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Chapter 804: Notice

Prince Pingnan left after spending only a day at the Fire Cloud State. Time was precious to him as he still had two other states to visit.

And on the second day of Prince Pingnan's departure, a notice appeared on Fire Cloud State's main mountain's peak.

It was just a notice made of a thin piece of paper, but it was like a heavy stone that had been thrown into water, creating a stir in the entire Fire Cloud State.

The reason was because the notice meant a great opportunity!

The notice listed sixteen people's names. These sixteen people were to be separately sent to two different places three days after the notice was put up. They would undergo a short period of collective training before the two groups would join what was the most important event to all young Luo clan disciples, the Luo Divine Hall trials that happened once every sixty years!

The Luo clan disciples had a less than one in a million chance of have being able to partic.i.p.ate in the Luo Divine Hall trials once in their lifetimes!

Exterior disciples did not even need to think about it. The Luo clan had 196 states and each state had hundreds of thousands of exterior disciples and miscellaneous ch.o.r.es disciple. The once every sixty years Luo Divine Hall trials might see two or three batches pa.s.s, so they did not even have the chance to look forward to the trials. To them, the trials were mysterious and powerful itself. It could be described with the saying of how a carp leaps into the dragon's gate.

For carps to leap into the dragon's gate, it meant an intense compet.i.tion to begin with. Many carps would leap at the dragon gate, but the ones who managed to leap through the dragon gate by pa.s.sing the Luo Divine Hall trials were extremely rare. In fact, these exterior disciples did not even have the qualifications to be carps.

Ignoring them, even Earth Fire Hall disciples did not have the qualification to be carps.

Only Heaven Fire Hall disciples, or about 10% of them had a chance of being a carp once in their lifetimes. They could try to see how far they were from the dragon's gate at the Luo Divine Hall trials.

In fact, many Heaven Fire Hall disciples who went to the Luo Divine Hall trials did not manage to amount to much. This was because the Luo Divine Hall trials required the partic.i.p.ating disciples to be below the age of hundred. To ensure that they would get reasonable results, numerous Luo clan disciples would only choose to use their one chance at partic.i.p.ating in the Luo Divine Hall trials only when they exceeded sixty years of age, or when they were approaching a hundred years old.

The notice that came out listed down the names who would be partic.i.p.ating in the Luo Divine Hall trials. There was a total of sixteen people, so how could the Luo clan disciples not envy these sixteen people who had obtained such a great opportunity?

Even if they knew that they would definitely not be included, they also wanted to know who the sixteen were.

Just like in the mortal world, people who knew that they had no chance would still take a look at who the top scholar was.

The notice was hung on a wall in a square right in front of the main mountain's main hall. A group of people were huddled around the wall to look at the notice.

"Senior Brother Zishan, do you think your name will be listed on the notice for the next Luo Divine Hall trials?"

Those who were looking at the notice included Earth Fire Hall's Yang Zishan.

When news of the notice was released, Yang Zishan happened to be mining for fire in Fire Spirit Palace, so he managed to quickly arrive since he wasn't far from it.

Now, Yang Zishan dodged Yi Yun whenever he mined for fire. Elder Heaven Scorpio had eventually gotten wind of the news of Yi Yun s.n.a.t.c.hing his Earth fire at the Fire Spirit Palace. This resulted in Yang Zishan being given an earful that he had to obediently endure. After the scolding was done, Elder Heaven Scorpio had flicked his sleeves, throwing Yang Zishan out the door, causing him to be bruised all over. His face still hurt.

Yang Zishan rubbed his face and glared at the lackey who had just spoken. He grimly said, "It's just taking a look at the notice, why do you have so much nonsense to say!?"

Yang Zishan liked to look good in front of others, so there was no way that he would admit his inadequacies. His lackey had tried kissing a.s.s, but he had ended up kissing the wrong spot. Even though Yang Zishan usually liked to brag, he did not dare brag about being able to partic.i.p.ate in the next Luo Divine Hall trials. If news got out, his enemies in Earth Fire Hall would probably laugh their heads off.

"You have to take one step at a time. Meals should be taken bite after bite. I don't care about the Luo Divine Hall trials now, and I will focus on entering the Heaven Fire Hall first. On the day of the Heaven Fire Hall entrance exams, I'll trample that Yi Yun beneath my feet!" Yang Zishan gnashed his teeth as he said. 

It was already difficult for him to enter the Heaven Fire Hall. He was consumed by hate having been trampled by Yi Yun at the Fire Spirit Palace. He still did not know what trick Yi Yun had used to s.n.a.t.c.h the Earth fire from him, yet Yang Zishan absolutely could not believe that he had lost to a rookie like Yi Yun. All he wanted to do was work hard at cultivation before he looked for Yi Yun in the future to teach him a lesson.

Especially a year later, there would be an extremely tiny number of Earth Fire Hall disciples who would be promoted to the Heaven Fire Hall. Yang Zishan planned on rising up the ranks to enter the Heaven Fire Hall and squeeze Yi Yun out. Of course, this needed him to work hard at cultivation because at his present level, the chances of him being promoted to the Heaven Fire Hall were slim.

"Senior Brother Zishan is right. You should eat your meals bite after bite. First, enter the Heaven Fire Hall and proceed orderly. As Earth Fire Hall disciples, wishing to join the Luo Divine Hall trials is just being overly-ambitious. How can it be possible!?"

After Yang Zishan indicated his stance, another lackey with greater seniority immediately stood forward to educate the junior lackey.

The junior lackey hurriedly nodded his head, expressing how his senior was right and then he expressed his gushing admiration at Yang Zishan.

Only then did Yang Zishan nod. Just as he wanted to say a few nice words to consolidate his authority as boss, he heard someone in the crowd discuss about the notice. "These people on the list&h.e.l.lip; Tian Shi, Ran Yu, Gu Luo are all famous, so it's no wonder they are there. But Luo Fengling and Bai Chen, how old are they to be able to obtain the qualification to join the Luo Divine Hall trials? And that last guy called Yi Yun, who is he? I've been in the Fire Cloud State for so many years, but why haven't I heard of this person before?"

Yi Yun's name was placed last amongst the sixteen people.

The notice was decided by the Fire Cloud State's Elder Consortium, but Prince Pingnan had suggested a few names and one of them was Yi Yun!

Even though the Fire Cloud State Elder Consortium was baffled at the choice, they did not go against Prince Pingnan's wishes. For a prince, closing one eye to let a disciple gain the spot to partic.i.p.ate in the Luo Divine Hall trials was nothing to them.

Although they were unwilling to do so, the Fire Cloud State Elders still included Yi Yun's name right at the bottom.

Nearly no one had heard of Yi Yun when his name was mentioned. However, when Yang Zishan and company heard this, they were completely dumbfounded.

"Yi Yun!? Which Yi Yun!?"

This name was extremely harsh on Yang Zishan's ears. All his other lackeys also had a deep impression of Yi Yun. He had single-handedly made everyone in the Fire Spirit Palace apprehensive about mining for fire. They could only anxiously enter Fire Spirit Palace to mine for a few sparks of fire whenever Yi Yun was not around.

"Is&h.e.l.lip; is he the Yi Yun who s.n.a.t.c.hed the Earth fire from us?"

One lackey asked in a daze. He found it unbelievable that Yi Yun, who was a Earth Fire Hall disciple like them, was on the Luo Divine Hall notice! Was this a person with the same name?

But in fact, the entire Heaven Fire Hall had only 108 people and the Earth Fire Hall had only slightly more than a thousand people. All the warriors present had excellent memory, so they could memorize nearly everyone's name. Other than the Yi Yun, who they had met at the Fire Spirit Palace, there was no other person with the name of Yi Yun! 

Besides, although the name ‘Yi Yun’ was simple, the surname ‘Yi’ was extremely rare. It was almost never heard of in the Fey race!

"That... has to be fake!" A lackey of Yang Zishan muttered. He still could not accept the fact!

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