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Chapter 808: Extreme Yang Illumination

"Ancient Fey Edifice?"

Yi Yun looked at the dark but magnificent palace. Its main door was about five to six storeys tall, but for such a tall door, it was only four or five meters wide. As a result, it made the door resemble a sword more than a door.

On both sides of the Ancient Fey Edifice's door, there were two Fey beast sculptures erected. They resembled evil demons and the creatures carved in the sculpture had sharp teeth and keen claws. They had two wings on their backs and they looked extremely ferocious.

As Yi Yun stared at the two statues, he had a feeling that the statues were watching him, as though the two statues were alive. It was quite astonishing.

"Do you sense the killing intent?"

At this moment, an arrogant voice came from behind. Yi Yun turned his head to realize that the person who said it was Lie Ya.

Lie Ya was scrawny and he was shorter than Yi Yun by half a head. However, he was floating mid air, as such, the top of Yi Yun's head only reached Lie Ya's chest.

Lie Ya looked down from above at Yi Yun as the corners of his mouth gradually curled, "These two statues were powerful Fey who protected the Luo clan in ancient times. When their lifespans came to an end, they became enchanted puppets by sealing their souls in sculptures that were meticulously refined. At any time, they might suddenly awaken, recovering most of their strength from years ago. This is the Luo clan's heritage as Heaven Fey. It is not something ordinary people can imagine."

On the surface, Lie Ya was introducing the origins of the sculptures placed in front of the Ancient Fey Edifice, but his choice of words had an great sense of superiority. Be it because he was a member of the Fey race or be it because he was a native of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, they were all sources of his sense of superiority.

Yi Yun glanced at Lie Ya and he completely ignored him. He directly stepped through the Ancient Fey Edifice's entrance.

Lie Ya frowned slightly when he was ignored by Yi Yun. He had the intention to flaunt, but Yi Yun did not show any interest. "You are just pretending to act profound. For a human warrior from a lower realm to act so nonchalantly after coming to the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven and see the Ancient Fey Edifice, one might even think he was of immortal empyrean birth if they did not know any better!"

Lie Ya shook his head and he also entered the Ancient Fey Edifice.


When Yi Yun walked into the Ancient Fey Edifice, Luo Fengling followed him, "Junior Brother Yi, how did you obtain the nomination for the Luo Divine Hall trials?"

As they had set off in a hurry, Luo Fengling did not converse with Yi Yun. On the journey, she was constantly plagued by thoughts of stupefaction.

"I was lucky and I was appreciated by Fairy Black Bamboo. She recommended me to Prince Pingnan, and he nominated me, so here I am being selected for the Luo Divine Hall trials."

After Luo Fengling heard Yi Yun's general explanation, she commended Yi Yun on his good luck. But at the same time, she knew very well that there was definitely something amazing about Yi Yun for him to be able to gain the appreciation of Fairy Black Bamboo.

Yi Yun was brought into the Fire Cloud State by her, so she naturally wished for Yi Yun to have a bright future.

"Junior Brother Yi, work hard then. You are still young. Being able to gain the opportunity to enter the Luo Divine Hall trials is exceedingly rare. It's alright even if you are unable to achieve any desirable results. This is because the Luo Divine Hall trial is an opportunity itself. The trials will last for eighteen years, and during this period, your strength can increase by leaps and bounds!"

"Alright, thank you Senior Sister Luo." Yi Yun smiled. He knew that Luo Fengling was full of good intentions. Just as he was about to continue speaking, he suddenly felt an ancient and irregular aura surge over.

It was as though the long corridor was a time tunnel that led to a mysterious ancient world.

"This is&h.e.l.lip; "

Yi Yun looked up and saw the end of the corridor approaching. At the moment he stepped through the corridor, Yi Yun drew a cold gasp.

At the end of the corridor, there was an inconceivable divine palace. Looking up into the sky, the palace dome hung amongst the radiant moon and the myriad of stars. It appeared as though he had come outside, but Yi Yun knew that he was still inside the Ancient Fey Edifice.

Around Yi Yun were twelve divine columns that pierced straight into the sky!

Every divine column was so thick that it required dozens of people hugging it in order to encircle it. It was thick and heavy, as though they were supporting the firmament above. 

"This is the Ancient Fey Edifice's main palace. Fey G.o.ds from a primordial era are engraved on the twelve pillars!"

Twelve primordial Fey G.o.ds?

Yi Yun was stunned as he gave a surprising look at Luo Fengling.

As he had s.n.a.t.c.hed a nomination spot for the trials, Luo Fengling was the only person amongst the Fire Cloud State's Heaven Fire Hall disciples that would explain everything to Yi Yun.

"The twelve primordial Fey G.o.ds are already equivalent to legend. During the early formation of the Universe, when the Chaos first came into existence, the Heavens and Earth produced twelve powerful ancient Fey. They do not belong to the Luo clan, nor should they even be called 'Ancient Fey'. They are natural G.o.d Spirits. Only the Fey race in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven call them Fey G.o.ds, believing that the twelve Fey G.o.ds are the ancestors of the Fey race. But in fact, the human race have different names for them. Similarly, there are humans who believe that the twelve Fey G.o.ds are their own ancestors."

"Is that so?" Yi Yun was slightly taken aback. It now appeared that the twelve pillars erected in the Ancient Fey Edifice was just used to worship the twelve Ancient Fey, and not because the Ancient Fey Edifice had anything to do with the twelve Ancient Fey. Although the Luo clan was powerful, it was impossible for them to have any relations with the twelve Ancient Fey that appeared at the beginning of Chaos.

At this moment, someone in the palace suddenly shouted, "Luo Fengling! The twelve Fey G.o.ds are naturally our Fey race's ancestors. At least other than the seventh Fey G.o.d, the others undoubtedly belong to the Fey race. They have nothing to do with the human race!"

The person who spoke out was Ran Yu.

Ran Yu was usually calm and he gave off a demeanor of a light breeze. Even when his younger brother's spot had been s.n.a.t.c.hed by Yi Yun, he did not turn hostile towards Yi Yun, or at least, he didn't express it.

But when Luo Fengling raised the issue of the way the 12 Empyrean Heavens viewed the twelve Fey G.o.ds in a neutral manner, Ran Yu had coldly interrupted her.

As a member of the Fey race, Ran Yu had pride that was ingrained into his bones. He believed that the Fey race was the n.o.blest race in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, and how its heritage began from the Chaos, making it the earliest to be born. Luo Fengling's words had triggered him.

Luo Fengling fell silent. In the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven, if one were to recognize the stories of the human race when it came to the twelve Fey G.o.ds, it was easy to be incite the rage of the ma.s.ses.

From the point of view of the Fey race, the twelve Fey G.o.ds were half-beastlike, so they were naturally closer to Fey in form.

Seeing how Luo Fengling did not dispute any further, Ran Yu glanced at Yi Yun again, but he did not speak.

Yi Yun did not understand the twelve Fey G.o.ds at all, so he had no right to make any statements.

He looked at the twelve gigantic divine columns and an Ancient Fey G.o.d was engraved on each of them.

Yi Yun looked at the first column and as the first Fey G.o.d of the twelve Fey G.o.ds, it was neither a dragon, nor a phoenix. Its name greatly surprised Yi Yun.

Extreme Yang Illumination!

At the beginning of the Heavens and Earth, Chaos transformed into the two opposites of Yin and Yang. The power of Yang ent.i.ties and the essence of extreme Yang combined to form a Fey G.o.d, an evolution because of Great Dao!

Extreme Yang Illumination had no shape. All Yi Yun saw on the pillar was a portrayal of the Extreme Yang Illumination, which was a black circle.

It did not even have any thickness. It was just a thin black plane, making it look mysterious and strange.

This was completely unlike a ‘beast’, but an existence that was bordering on Heavenly Dao.

"Extreme Yang Illumination. During the origination of the 12 Fey G.o.ds, after Chaos transformed into Yin and Yang, it first gave birth to the Fey G.o.ds. This is probably the apex of pure Yang&h.e.l.lip; " 

As Yi Yun looked at the Extreme Yang Illumination's carvings, he had a yearning desire. This was the true pure Yang Origins, a Chaos pure Yang that was equal to a Heavenly Dao!

And following that, Yi Yun looked at the second pillar. After Extreme Yang Illumination was&h.e.l.lip; Extreme Yin Nether Glow!

Author's Note: Extreme Yang Illumination and Extreme Yin Nether Glow are ancient G.o.ds in pre-Qin Chinese myths. The existing sculptures of the two G.o.ds can be traced back to the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors era. After the Qin dynasty, Extreme Yang Illumination and Extreme Yin Nether Glow were only found in records, while the images of the other divine beasts became increasing common. Compared to those divine beasts, Extreme Yang Illumination and Extreme Yin Nether Glow are a rather rare appearance in present literature.

Sometimes when I read these ancient myths, I will reflect on the vastness of time and imagine the dawn of Chinese civilization, the lives of people and their ceremonies; hence; I wrote those in the text. If you are interested, you can search it up.

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