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Chapter 81: Third Young Master

The behemoth’s running speed was fast; in a short while, the Lian village and the people sending them off had disappeared into the distance. Yi Yun could only shake his head with regret. The people of the vast wilderness were easily cheated.

They were simple but not kind, on the contrary they exhibited all the evils and ugliness; maybe, that was human nature&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun stopped thinking about it as he looked at the scenery hurling past him. Feeling the wind from the behemoths galloping forward, Yi Yun could not help saying, “Vast wilderness, here I come!”

This was the first time that Yi Yun stepped out of the Lian tribal clan and into the large vast wilderness. He would learn what the real vast wilderness was like outside the Lian tribal clan’s protection!

The fast behemoth left a huge footprint with each step and could travel a few thousand miles each day. They felt violent tremors while sitting on the behemoth’s back, so without a certain strength, it was unbearable. A person’s bones could break just by sitting on it for a day.

Even the warrior preparation camp’s members were finding it hard to endure.

As for Yi Yun, he was standing on the behemoth, holding onto the reins, and enjoying the scenery.

As the behemoth ran out of the protection area of the Lian tribal clan, Yi Yun could finally see the real vast wilderness!

The Cloud Wilderness was extremely vast, without any traces of humans. There were forests everywhere and the landscape looked primal.

Actually, Yi Yun did not know if they were called forests. These forests were different from the primal forests on Earth.

The primal forests on Earth were hot and humid, and the forest floors were covered with dead leaves and twigs. The forests were dense, and under the trees were shrubs. Such a forest would be extremely difficult for a person to walk through, what’s more a huge behemoth.

But in the vast wilderness, the trees were far apart from each other, allowing the behemoth to run through the woods at full speed. The trees were ridiculously tall, reaching a hundred meters, or even hundreds of meters, to the point of exceeding the clouds!

And such trees grew on the extremely barren land. Everywhere in the vast wilderness was boulders, hills and deserts!

There were even trees that rooted themselves into black ironstone!

A huge boulder growing a divine tree that went up hundreds of meters was a grand sight!

But this was not a rare sight, because this was found everywhere! There was little soil in the vast wilderness, it’s surface littered with rocks. 90% of the trees had no choice to but to grow in these rocks.

These rocks were rough all around, and there were steep cliffs everywhere, making it hard for even monkeys to climb!

The mountain peaks, protruded isolated peaks or the mountain ranges, that were thousands of meters high, were considered short. It was common to see ten thousand meter tall mountains which had snow-covered peaks that never melted in thousands of years, making them as strong as steel!

In between the mountain peaks, it was full of lofty cliffs that had bottomless canyons&h.e.l.lip;

This was the vast wilderness which hid fearsome desolate beasts that could swallow a warrior in one gulp. Even without them or fierce beasts, any typical warrior would not be able to cross the vast wilderness because the path was too difficult to take.

Climbing cliffs, leaping across chasms, and facing the blizzards, avalanches and the invisible ice caverns on the tall mountains&h.e.l.lip;

Even a Purple Blood warrior would find it difficult to get past these lands.

The Jin Long Wei’s behemoths were huge. They could easily run on such rugged paths as if they were plains. The behemoth followed a chasm path, which was the pa.s.sage used to travel between the Tao tribal clan and Lian tribal clan.

Halfway through the journey, the behemoth pa.s.sed two large mountains, and Yi Yun finally saw the Tao tribal clan he had heard so much about.

The buildings were lined up like fish scales. The streets were filled with people and they were lined with bustling stores.

In the middle of the Tao tribal clan, there stood a tall building and a tower.

In the Tao tribal clan, those who could stay in the tower were all Purple Blood warriors, for they were the protectors of the tribe.

“You will stay here.”

The Tao tribal clan had prepared accommodations for the partic.i.p.ants from the small tribes.

Around the Tao tribal clan was dozens of small tribes. Ten people came from each tribe, as for the Tao tribal clan, their young promising candidates numbered more than all the small tribes’ partic.i.p.ants put together. There were over a thousand people taking part in the selection.

The prepared accommodations for the partic.i.p.ants were divided into three large areas.

It was obvious the construction quality differed greatly among the three areas. The first area was made up of individual small buildings. Each small building was exquisitely built. It resembled the villas from Yi Yun’s previous life.

The second area was made up of neat rows of large houses. Although less luxurious than the small buildings, they were still made with brick, and looked extremely comfortable.

Then there was the third area which was made up of makeshift wooden huts. The wooden huts were shaky and the furnishing were simple. There was only a table and four beds in each hut. With four to a room, it resembled the college dormitories from Yi Yun’s past life.

The first area was prepared for the offspring of the Tao tribal clan, where they could each enjoy a small building.

The second area was prepared for leaders of the small tribal clans like Lian Chengyu. Each person stayed in one of those s.p.a.cious tile roofed houses.

The third area had the most people and was the place where the “followers” like Yi Yun and the members of the warrior preparation camp would stay. Each leader of the small tribes would partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection, so they would bring their men along, since there were ten spots.

To others, these followers were the same as slaves. Although they too were here to partic.i.p.ate in the Kingdom’s selection, the difference between slaves and their master were huge. How could they stay in the same place?

In this different world, there was a rigid concept of hierarchy, which was similar to ancient China.

When Yi Yun came to his own residence, he saw his three other roommates. They were about fourteen years old, not much older than him.

They too wore linen clothes but the clothes looked new. They must have prepared new clothes for this Kingdom’s selection.

In the vast wilderness, there were plenty of suffering people!

“Time to go out and see how the geniuses of the vast wilderness geniuses are like.”
With this thought, Yi Yun left the wooden hut.

The Tao tribal clan was large. This area was originally used to gather the tribe. For the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s selection, it was not a simple arena match for the examiners would set up all sorts of hurdles to test the partic.i.p.ants on various aspects. As for the specific topic, it was still unknown.

In front of the residential area, Yi Yun saw a familiar face: Lian Chengyu.

But Lian Chengyu was together with several young elites. They surrounded a youth who had red lips and gleaming teeth. He was dressed in white and was about fourteen years old. He was fair-skinned and looked just like a girl. He was extraordinarily handsome.

Lian Chengyu, who was always arrogant, displayed a humble smile on his face. He stood together with the young masters of the other tribes, discussing about the Kingdom’s selection.

“Lian Chengyu, the people you mentioned are not even worth mentioning.” The fourteen year old child was extremely overbearing, “This Kingdom’s selection has about a thousand partic.i.p.ants, but in reality, about 90% of them are followers or slaves pulled here to fill the spots. Removing these slaves, how many are there left? If you wanted to count properly, there isn’t more than a hundred people!”

“These hundred people would only seem strong to commoners, but to me, even the specially cultivated heir of a small tribe is a dog to me! As for you, you barely make it. This selection is actually pointless!” The child who said those words was absolutely overbearing.

Yi Yun was shocked upon hearing those words. Who the h.e.l.l was that person?

The person had even said those overbearing words loudly, making it be heard by people all around!

A large number of them were also included in this deridement. These people as described by the child were either slaves or dogs.

“F**k, who the h.e.l.l is the kid?”

A large man could no longer hold it in and was about to rush to the youth in white to beat him up, but he was stopped by the people around him.

“Do you want to lose your life! He’s the Tao tribal clan’s third young master, Tao Yunxiao!”


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