo Tian said when he scanned the crowd. The kids he were referring to were naturally Luo Fengling, Bai Chen and Yi Yun. 

Luo Tian only swept his eyes past Yi Yun and company before finally stopping at Ran Yu and Gu Luo. "Only the two of you can barely qualify."

"Preposterous!" Ran Yu coldly grunted. "What high sounding statements, that's good. Since you are now here, we will let you understand the eminence of the Fire Cloud State."

Ran Yu was very confident of himself, and his confidence stemmed from himself. He did not care about the other Fire Cloud State disciples. Furthermore, the ancient Fey columns he had gained insight from were the Dragon Emperor and the Empress Earth Dao Tree divine columns!

Any one of these two divine columns was not easy. The Empress Earth Dao Tree was especially the foundation of his confidence.

"Sure, I want to see how able all of you are."

Luo Tian wrapped his arms across his chest and said teasingly.

At this moment, about a dozen more people entered, they were all cultivators from the Phoenix Firmiana State.

They stood behind Luo Tian, and they looked at the Fire Cloud State's cultivators with interest, there presence causing the atmosphere to turn rigid.

Ran Yu scanned the people from the Phoenix Firmiana State. Just from their cultivation levels, they were probably senior disciples that had cultivated for about sixty years or more.

Prince Pingnan's factional power was not wide enough. He could only nominate a few young disciples in the Fire Cloud State, but he did not enjoy such prestige in the other states.

Back when the entire Luo clan was embroiled in a war, the Phoenix Firmiana State had conserved a portion of its strength because of its remote location. Now, with them sending out their disciples, they were all senior disciples of the Phoenix Firmiana State.

Looking at the confident looks of these Phoenix Firmiana State cultivators, it was clear that they had come prepared. Ran Yu drew a deep breath of air as a beam flashed in his eyes.

Even if all of you are filled with confidence, I will still trample you beneath my feet!

With the Phoenix Firmiana State's cultivators here, the cultivators sitting in front of the divine columns also naturally stood up. 

Quite a number of them looked uneasy, while Luo Fengling's delicate face had a look of resolve.

She noticed that Yi Yun had also just stood up. He patted his sleeves lightly, his eyes the same as before.

"Junior Brother Yi, how was it?" Bai Chen leaned over to ask. He was not much older than Yi Yun.

"It was alright," Yi Yun said.

"Did you gain the recognition of the Seven-colored Phoenix?" Bai Chen asked again. It was actually just a polite question as he did not believe that Yi Yun would obtain the recognition.

"Yea, gained it." Yi Yun said with a nod.

Upon hearing Yi Yun's answer, Luo Fengling and Bai Chen were stunned.

Lie Ya and company also heard their conversation. 

What? Yi Yun had first taken a look at the Seven-colored Phoenix before going to the Empress Earth Dao Tree and then went to the Extreme Yang Illumination before finally giving up to return to the Seven-colored Phoenix, as though he was at a market shopping for goods. Now, he actually said that he obtained the recognition of the Seven-colored Phoenix divine column?

What a joke. Could this kid actually be unsure of what it meant to gain the divine column's recognition? If he was just putting on a false front, he would be exposed very quickly.

"Haha, that's good." Bai Chen forced a smile, but he felt unease.

Are you serious!?

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