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Chapter 807: Ancient Fey Edifice

Time pa.s.sed as Ran Yu, who was floating in mediation with his eyes tightly shut, suddenly opened his eyes and landed on his feet.

"Someone is here!" Amidst the crowd, a Heaven Fire Hall disciple shouted.

Everyone hurriedly looked at the spirit cruiser. There, they saw a stocky man with a python coiled around him jump down from the spirit cruiser's bow!

Upon seeing this man, Yi Yun was slightly taken aback. This person was quite exaggerated in size. He was at least 3.5 meters tall, and a single arm of his was as thick as a woman's waist, while his legs were as thick as pillars.

His body was covered in tattoos and there was a skull necklace around his neck. The skull necklaces were the size of fists. It was hard to tell if they were the skulls of humans or Fey.

As for the python coiled around his body, it was as thick as a water barrel. Such a large python could easily devour two people.

"All fifteen Fire Cloud State disciples, follow me!"

The snake man's voice was as loud as lightning, shaking people to their very core.

"Fifteen? There's someone who isn't here!"

Sixteen Fire Cloud State disciples were chosen, but there was one person was missing, the first person on the list — Tian Shi!

Tian Shi was the strongest person in the Fire Cloud State and his reputation had even reached the royal capital!

"There's no need to wait. Four hours ago, Tian Shi was taken by King Hong's men."

King Hong?

Everyone was slightly taken aback. They had all heard of King Hong's ill.u.s.trious name. Even in the royal capital, King Hong was a prominent figure with a powerful faction under him. His personal strength was also immensely powerful.

"Why did King Hong's men take Senior Brother Tian Shi away?"

Some people were puzzled, but others figured out the reason.

"King Hong is Prince Crimson Firmament's uncle, so&h.e.l.lip; " The person stopped mid-sentence.

King Hong was the son of Emperor Luo, while Prince Crimson Firmament was actually the emperor's grandson.

Emperor Luo had a long lifespan, but the sons and daughters he had were few in number. This was because the Luo clan was Heaven Fey, giving them the bloodline of ancient powerful Fey. The stronger the bloodline, the harder it was to have offspring.

Although Emperor Luo did not have many children, there was a lot of descendants when his grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren were considered.

Many princes and princesses even had more than a dozen generations beneath them. These children that were more than a dozen generations out were considered direct descendants of Emperor Luo, so they too had the right to succeed the throne.

The seniority amongst Emperor Luo's offspring was extremely complex. Hence, they basically did not look at their seniority in the family tree but based everything on age. Many princes that were generations apart, such as Prince Pingnan, would not address the Luo Emperor as Father Emperor but addressed him as His Majesty.

For Prince Crimson Firmament to address King Hong as his uncle, it was also only because it was appropriate both in terms of age and seniority.

King Hong and Prince Crimson Firmament had close relations, so it was reasonable for him to support Prince Crimson Firmament's succession.

As for the Fire Cloud State, Tian Shi's reputation in it was greater than the rest. Only Tian Shi was worthy enough for King Hong to send his men to take him away.

Of course, Tian Shi was definitely not the only person that King Hong took with him. In the other states, there were definitely large numbers of Heaven Fire Hall disciples that were taken to the King Hong residence and given special opportunities.

Those gathered by King Hong were the most outstanding elites in the various states and with King Hong betting on these people, it would allow Prince Crimson Firmament to take another step towards the throne if any of them could be amazing at the Luo Divine Hall trials.

"As expected, Senior Brother Tian Shi is different. He actually has someone dedicated to bring him away."

"Senior Brother Tian Shi's benefits for this collective training is likely better than ours."

Many people were envious of Tian Shi, but of course, they could only have themselves to blame. 

Why couldn't they be stronger to garner the favor of King Hong?

Amongst the crowd, Luo Fengling also sighed. Previously, she was pleasantly surprised to be favored by Prince Pingnan, but now she felt as though it was nothing much. The truly powerful ones had long been selected.

The man with the python up above sneered when he saw the disciples' reaction. He said with a low, m.u.f.fled voice, "Opportunities are obtained using your own abilities. If you have the time to be envious of the opportunities of others, you might as well look at what you have! Mt. Azure Billow where all of you will be going will not be weaker than King Hong's cultivation grounds. Mt. Azure Billow also has its opportunities, it will just be very difficult to obtain them! As long as you showcase your strength, the items you obtain will definitely not be weaker or fewer than Tian Shi’s. If you are stronger than Tian Shi, then the opportunities you receive will exceed Tian Shi's!"

With the man with the python snapping them out of their self-inflicted misery, the Heaven Fire Hall disciples present felt somewhat more at ease. However, no one believed that the opportunities that they would obtain would exceed Tian Shi's. They knew their own strength and they were self-aware of how big a gap they had with Tian Shi.

Everyone boarded the spirit cruiser before it shot out into the sky!

The Luo clan ruled over a large stellar zone, with numerous planets in it. In the cosmos, there were even small worlds hidden in it. These worlds also gave birth to countless living beings!

Two hours after the spirit cruiser lifted off, it directly burned a World Stone and tore through the void, performing void transference!

While shuttling through chaotic s.p.a.ce-time, the spirit cruiser itself experienced minor tremors. Yi Yun stood in front of a window and he looked at the spatial storms and streams of light formed from spatial dimension laws. He had mixed emotions while looking at this. Back when he was in the Cloud Wilderness, it was a struggle to even fill his stomach. Now, he had come to the endless cosmos in the 12 Empyrean Heavens and he was touring the Universe. His encounters in life really evoked certain complex emotions.

In two hours, the spirit cruiser traversed a distance of billions of miles and when the spirit cruiser appeared out of the void, Yi Yun saw a mountain through the windows.

This mountain was not towering over a piece of ground. Instead, it was suspended in s.p.a.ce.

Yi Yun had never seen such a large mountain and a conservative estimate would place it as being  tens of thousands of miles high. It was comparable to the size of a dwarf star. The spirit cruiser that Yi Yun was on appeared like a speck of dust when flying in front of this ma.s.sive mountain.

"It's huge!" A disciple said on the spirit cruiser, his tone filled with astonishment.

The disciples felt surging emotions the moment they considered that this mountain was just a location for their collective training, and not where the Luo Divine Hall trials was.

The Luo Divine Hall trials happened once every sixty years, so it was not easy to obtain a single chance.

The spirit cruiser approached Mt. Azure Billow and Yi Yun saw bands of blue clouds billowing at the peak of the mountain. It was like flowing water patterns, which probably gave rise to Mt. Azure Billow's name.

Starting from the mountainside, there were swaths of architecture that ranged from palaces to herbal gardens, as well as gra.s.slands, forests and ranches for Fey beasts.

The spirit cruiser finally landed somewhere near the mountain top. Everyone hurriedly disembarked the spirit cruiser when the doors opened as they stepped foot onto the grounds.

At this moment, the man with the python walked out from the spirit cruiser and he glanced  at all the young disciples present. He said, "Mt. Azure Billow's collective training will be short, although it's said to be a collective training, it is actually to give you some benefits. It is to allow you to break through your cultivation realms and obtain better results at the Luo Divine Hall trials!"

“The Luo Divine Hall trial lasts a period of eighteen years. These eighteen years will be the years where you lay your foundation, so it is extremely important! So do your best!"

"In the grand hall in front of you, its name is Ancient Fey Edifice! It's an important part of the collective training at Mt. Azure Billow. Feel free to take whatever you can obtain after entering the Ancient Fey Edifice!"

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